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May 11, 2007

Eye Candy Friday: Yarn


It looks like it's falling off of him. I'm sure he won't mind sharing :).

P.S. RE TrueJeans: make sure to read through the comments to see what the owners of the company have to say! I'll follow up in more detail after my Test Fitting! (yay!)

Posted by Kathy on May 11, 2007 04:46 PM


Oh my. I'm not quite sure what to say. That almost looks like it hurts!

I was visiting at a zoo last week, saw pretty much the same sight, and gave serious consideration to tracking down a keeper to see if they could grab me a couple of fists full. :)

Oooof. Camel hair can be /harsh/. When I was by the Bahariyya Oasis for my birthday, there were handknit scarves, arm-warmers and mittens being sold...out of the scratchiest, most aggressive camel yarn ever. And yet, I was still tempted to buy it and bring it home. "Look! I have camel!"

The depth and breath of your influence is very impressive. Does your own power ever scare you? :)
The jeans that fit me best (4.5 stars!) also cost about 20 skeins of Koigu. I guess it takes a lot denim technology to "lift" and "round" my hindquarters. Hmph.

That camel's expression is priceless.

Yarn au naturale :o)

I was going to say Yarn on the hoof but then I remembered that camelids have toes.

There's a flickr set that's a preview for Annie Modesitt's new book "Romantic Hand Knits".

I saw this photo and thought, "I've seen this before!" ;)

Hah! I made a very similar comment about the Musk Oxen at the zoo recently (somewhere in this post: http://corvustristis.livejournal.com/9749.html ). It'd be a good money-maker for a zoo, right?


Maybe not so much, but still! Awesomeness, good way to raise awareness about the animals, etc etc. I can just imagine a costly "wild yarns" zoo program for knitters. Mmm.

Dude, someone needs to brush that guy. Furminator, stat!

Nothing like a good Bactrian camel with an ornery case of the mange to make for a great ECF! I'm always wooed by a sweet cam-yoo shot, mange or no. Though the single-humped Arabian camel is really where it's at! Happy Friday!

Which zoo was it? A friend of mine works at the Franklin Park zoo.

Oh, the camels! How I love them. :)

It does make you wonder whether any of his keepers have taken their rightful spot in the fiber world, doesn't it? If not, I wonder what they do with all of that fleece?

they look like Spring to me!

Poor camel. Is that natural moulting?

I've often gone past the camels / musk ox / buffalo at my local zoo and wondered if I could bribe the keepers into a little fiber collection in the springtime.

I also went and checked into True Fit jeans. I was thrilled! The top pick for me (excellent fit) was even under $100. Unfortunately shipping to Canada was over $50 so I won't be ordering.

How very timely! My mother-in-law just came into possession of an old camel hair blanket today! It's so old it says "Made in Germany," not West Germany or Occupied Germany. Pretty cool.

delurking to say that only a true spinner/ knitter would see the photo and appreciate it in a completely differnt way than the 'normal' person. Me... I'm drooling!

Hey, Kathy, did you know that your Jaywalkers are the #1 most knitted pattern, according to Ravelry.com?

Hehee, I'll take some of that!

Thanks again for the TrueJeans recommendation! My pants are on their way -- I got one pair from them, and found others on eBay for less $$! I'll report back in.

The camel is very sweet - I'd like to get my hands on that wool!

Hey! I work at a zoo and before I started, they just threw the moulted fur away or gave it to the big cats as enrichment. I made the mistake of asking for the camel hair and now have a HEE-YOUGE garbage bag full of the stuff. And we haven't even gotten half of it off ONE of the camels.

At one point Longleat were getting local spinners/knitters to turn the moultings into blankets to keep the camel babies warm :-)

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