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April 01, 2007

NOT made up

I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to!

Knitting needles have all kinds of unique uses, but what if the situation is reversed? Toothpicks, unfolded paperclips, and apparently mangled q-tips do the trick.

Happy April!

Posted by Kathy on April 1, 2007 08:32 PM


Those are some quality kitchenering tools.

hehehehehehehehe You are too much!!

Happy April 1 to you too :)

Is that the (Q-tip) toe of the boot sock already? The russet yarn is gorgeous, Kathy!

Very clever. Are you using your needles to clean your ears as well? I never realized how multi-tasking they really are! Happy April 1!!!


Seriously, that color is gorgeous! Is that the uptown boot sock?

hee hee hee--I'll know what to do if I ever forget to put a cable needle in my knitting bag!

ooh, can't wait to see the finished socks! (and to find out *why* we're kitchenering with q-tips...)

Fantastic! If knitting is on the brain, tools are everywhere!

Necessity is the mother of unvention.
I'd sure like to hear the story behind this one though!!

Guess I need to put a couple Q-tips in my knitting bag!

I generally use my smallest Denise needle tips minus cables for stuff like this, but we knitters need to be prepared for toes that need grafting or ears that need cleaning.

Q-tips! Brilliant! I usually keep some paper clips around for this express purpose!

You are so amazingly resourceful. You're like the McGuyver of knitting!

Very creative!
I recently used a pen cap as a cable needle in a pinch (was too chicken to try the dropped-stitch cabling mid-project), but this is even better.

Brilliant! And will you be starting a letter writing campaign to Skacel for fuzzy-tipped Addis?

Now that's resourceful. ;)

I have spent the last few days seeing the sniffing yarn badge and wondering where it originated (people didn't have it linked correctly). Silly me, of course, I had gotten behind on my grumperina reading...

Good for you for outing yourself as a sniffer. hehe

*snort* giggle* tell us that's an April fools joke!

The color of that yarn is so beautiful, I can't stop looking at it (and barely noticed the Q-tips!

Do we get to know the backstory to the mangled Q-Tips? :)

Necessity is the mother of invention! I've used many a strange object to secure knitting in my day and my daughters' hair bands often substitute for stitch markers. Not that I don't own stitch markers, it's just that with the ubiquitous hair bands and my lack of wanting to move while knitting these seem like an obvious choice. Knit on!

Actually, looks like you made it up just fine.

ingenious!! i am way impressed!

My mother taught me to knit when I was 7 on a pair of disposable chopsticks. I didn't do much with it then, but I still remembered how to knit and purl when I went away to college and caught the knitting bug for real.

You are a funny girl.

That rules! They should add this to the bottom of the box where the suggest possible uses...can't you just see it in the funny line drawing style?

That is just TOO COOL!!! Maybe the Q-tips corporation will be the next "Addis" of knitting accessories...

Ha! I bought a set of wooden double points the other day (5" 2.5mm) and my mom suggested that I could get many boxes of toothpicks for the same price, and wouldn't they work just as well.

I have broken the sticks off of lollipops to use for a cable needle......

but, how did they get mangled, and where are the regular knitting needles?

I have knit with chopsticks. The disposable ones from Chinese restaurants. I'm not saying I enjoyed it, but in a pinch...well, it's better than not knitting at all.

The positive is you will never have to deal with getting poked in the palm of your hand! :-)

I'm a teacher, and have been seen knitting with a pair of pencils before....

Well, at least those Q-tips will know that they went out in the service of the sock... ;)

I use Q-tips as cable needles! I end up losing dedicated cable needles, so the Q-tip solution makes for inexpensive replacements.

'Kay, now I've seen everything....


Too funny!
happy knitting,

Very nifty idea, I was thinking of using the beaded key chain when I was finishing a pair of socks in the middle of the bookstore. I left them on the needles though and just waited for the hubby to finish his reading.

HaaHaa! Great picture. I'm always looking at pencils and mascara wands and thinking about knitting. =)

I always keep a few of those plastic-coated giant paper clips in my purse for knitting emergencies...they can be stitch holders, cable needles, stitch markers, you name it.

ha! i just posted about my own adaptation minutes ago!

Alright! I don't know how many times I have pryed paper out of the photocopier with my sock needles. It's amazing how much knitting one gets done photocopying.

I've used Q-tips as stitch holders on button bands before now. When needs must and all that...

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