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March 26, 2007


Remember when I welcomed autumn by knitting the most spring-like socks imaginable? As the warm weather creeps up on us and we're forced to say goodbye to ski season, it's entirely reasonable that I reach for yarn reminiscent of fall. Right?

This yarn is not one of my regulars, but I'm already a huge fan: Fleece Artist merino sock yarn (from the kit), in russet. Although I can't pinpoint what's different about the dyeing process, the way the dyes penetrate the fibers reminds me of Manos del Uruguay. Amazing.

The lucky pattern (truly, lucky) is another one from Favorite Socks called the Uptown Boot Socks by Jennifer Appleby.

Everything is working harmoniously and knitting up beautifully. I feel total calm whenever I pick up this project.

The Hidden Passion socks, on the other hand, are causing me a bit of a headache. I've been in touch with Jaya Srikrishnan, the designer, and Anne Merrow, the editor, and it appears that there are a couple of mistakes in the chart. Once the corrections are processed, we can expect to see them here. Just to let you know, the Merino Lace socks also have a mistake in the charts. There's more to talk about than just the chart, but first I need to brace myself for starting over again. Until then, I'll be enjoying the colors of fall.

Posted by Kathy on March 26, 2007 10:46 AM


That's a gorgeous colorway. Autumnal colors have always been a weak spot for me.

I'm about to start the Autumn Color Cardigan from Sweaters From Camp. Glad to see I'm not alone in my off-season knitting. I prefer it to Spring, anyway.

I'm sure you've mentioned, but what are your favorite brand of sock knitting needles?

So beautiful color...I have the same yarn in my stash but another colorway. I cannot stand waiting to try on. For off-season knitting, I have just started my all-over cabled roomy aran sweater recently, but I know I wouldn't complete it before next winter...

That socks is gorgeous. Fleece Artist Merino is my all-time favorite sock yarn. Can't wait to see how the pair turns out!

Wow, the pattern and yarn together really are beautiful. I have a skein of very autumnal Fleece Artist in my stash, too - now I'm getting all antsy to try it out...

I've been knitting the uptown socks again, this time out of FA seawool. The colors -are- amazing and the pattern is very satisfying.

Your insistence on precision is a wonderful thing. Pattern makers should adore you.

Those are going to be such gorgeous socks... I love the color. So yummy!

I think that I will definitely pick up Favourite Socks!
I'm sorry that you're having grief over the HP socks - but I for one appreciate you trouble shooting it!!

lovely colors and a beautiful sock - great job!

Wow! What a great colorway! I love it. I think it's a perfect compliment to the stitches in the sock pattern. Looking forward to more photos of this project.

that is a nice looking yarn and a lovely pattern.
how long do you normally make the leg of your socks?

i just received the favorite sock book in this morning's mail delivery at work. i'm sad to hear about the mistakes though. and frustrated.

lovely yarn by the way.

What a great color combination. It also looks very shiny. Speedy knitting.

Hang on, I'm knitting the Merino Lace socks right now! ACK! Must check website...!

I have some Fleece Artist socks in progress, too. I'm liking how they knit up. Yours works well with the pattern.

So, I opened this on my susper-slow-loading work computer, walked away from my desk to go Xerox something, sat back down and literally gasped aloud at the image that was waiting for me. That is some seriously gorgeos yarn. Terhi (mustaa vilaa) was singing its praises today too--I gess I'm going to have to add it to my list!

I love the color. I think I mhight have to do some shopping...

I am waiting on my copy of Favorite Socks to arrive. Why am I not surprised that there are corrections needed already?

I also love Fleece Artist sock yarns. Okay, I like all of their yarns.

That is a really gorgeous sock. Hooray for sock yarn!

I have this book and can't decide what to make first! These are right at the top of the list -- just beautiful. And calm knitting - love it.

Those are gorgeous! It really looks like a pile of fall leaves. :)

damn thats a beatiful yarn! seriously great combination with that pattern. Thanks!

Wow--I love that yarn! I think I'll go scour my favorite source of Fleece Artist for my very own skein.

I am seriously jealous of those! I can't seem to find that colorway anywhere though! Do you know if it's been discontinued?

Gosh, those colors are so deep and true. I love it! Those are going to be incredible socks!

I love the colours!

Ooh, I love how that sock is coming out. Such wonderful colors!

Wow, I love those colors! I'm really a fall colors girl :)

Thanks for fighting to get corrected patterns. It makes it a lot easier for the rest of us!

Hey, glad you like the pattern! It looks great in the color you chose. Makes we want to knit another pair. :)

Oops. Maybe I should learn how to spell. Makes ME want to knit another pair.

That yarn and pattern go perfectly together. Bee-yoo-tee-full!

I love the way the Fleece Artist knits up. That's a truly gorgeous colorway!

Oh cool! I can't wait to see what those look like all knitted up. The Uptown Boot socks are on my short list for the same yarn (different colourway).I have a very foggy image in my head of what I want... lots of texture. Or something. Anyway, can't wait to see!
I have a little challenge for you if you're interested... I have some (what I think is) Russian yarn, so of course I can't read what it is! There's a photo of the labels on my blog, from the 16th of March. Do you recognise it? (I hope I'm not being presumptuous...!)

Beautiful, beautiful colour! And because of your influence, I have now got my hands on 'Favourite Socks', and am readying myself for one pair after another - so thanks!

Fleece Artist sock yarn is one of my favorites! Love that color with the pattern.

That *is* beautiful yarn! I have way too much stash sock yarn to go out and buy more but I've been wanting to try Fleece Artist!

If you keep tempting me with such lovely socks, I think I might just have to pick up a copy of the Favorite Socks book for myself. I flipped through a copy in a bookstore, but held my ground...although I don't think I can last much longer.

I read your blog a lot, but I don't often comment. I really love the color of that yarn, though! Gorgeous!

oooh, I have that pattern earmarked to make so it's great to see it here. And that yarn...wow, such rich depth of colour, just beautiful!

Where did you purchase the yarn? Is it Merino 2/6 or Nova Socks? I can not seem to find the color russet. The color is beautiful as are the socks. Many thanks for sharing your talents with us all.

Thanks for looking out for us by pre-knitting and not only finding the mistakes but pursuing the corrections. Your work is lovely!

Mmmmmmmm, that socks is knitting up quite beautifully. Love the colors and the texture.

I made those socks, and love them!

That is beautiful beautiful yarn!

Thank you for sleuthing out the errors. Funny how mistakes crept into patterns that were presumably correct when originally published in the magazine -- at least no corrections are listed on the website for the magazine versions of those two patterns.

That is the perfect pattern for that yarn! I'm also working with Fleece Artist Merino Sock Yarn and I love it. Looks great!

What a pretty colourway! The socks are looking great in that pattern!

Love the socks. Love the colors! Too bad that there are so many errors in the book though!

So lovely! Lovely enough that I'm considering breaking away from my solid sock knitting to try a kit..hmm.

What pretty yarn and what a lovely pattern too! Are these for your Grandmother or another lucky recipient?

Sorry to read about the chart issue. You are the chart issue spotting Queen. The yarn is beautiful.

I have knit more socks with FA Merino than any other sock yarn. It has never let me down. And it washes beautifully. The sock looks fantastic! Enjoy!

So far no luck with the book either. I started the Spiril socks and they were coming out stupid looking so I frogged them. Those boot socks are on my to do list. No problems with that pattern so far is there?

I hadn't thought combining a variegated yarn with that pattern would work but, what do you know, it totally does.

Love the yarn. mmmm yummy!

I fell in love with the pattern and your yarn choice!! Beautiful.

Yummy. Not even my color and I love it.

What a very, very beautiful yarn this is! Okay, probably not the perfect spring colours, but who cares, they're awesome! And so is the pattern - looking forward to seeing the finished socks!

That's some seriously gorgeous yarn, and the pattern is perfect for it! *fans self* Must add Fleece Artist to my list.

Very very pretty! Thank you for sharing.

I'll just be adding that sock pattern to my "to do's". I love the Favorite Sock book and enjoy seeing the patterns knit up in other colorways. Thanks for sharing.

Gorrrrrrrgeous! I really need to get that book!

Wow, that is a beautiful yarn! I love those colors, they're just yummy. And the sock is off to a wonderful start.
Happy knitting,

That's it! I can't take it anymore, your pictures have caused me to order a copy of Favorite Socks (of course, I enjoy knitting socks a lot, anyway). And the color russet is just so...so gorgeous! Thanks for keeping us all informed on this book and what projects you're making.

OMG! So pretty, but how is that not too brown for you??

Ok, so I haven't read blogs in a while (a month?), and I thought I'd start with yours. When I saw you were doing the uptown boot sock I was intrigued because I started a pair of those last week and I've already completed one sock.

Then I read this post.

And I realized that We're doing the same pattern. With the same yarn. In the same color. We will be sock twins of coincidence! I love both the pattern and the yarn btw. I think the yarn makes the sock look somewhat tweedy. It's happy!

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