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April 30, 2007

My pretties

As I plan new projects or work on existing ones, I take the materials out of my stash and pile them on my couch or in a wicker basket. Here's a small tour of my current clutter.

Alpaca Twill sleeve in all its lime green goodness. Classic Elite Princess in Ladylike Leaf (#3497).

Do not adjust your monitors! Your eyes do not deceive you - it's that bright. Schaefer Andrea in Clara Barton. After marinating in the stash for a year, I think I've finally found a worthy project for these 1000 yards of silky goodness.

Dimply is beautiful. This skein of Sundara Yarn Silk Lace in Wine with Violet somewhat solid has a long and sordid history. Its existence was conceived in September 2005, and it came to live with me on May 19th, 2006. An old soul like that... no wonder it's a bit misshapen :).The yarn itself is in perfect condition, of course, morphing into an Ene, slowly but surely.

After making my Denyse Schmidt coasters, I read up on string quilting (the reading should have been done before the sewing, for future reference). Well, Gwen Marston's Liberated String Quilts struck a nerve... some kind of deeply hidden fabric hoarding nerve... and resulted in purchasing whatever the hell struck my fancy at the fabric store. God help me.

Posted by Kathy on April 30, 2007 06:11 PM


it's hard not to hoard yarn and fabric (and buttons, and ribbons, for me at least). I have a stack of fabric that's getting quite large and none of it was purchased with a purpose. it was just pretty.

happy quilting and knitting!

The yarns are beautiful. I'm partial to the Wine with Violets though.

The fabrics are gorgeous and they look so good together. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Nice! I look forward to seeing what you do with that ultra-bright yarn. It looks like it would be quite striking once knit up.

Aha, you've crossed over to the fabric stash. Excellent.

yum^4! I can't wait to see your process with the fabrics and string quilting.

Great colours!

Oh, the beginnings of a fabric stash. The primrose path. Enjoy the trip!

"Observation of the subject over the past 24 months has yielded several conclusions. Chief among them? She is a collector of finery."

It's OK. As you've surmised from your readers and other fiber bloggers, fabric is just part of that fine continuum of color and design. Enjoy!

I'm so glad you're sewing now too! The care with which you choose and make your knitting projects is downright inspiring, and I can't wait to see the beauty that the same attention to detail will bring out in your sewing projects too.

I also need to thank you for making the Alpaca Twill. Thanks to you, my LYS is on the hunt for that magazine as we speak...

Gwen Marston is a genius! I'm the proud owner of her now-out-of-print (last time I checked) "Liberated Quiltmaking." It's awesome.

I'm drooling over that Sundara yarn - and hopefully getting my fingers into some soon :-)

Caution! You're heading down a dangerour road. Before you know it your fabric stash will rival the yarn stash. It's very addictive.

ooohhh... fabric! yarn! I swear, I step into a yarn or a fabric store and all good intentions go out the door! actually, my entire brain goes out the door as my eyes feast on the colours and textures and patterns before me! not fair!

Hahahaha, my mom had a fabric stash years before her yarn stash. It's still scarier than her yarn stash, but it looks so much less imposing when it's all folded up nice and neatly. Whereas my yarn stash is frightening in its ability to suddenly take over my entire closet with no warning. "What? More yarn? But, I didn't--oh. There was that sock yarn the other day. And the laceweight. And that other sock yarn..."

Oh NO! I've just added sewing to my repertoire - looks like you might have pulled me to the quilting side now. Where will all this fibre/fabric madness end?

Oh the sundara..... gorgeous!

Welcome to the beginnings of your new fabric stash. I could see it coming... it was only a matter of time!! Do you have lots of room? ;0)

That shade of green makes my mouth water, maybe the association with granny smith apples? It's beautiful.

I can't wait to see what you've got planned for the bright pink yarn.

I can't wait until you finish the jacket - it's going to be LOVELY! I think the pattern is wonderful... just wish I had the willpower to do all the knit & purl.


So colorful today--I love it! :-)

Ah, string quilts--My mother is a quilter and my most favoritest of her quilts have always been the string quilts. There is something so brilliant and satisfying about them--both in construction and final appearance. What fun!

Good on you for checking out Gwen and her righteous message of string quilting! Enjoy the fabric collecting--it's awfully fun.

Oooh, I love Gwen Marston. My mom got to take a class with her -- I'm so envious.

Liberated Quiltmaking is among the chosen few tomes that have a permanent place on my sewing table.

Holy wow! That yarn is bright! I really thought the colour setting on my moniter were off. That is REALLY bright. I can't wait to see what you make with it!

I love the Sundara yarn, too. We wants some of it, precioussss...

Oh I just adore the color of that Sundara. It's like someone poured it right out of the bottle, it really is an excellent vintage, I can't wait to see what you morph it into.

The wine yarn - delish! You realize, of course, that you have just launched the innerwebs discussion of how to stash yarn, fabric, beads, buttons, ribbons, etc. so that family members and friends won't have you committed. Your work has just begun - carry on.

Oooh - pretty stuff. I love the colors of all those yarns. And looks like you've got a fab fabric stash goin' on. I'm going to get down to quilting one of these days, myself...

Delurking to say: slap, slap, slap. You. are. very. naugh-ty. Now I have the overwhelming urge to make a quilt!!LOL.

I love the red paisley that's hiding in the pile of fabric. That alone can inspire a gorgeous quilt!

I am in love with Andrea - mmmmm silk - I cannot wait to see what you have in store for her. I have a hank myself, gestating.

Discovered Gwen Marston,huh? She's a Michigan girl, too! You're hangin' with some good quilting folks... Gwen is a definitive in quilting. Check out all of Gwen's books (some with Joe Cunningham) and even the old Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts articles. Have fun!

You forgot to get beads!

The joy and peril of the multi-crafter:

Multiple stashes.

Gwen's book is a truly liberating experience!! Once you go down that path, there is no turning back. I'm loving a knitter finding quilting and so many quilters are turning to knitting...

Are you planning on the "Any Way You Slice It" quilt? I bought fabric for that over a year ago and finally scheduled myself a vacation next week just to finally work on that. Either way, those fabrics will make a very pretty quilt, I think.

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