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May 15, 2007

Working my way around "the ban"

What's the hallmark of a really good trip? One during which knitting hardly crosses your mind, and you return with miniscule progress to show (if any at all).

Because my Fir Cone scarf requires a lot of concentration, and my Alpaca Twill sweater stayed home, I started a new pair of socks. I'm only human!

The pattern is Stansfield #10 from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks (p.48). The yarn is (surprise!) Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in navy (from Linda, of course).

I'm adding generous calf shaping just as I did for the Railway Stitch socks. I hope you can see it developing in the picture below.

I've also started to seriously think about my Sockapalooza 4 pal - he/she will need socks, too! Very timely considering my grandma's ban. I've found a suitable pattern, I think, and now I'm mulling over the colorway of the yarn. I just need a few days to get my brain back in order...

Posted by Kathy on May 15, 2007 10:29 AM


I am waiting for that book before I choose a pattern for my Sockapalooza pal. I am also waiting on Favorite Socks, but there's a 3-5 week wait on it at Amazon. I love that color.

What great socks - and I have to say I love the camel picture!! :)

I tagged you on my blog, check it out!

i've been lurking here for quite awhile, thought i should emerge from the shadows...

those socks are looking lovely! i'm working on some socks from that book for my mom right now. i've made a few pairs from other patterns in the past, but that book is teaching me so much! love it.

and to chelsea above, i just ordered favorite socks from bn.com and it's in stock! i'll have mine thursday :)

Great deep color there--love the navy!

Glad you had a good trip-- the socks look great. Can't wait to see how fast you knit these.

I love the colour of your yarn! I've just started my first pair of Lorna's Laces socks, and so far, so good.

Loving the Lorna's Laces. Good stuff.

How great to have someone appreciate your knitting efforts! :)

So who is the recipient of these socks if not Grandma?

Great socks - love the deep blue colour.

I think you've got the right philosophy: a different project for every mood/location.

AND you're lucky your family loves your knits! Mine all hate wool. And I can't quite bring myself to use cotton with any regularity.

I love Sensational Knitted Socks, it's such an educational book, and has some great patterns. One of my first purchases when I started knitting socks.
I have yet to try Lorna's Laces sock yarn. I have used the Lion and Lamb, and LOVED it.

Kathy, after month of lurking through your blog and watching all this breathtaking socks i must say that you're my personal sock knitting hero ;)

greetings from austria, melanie

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