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March 30, 2007

Things that make me happy


It is a rare event to be so elated by a mere heel.

The presence of this entity is significant because it means that I'm finally completely satisfied with the foot of the Hidden Passion sock. The instep spells an unmistakable "XO", the length should work well for grandma, and the sole does not pucker. Crown it with a heel, I say!

Furthermore, I love the heel itself. Remember the grid-like goodness of the eye of partridge heel? Remember my ambivalence about the square heel? Well, it ends up that combining the two results in a lovely textured fabric without a hint of flimsiness. Plus, being worked upside down (or toe-up, if you will) places the heel decreases at the back of the foot, where my slipper-wearing grandma cannot do them any harm.

Jaya is a genius, I tell you. I never thought I'd be so captivated by an upside-down heel flap... heel.

Posted by Kathy on March 30, 2007 04:31 PM


That's one good-looking heel!

That's really amazing looking. I will have to get this book for myself (I think I've finally managed to figure out my personal sock fit issues).

Cliff-hangers every day - I'm lovin' it!!

Nice sock and I love the heel! I might have to pick up a copy of that book too and get back into sock knitting. I have enough sock yarn in my stash for multiple multiple pairs...

Each time bloglines tells me you have a new post, it's this sock, yet every time, I'm totally intrigued! Both heels are nice- you must moisturize!

Bless your persnickitiness (is that a word?). I don't think I would aspire to your level of perfection if you didn't blog so faithfully about your efforts. You definitely raise my bar and I thank you. (Nice heel - really pretty.)

I must say now that I see it the band heel looks much better like that worked toe up.

Wow.. so you just knit the heel flap as you normally would, on a cuff down? Interesting!

You continue to amaze me! I know you clearly explain how you figure this stuff out, but really... how do you do it! Keep inspiring us fellow knitters.

Wow, you are one persistent knitter. Don't get me wrong - the results are certainly worth it - but I would have been too frustrated to continue. It's very strange sock construction - do you think you'll use it again? The heel looks very promising!

Yowza! I totally need to get this book. The heel looks amazing.

you are the best granddaughter on the face of this earth to work that hard on a pair of socks and then give them away!! i am stingy with my socks! :D

I may be the only person in the world who thought this when I looked at your picture #3, but how on EARTH did you manage to take that shot? Did you have someone else shoot it? Did you hold the camera down and behind you and hope for the best? Did you a yogic pose only for the stout of heart?

I'm in awe. I'm agog. I'm hungry.

Oh, and I love your sock, it's looking beautiful!

You've got one lucky grandma! :-)

That Eye of Partridge, what a good looking marriage that makes. Beauty.

Miss Knotty, I thought the same thing about the angle of the shot. One query about the toe-up construction: I tried it once and was perturbed by the difference in height between the back of the heel and the instep/ankle junction. I haven't tried the Potamus socks from Knitty (I think that's the name) with the toe-up/heel gusset combo yet though.

that looks incredibly clever. I'd love to learn that. One day once I have an idea of how to even make a sock.

The designer may be a genius but you are the master of technique (and fortitude)! What an interesting construction and beautiful result.

What a pretty heel. I love how the verigation is working for you there.

The heel does rock. Totally. But step back and admire the puckerless sole of the sock! Your sticktoitiveness never fails to impress!

Bizarre as the construction is, it's making a really lovely sock! I'm so glad you're sharing the process with us--I probably wouldn't have looked twice at the pattern, in the book.

Your posts and explanations on this are just fascinating! Gorgeous socks - your grandmother will love them.

BTW, http://catbookmomsyarns.blogspot.com is back in operation.

You just couldn't help yourself, you HAD to modify and ... it looks like it should have been that way in the first place.

Excellent, should be swift progress from here.

The heel looks quite shallow; but it fits snugly?


What a gorgeous pattern! I love your yarn choice.

You know, that's the second place I've seen the upside down heel lately - the other was on the recent six sox kal pattern.

I'm still not sure that it would work for me, since I tend to wear out the back of my heels even WITH heel stitch or eye of partridge, but for someone like your grandma, who seems (from what you tell us) to wear out the bottom of the heels first, it makes perfect sense.

It's looking great now.

This is the exact heel that i am going to try out for the first time for my fiance's socks! I just finished a pair of toe-ups with the afterthought/turkish heel and hate it immensely. I'll post about the eye of the partridge square heel toe up as soon as i can! also, the harlot has a good square heel partridge explanation in her knitting rules book. :o)

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