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April 18, 2007


Little Kitty, what do you see?

Little Kitty, what do you dream?

Little Kitty, what do you feel?

Little Kitty, what do you taste?

Little Kitty, what do you hear?

Little Kitty, what do you smell?

We snorgle.

Regular posting to resume once I surface from the pile of fabric, courtesy of one Ms. Denyse Schmidt.

Posted by Kathy on April 18, 2007 03:32 PM


Love the pictures of kitty! Thanks so much for sharing with us. =)

The kitty pictures are wonderful!

that is one good-looking kittyface.

How the heck do you get such bright, clear close-ups of a moving subject?

beautiful kitty pictures - kitties are always such a joy

Such a nice post! The kitty pictures are pretty! That a beautiful kitty.

Aw, your kitty is the spitting image of my Felix (who died last year after a very, very, long and spoiled life).

aww, this post made my day. your kitty is a cutie pie.

aww. meow meow. i love it when they cover their noses with their paws!

My favorite cuteoverload word is "cronche"!

Ahh, another Cute Overload reader! I love it when my kitty Talula wants to Snorgle too! Kitties are the best!

Is it your cat? I didn't know you had a cat.

oh cute!!!!

that post makes me miss my pussy-cats so much! (we had to rehome them when we emigrated and can't get any more cos we live in a rented house)

should add on the snorgle thing too...

we call it "Snicking"

One truly lucky and fortunate kitty, not to say anything about the owner.

Okay, print it and ship it. You've just written your first children's book. :-)

Wonderful kitty pictures! Although I assume Kitty would not like answering your questions as it would defuse her catly aura of mystery.

You are an evil influence by providing the link to Ms. Schmidt's book.

Kitty cat! Scout says hi to the kitty.

What a lovely picture of you and the cat - nice to see the smiley side of Grumperina.

Guess I better go pet my little (19 lb.) kitty. I need a snorgle, bet he does too.

My little boy thinks that the kitty pictures make a really good kid's book! Thanks for putting them up :)

Your kitty looks so much like my little Frida. If you had added, "Little kitty, what drawer/door will you open today?" I would have sworn you were writing about her. Thanks for sharing.

Your kitty looks like our little kitty over here! Except our little kitty has unusual reddish brown eyes. Tabby-cats are so wonderful! :-)

I love this All-Kitty edition of your blog today. Those are some great photos. She is quite lovely. So cute with her little paw over her face as she naps.

Snorgs! Love the snorgle, and Kitty. She's so beautiful.

Ah! I can't stand the cuteness! Now let's see the fabric! ;)

Adorable! We have one just like her. And I agree, you're halfway to a children's book!

sweet kitty

I'm with YaiAnn. I need some fabric love. But the kitty? She's all right too. Meow.

i so love all your knitting photos, but today, i thought i was seeing my miss lily here. your kitty and she have the same face. she is so beautiful also. i love the sleeping pose with her leg over her nose. adorable.

Your kitty reminds me of Thomas Hewitt Edward Hamilton Tigercat aka Tigger. He lived a long (18years) and charmed life with permission to sleep on bed pillows and chase his canine brother, Casey. (The two were adpoted within 2 weeks of each other.) I miss the two of them and their antics.

That is what I call a cute kitty!

Super cute shot of you two! Anxious to see what fabrics you got.

And who might this little kitty be? A Name? Looks like he /she is adequately spoiled!

I was wondering who the kitty belongs to (you or...?). It doesn't really matter, because that is one of the the cutest kittah pictures.

Oh my! What a gorgeous kitty! He/she looks just like my Tequila :) Yes, my cat's name is Tequila.

He's adorable and it's so nice to see others snorgle their kitty. :)

Isn't it amazing how much you can love a furry creature?!

This post made me smile. I'm happy I'm not the only one to post more cat pictures than knitting lately. :)

Okay, I must admit that I am ambivalent towards cats. I lurve doggies and I guess I need to be needed and cats are generally, way too independent. But that was too cute. I wanted to snuggle up to your kitty. So cute!

Oooh, I just love kitty pictures... they're almost as good as knitting pictures. Thank you for sharing your baby with us.

Snorgle away! There's always room for pet love. :)

Kitty-Love! What a beautiful series of photos. I grew up with a kitty that looked like this one. We called him Tigger.

Lovely kitty! Me and my cats snorgle on a regular basis too.

Oh what a cute kitty! Now I want one even more, everybody seems to be kitty-blogging (and tempting me) these days! :)

Awww...pretty kitty. Looks like a kitty I had named Zipper.

Great pictures. I have a weakness for just that variety tabby cat. My very first (and second) cats were brown tabbies. Sweet sweet kitties, one and all.

I'm glad you have learned how much a cat can bring to your life. Lovely photos, esp the snorgling!

Don't you just LOVE the Denyse Schmidt quilts book? :) I recently inherited piles and piles of fabric from my aunt, an avid quilter and victim of advanced breast cancer. I wanted to use the fabrics to make something that she would have loved, something wonderful, something that could be used and that I would get to admire often (as I admired her). Having minimal quilting skills, I bought this book and a couple of others... but DS is my FAVORITE and I'm piecing my first quilt now! :)

Placating the readership with cat pictures. The oldest trick in the book.


What a great post - those are beautiful photos!

Lookaddakitty. Whaddagooodkitty.

What great photos! Thanks for sharing - I always love a good kitty picture :)

Well, Ms. Grumpy, you know those kitty pics are irresistable. I love the paws pic the best. It's just perfect.

Oh so adorable!! The photos are beautiful.

Oh boy, you're a goner. Happens to the best of us; they just sneak their way into our hearts.

Those are really good pictures. Great job! Pretty kitty!

The photos and text are wonderful. What a lovely kitty! Thanks for a great pick-me-up.

I just dug through your archives because I thought I'd remember'd seeing that you had a polydactyl (and couldn't tell from the pictures posted here). I adopted a little one with a few extra toes on both sets of paws (5 on each back paw, 7-8 on front) and, for the life of me, couldn't remember where I'd seen the picture. Thank you for sharing these great photos - I have a lot to learn about feline photography.

How precious. Kitties are the BEST. You must be pretty special too.

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