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May 02, 2007

Mysterious Ene

Do you think it's about time I told you about my mysterious Ene project?

(Do I think doing so will make Sundara kill me? Probably. Good thing she's on the other coast.)

Remember the five-month Mountainash hiatus? All during that time I'd get little notes from my observant friends inquiring about Mountainash's whereabouts. While sometimes they elicited a groan and a roll of the eyes, their intent was ultimately effective: the project did not evaporate into oblivion, and eventually I finished.

So then I was thinking, I should at least tell my friends about Ene. It's been "in the works" for far too long, and if its existence is public, it, too, will eventually reach completion.

Many moons ago, Sundara and I fell madly in love with Ene from Scarf Style. Both of us are huge Nancy Bush fans, and we decided our knitting wardrobes could not... would not! ... be complete without our own Ene scarves.

An idea for a little exchange formed - I'll knit one for her, and she'll knit one for me. This was August 2005, I kid you not. We discussed possible yarns, and then Sundara opened her business, and all the choices were quickly narrowed to one: hand-dyed Silk Lace from the master herself. We agreed to use US 0 needles because the yarn is delicate, and because we didn't want huge shawls.

I settled on a color similar to orchid. Since Sundara was encouraged to deviate from the solid in whichever way she saw fit, I don't know exactly how similar it is. I've seen little hints here and there. For her Ene, Sundara went with the Somewhat Solid in Wine with Violet, which reached my mailbox about a year ago.

The busy girls that we are, a year later we are working on... wait for it ... the second repeat of the main chart (chart 3, I think). On the one hand, the word 'pathetic' comes to mind. On the other, we have always agreed to make this a stress-free exchange - no deadlines, allowing ourselves to pause and catch up with each other as our schedules permit.

So here's where you come in: I don't think I'll be blogging much about Ene progress. The main part is pretty repetitive, plus our laissez-faire attitude guarantees, at best, intermittent spurts of productivity. All I need you to do is to remind me of Ene's existence once in a while, just like Mountainash. "Hey, how's that Ene coming along?" (Sundara is going to kill me. I didn't even tell her I'm going to post about this today!) Nudge Sundara, too - "Hey, how's Grumperina's Ene doing?" Maybe then we'll finish one day. Maybe.

Posted by Kathy on May 2, 2007 11:17 AM


I need friends like you two. Maybe we should all start an Ene Exchange KAL - deadline: December 31, 2010.

Wait, that's not that long from now! OK, they have to be finished by the end of 2020, OK?

You're at the easy part. For me, Ene was a struggle until I got to the main lace repeat. Then the pattern was so simple and the shawl got smaller as I knit it. Loved that.

What you have shown so far is beautiful. Almost has me in the mood to start one. Note I said almost...

So far, it's beautiful :)

2005 is quite a bit ago! However, the shawl is lovely non-the-less. Get a move on! I'm sure you can wrap it up quickly, with all the socks you whip up and the tiny needles... this must be a piece of cake. :)

I've always loved this scarf - it's the cast on that kills me. I'll be looking forward to your progress!

Knitting lace on size 0 needles... I think I need to go lie down for a minute.

Even with slow progress, it looks gorgeous. That yarn just shimmers. Thanks for the update!

Oh my goodness! Red is my favorite color - I love it! I would try to remind you about this project every once in a while but I can barely remember what day it is. Have fun! Hope to see it in the near future...far future...oh, well, WHENEVER!!!

I'll be sure to drop you a line everynow and then. Ene is one of my favorites. Thanks for reminding me of it. I may need to cast on for it this summer myself.

Hey there Grumperina ~ just out of curiosity (and maybe to make myself feel better/worse), how many projects to you generally have going at the same time?

That's so funny :) At least the two of you are at about the same place!

Do you like the pattern. I bought Scarf Style with Ene in mind. I love her.

Mmmm, that color is gorgeous.

I hate deadline, stressful knitting - it's nice you have released each other from that kind of exchange!

That's quite a fun idea, and the Ene looks gorgeous so far. It's good that you didn't set any deadlines either, because then I think it's a lot more fun to not have the pressure. You'll have to Photoshop a picture of you and Sundara side by side wearing your Enes when they're done!

So pretty - and how nice for you to be so very, painfully, honest...

Wow. It looks really *really* gorgeous.

it's gorgeous! :)

That color is gorgeous!

I tend to work better with a deadline, a little pressure never hurt anyone (except when it comes to holiday knitting). But I suppose we can nag you just as easily. :) Looking go so far!

I think it's a fantastic project, you've done some beautiful work :)

Oh, that is SO nice in silk. Now that I have seen it, I don't think I could possibly knit it with wool.

Wow. Pretty!

Wow. I really, really need to get some Sundara yarn. That stuff is amazing, and your knitting shows it off so well.

I think it is a gorgeous color and a lovely interpretation of the Ene. Can't wait to see the FO.

i am at the exact same spot on my ene and have been there for about 6 months. it's taking a time-out right now. someday it will be finished...good luck with yours!

Before I would ever invite thousands of people to pester me about a project that I just didn't feel like doing today, or tomorrow or this season. You are brave.

It's so pretty! Keep going!

Can't say as I blame you for letting it linger so long. Those repeats almost brought me to tears when I was making one! Yours does look very beautiful, though, so keep going!

Wow. That is gorgeous. Nice work of course, but that yarn (and color!) is wonderful. How will you ever give it up?

LOL - that's how I knit for Matt. Pick it up, put it down, pick it up, put it down. It gets done eventually.

Better late, than never. I have had Ene on the brain for quite some time. I have the yarn, but I have not gotten so far as to cast on. Yours (Sundara's) looks great, so far.

Wow, that's going to be gorgeous when it's done! I'm sure Sundara will love it. That is a very cool way to do a trade-- no deadlines or anything!

Must find copy of Victorian Lace Today. Must knit an "Ene" for myself now...

Have fun with the "googlie mooglies"!

Good luck with your Ene. My daughter has started one and I don't think hers is going any quicker than yours. Hmm, maybe I should give her a nudge too.

Good luck with your Ene. My daughter has started one and I don't think hers is going any quicker than yours. Hmm, maybe I should give her a nudge too.

Wow, that shawl is going to be beautiful when it is complete! Sundara dyes such fantastic yarns, I look forward to adding some to my stash.

Don't worry - once you get going on those chart 3 repeats she flies off the needles (I promise!)

Such a lovely colored yarn :)

Oh, I bet you finish it sooner than you think. Shawls knit from the outer edge in always seem to pick up this great momentum as the rows get shorter, I find (but that may just be me). I love the color and yarn you've chosen.

Well, I guess you are working on it, even though it's on 0's (small eeek! let out here). It's a stunning yarn - if I were in your place I'd defer the finish so I could have the yarn itself around longer :) Keep it up, it's gorgeous!

Wow, that's a gorgeous pattern. I'm not sure I could part with it if I was you...but I'm a greedy gretchen like that.

Now we know why you score some of the best yarn. Its all about who you know (grin). Thank you for showing close ups of your Ene. Just amazing - I love the details close up, it will be an exquisite piece to your wardrober, er Sundara's wardrobe. Hmm....time to go dig out my scarf style..... Enjoy the weekend!

I love the yarn! Absolutely gorgeougeous. Please work on it so we can see the completed scarf!

Wonderful - thank you for sharing your love of Nancy Bush's designs with us - I love her work too. All the Best!

Amazingly beautiful. I'm all for stress-free knitting.

That Ene is far too beautiful a project to keep secret! Even prettier once finished, I bet ;-)

The color on that baby - wow. I mean wow! It looks like sequins, where there are these little patches. What a beauty. Worth the wait, savor. Yes!

Oooh, that is so pretty! And that yarn, that color is just gorgeous!
Enjoy it,
happy knitting,

That did it. Those final two pictures. Now I have to get the book and knit this, too. It's gorgeous and her yarn is incredible.

Yep, I'm going there with you on the Ene. I just can't help it and I'm planning on getting her on the needles by Memorial Day. Now, when I'll be done. I don't have a clue. December 2010 as Lynn said? (gg). I LOVE the red.

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