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January 09, 2007


Surreal because... well, I knit that! I knit that very thing the doggie is sitting in!

Back in October 2005, I sample knit this fabulous dog bed for Annie Modesitt's newest book, Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them. Shortly thereafter, I handed it over to Annie during her visit to the Boston area, and she did the felting and finishing herself. I pre-ordered the book in September, and here it is, finally!

Very satisfying to see my work in print :). And to be acknowledged as a sample knitter in the back of the book:

The book itself is filled with a ton of cute patterns for dog and man alike.

These little booties are too adorable for words (though I wonder if they'd make a doggie do a little jig).

In other news, I've got a mo-hairy situation on my hands:

Pray for me.

Posted by Kathy on January 9, 2007 11:28 AM


That last pic would make me wet my pants from fear. Yikes!

Going to have a little "published" party tonight? Even if just alone with a good glass of something and a bubblebath?j


Congratulations! What an exciting way to start off the New Year!

Congratulations! What an exciting way to start off the New Year!

Isn't it funny when you tell someone, "I knit that." and you can tell that they don't quite get it so you point at it, tap it a few times while saying, "THAT one. I knit that one!"

Congratulations - it's lovely!!!!

oh, how fun to see something you knit published!

and now I need to get that book. a coworker asked me if it'd be possible to knit her pampered schnoodle some booties. I *knew* there had to be a pattern somewhere!

Mohair that looks like spaghetti is never a good thing. I send incantations on your behalf to whichever deities please you.

I'll make a little sacrifice to the Great Angora Goat in your honor.

I enjoyed your use of your online knitting persona in the credits... you are like the knitting version of a rock star i.e. Madonna, Fergie, etc.

very cool.

ha! congratulations! that would make an awesome kitty bed too.

I am so glad they found an adorable dog to go with your expert knitting -- he/she looks quite satisfied!

Egads, what is that hairy blue spaghetti? Looks completely unfroggable, which means I could never use it. Sending happy thoughts your way, better you than I, baby!

oh man...that is one cute doggy bed!
and how cool is it that you got to be a test/sample knitter! congrats!
and that poor pooch that did a jig--i really feel for those guys. :o)

Congrats! That's very cool. The purple is for you?? How odd.

I remember that dog bed! I need to buy that book so I can see it up close and personal. I'm praying for you - the mohair looks nasty.

How cool to see your name in print. As far as the mohair goes... RUN. :)

Congrats on the book. I think that if I had to tell this story, I'd have had to jab at the picture until I made a hole until the reader/listener understood what I met.

I'm not sure I know what's going on with the mohair. Is that for your Vintage cardigan? Eep.

Somewhere In the back of my mind, seeing the same color ribbing and mohair made me think you were knitting a mini UltraFemme...

And seeing as that you were just talking about dogs... ya know..
what's wrong with a sassy dog?

Congratulations! How exciting to see something you've done (even a sample) in a published book. As far as the mohair situation, what's scary is it's on double-pointed metal needles. Very slippery, indeed.

I am waiting for that book too! Should be here in these few days ... excited! I don't think dogs and cats are too happy to have to wear those booty things ... but they are cute.
What in the world are you doing with mohair? You are highly allergic to that, right?

Way to go. Now I have to get that book because I'm dying to know what "Boy Toy" is!

That's neat. I need to go buy that book. I see my name in there too!!

Bah, you'll make it through the mohair. What gave me a heart attack was that whatever those black spikes are on the right side of the picture look like giant looming scissors. Until I see that there's actually a third point coming up at the very bottom. But another glance still gives me that looming giant scissors feeling. Perhaps you'll just frighten the mohair into submission.

Congratulations! Drew showed me the book proof in November and I combed through the book looking for your pet bed. I looks different from the small snippets that you showed on your blog so I needed a few flips through the book to find it :)

do booties may look cute, but they are a terrible idea. the dog will not be able to walk, but slide and be miserable!

My mohair allergy is kicking in even as I look at that "hairy" mess of purple.

And you know what? That dog looks totally stoked being in that bed. :) It's awesome! Congratulations. :)

Gah, that is the kind of mess I get going in my lap that makes me afraid to get up. So I sit there for hours, parched, needing to answer the phone and go to the bathroom but I must.knit.the.mess so it won't tangle.

omg the doggie's wearing socks! awww! and look at the cute dog bed!

but gasp, is that intarsia with mohair!?

You did a great job on the doggie bed! He looks quite content!

It looks like the knitted project is being attacked by the blob.

Hey! Sci-Fi knitting! Hosted by Rod Purling!


Congrats Kathy! They chose the cutest dog, too.
Ack! Mohair! I know that isn't for you.

Gah! Oh man, all that tangly mohair makes me twitch!
Nice job on the doggie bed, BTW.

oh, that beagle in the socks is too funny!

Knit and Tonic Wendy just posted about seeing a dog wearing bootees...in Southern California, on a sunny day, at the beach. Dog bootees are cute, but I think perhaps there need to be some ground rules.

The doggie bed, on the other hand, is a great idea and is beautifully knit!

I am reader but new commenter here - trying to make that transition from lurkdom to reader-participant. What a wonderful dog bed and an equally nice way to thank test-knitters - a whole page dedicated to you guys - wow! Right on Annie Modesitt! Having test knit for a few books (OK, twist my arm, only two) and one where I wasn't mentioned at all (and no the books were not pulled off the shelves 'til the next run, the indignation) this is big, huge in my world.

It also looks like that sweet doggie is looking fondly up at your name; the purple highlighter of course helps in this illusion. Now I've rambled on.

I'm allergic to mohair so my suggestion is to burn it all. Congrats on the book but btw...when is the book with the Egyptian dress coming out? And will you be credited as Grumperina?

Congrats on your book debut! ;) Good luck with the mohair, looks like quite the sticky (or hairy) situation!

Congrats! I can't get over the time lag between when you knit it and when the book came out. (And what are YOU doing with mohair??)

Congratulations! I think that doggy slippers are a bit much but the bed is cute. :) I'll be praying for you. :)

Knitted doggie boots? Mmmm...no. The dog is sliding around enough as it is.
Knitted, felted doggie bed? Not as long as I have a Great Dane ;-)
(Wonder if I could make one big enough and still fit it in the washer to felt it?)

Congrats, it is the first time I've seen test knitters credited. Good job!

ACK! The mohair! The giant scissors! You should post a warning or something.


Congrats! That's so awesome! The dog is pretty cute too.

oH MAN GOOD LUCK. I just finished a mohair sweater right before Christmas and frogging it back to fix an error was horrible!!

That's so awesome....good for Annie for giving credit where it's due.

Bailey, by the way, says, "Doggie booties? Sheah right."

That is so cool to see your name in print! Here's to many more posts with your name in a book!!


I've been looking for that book for months now. :-)

Lot's of small doggies at work who need some sweaters and a very adorable kitty (Haruki) who needs a pet bed. ;-)

My name is on there too- very exciting!

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