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January 23, 2007

Roza's socks

I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to one's grandmother than designing a pattern for her, and distinguishing it with her name. Presenting: Roza's socks.

The yarn is Lorna's Laces, naturally. In periwinkle, of course.

I know the preview image is a bit small for seeing the stitch pattern detail, but I believe I'm allowed to show you an alternate picture (one I took myself):

Now you see it :). And if you'd like to knit it, check out the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits once it's on the newsstands.

This latest use of Lorna's Laces has propelled me to create the following button:

I'm a Lorna's Laceaholic, and I'm proud of it. My budget, however, feels differently about this addiction. If you, too, are afflicted with undying affection for all things LL, feel free to swipe this button (saving it to your own server, of course).

What's next for me? Something not periwinkle. Sheesh!

I want to tell you about my Brilliant Retro progress, but it's very close to periwinkle. So, not right now.

Instead, let me show you this collection of Louet Gems Merino Opal (sportweight), another one of my favorite yarns:

From left to right, indigo #16 (left over from these socks), French blue #57, sage #50, and pewter #43. (Also in the stash, should a substitution be necessary: pink panther #51, crabapple #26, Neptune #15, lavender #09, and cream #30. Like I said, this is a favorite of mine).

All this to create a hat using a Komi motif from Charlene Schurch's Mostly Mittens. Let the swatching begin!

Posted by Kathy on January 23, 2007 10:31 PM


Fantastic!!! You're such a good girl!

I just saw these on the Interweave preview for the Spring edition. Hooray for Grandma's socks! They're lovely.

I love the socks.

Congratulations! Those are beyoooootiful socks -- I'm sure your grandmother is really proud!

Now, have you had any fuzzing with the Opal? I used the Pearl for my Endpaper Mitts and they have quite a halo on them. I do use them dialy, but still.

Lorna's, of course, would never dream of fuzzing up. COngrats again.

Congratulations! I came over after seeing the IK preview and here you just posted about it...so congrats! The socks look great!

Lorna's Laces is my favorite too.

Gorgeous socks! And congrats on the publication in Interweave. Well deserved!

Yours is one lucky babushka indeed. :) Lovely socks!


I saw them in the preview! Congratulations!

ohhh.. I saw those in the preview and I was like "ohh! those look like something Grumperina would do! it's in her Grandma's color, even!!" I didn't even look at all the details *rofl* rock on!! :) congrats on getting published. :D

Congratulations on getting a lovely sock pattern published! I can't wait until I receive my issue.

In Interweave? Congrats!!! I'm looking forward to knitting it - in the proper yarn, I might add... I'm also looking forward to the Komi hat, sounds intriguing.

Yes, I am a Lorna's Laceaholic....

The sock are wonderful!!

Now, what LL to do them in......

great socks! I was hoping you would/could post a closeup of the stitch pattern now that the preview is up. :) Congrats! (and I can't wait to make them-- I have plenty of lorna's!)

Your photo definitely makes the socks much more intriguing. I can't wait for my copy of IK to arrive.

Can't wait to get the pattern! You have one spoiled grandma. :)

Oh, what a lovely pair of socks! They're fantastic - I look forward to the pattern.

I'm a Lorna's addict too. Thanks for the button!

Lovely socks!


Gorgeous socks! When I first saw the post I gasped, thinking that this was something I'd HAVE to knit right away. But I've got a couple of hanks of LL that can wait until spring. Great job and congrats on the published pattern!

YAY YOU! i was SO excited and thrilled for you when i saw your lovely socks in the IK preview. and now to find they are a tribute to your grandmother may be the final straw that inspires me to knit some socks. well done, G! they are perfection and the color divine!

Congratulations! I love them and have just the perfect Lorna's in my stash for them. I'm a sucker for that yarn too. I have much of it.

Wow, what a pretty pattern! I can't wait to knit them up. Your grandmother must just be thrilled.

I'll be keeping a close eye on my mailbox for the new issue of IK! Too bad, I think we'll have to wait a few more weeks. :( Those socks are so beautiful!

They're beautiful! Congratulations!


It's amazing how different the color looks in the preview photo. Congrats to you and Grandma Roza!

Lovely socks!! Looking forward to the pattern.

Woooo! Those are purrrrrty! I usually wait for my IK with bated breath, but.... Okay, it'll just be even more bated. I'm ordering some LL soon, to execute said socks. My grandmother's birthday is coming up soon, too.

I can't wait until my Interweave Knits comes in the mail!

Congratulations! Fabulous socks. I look forward to seeing them in print.

I just saw it in the Interweave Knits preview! Wow!! Congratulations :D The pattern is beautiful, I'm looking forward to knitting it!

(Also, I just finished and posted up a pic of my Shetland Triangle, I first saw it on your website and really wanted to make it after that)

i saw the preview yesterday and was so very excited for you that i clapped at my computer at work. good thing i have my own office and no one saw me.

anyway, it's a lovely sock and i look forward to knitting it. congratulations grumpy girl!

That's wonderful! Now my Spring IK better not be 5 weeks late like the Winter issue was!

The latest socks are gorgeous, as always.

Thanks for the close-up photo. I was doing my best to squint and make out the stitch design from the photo on the IK site, but it really was to small to see much of anything.

So you got to choose the yarn *and* the color for the socks? Very nice. I have no idea how it works for those sorts of things. But I do really like the color you chose. I've never knit with LL solids, but I love how they look.

I have never been tempted to knit socks. But those? I may cave in.

Please, tell me how/where you make buttons like that. Kristina of Yarnsticks.com and I plan to starta KAL and we need a snazzy button. . .

Thanks for your help!

Congratulations! They're lovely socks.

Those are lovely. Did you make up the stitch between the ribs, or is it a known pattern? I like it a lot!

OK, I will admit to being a bit slow on the uptake -- when I saw the first photo I thought it was of you, and I was surprised that you were wearing a white frilly skirt! Then I clicked on the photo and ended up in...Interweave Knits...whoah! Congratulations! Are you excited? What does your grandmother think? Have you knit a pair for her yet, or will Interweave Knits return the socks from the photo shoot?

This is so exciting! Congratulations!

OK, back to lurkerdom for me, this is my first comment one anyone's blog ever! Worth delurking for, I think!

Lovely pattern! Love the Opal too!

I love the socks! Looking forward to my issue arriving so I can break into my rather large stash of Lorna's Laces.


woohoo! going big time!

Congrats on getting published! Love the socks. May have to knit them. :)

Congratulations! That is fantastic! And the socks are beautiful, too. I'll have to reserve some yarn in the stash just for them.

Congratulations! Your picture is much much better. I am really excited about this issue--there are multiple things that I want to make, and your socks are no exception. Super simple, super beautiful.

All I can say is, it's about time! Congrats. I don't knit socks, but I'm an LL addict. I love knitting with their yarns and I love how they wear.

Ok, that put me over the edge. I'd asked for a subscription for Christmas, but no luck. I'm now a happy subscriber eagerly awaiting the Spring 2007 edition.

Congrats on the publication! The socks look beautiful.

Congrats to you and your grandma on appearing in print!

OOOH! How very exciting! I always look forward to the next issue, but now I have something specific to look forward to. What a wonderful tribute!

Fabulous socks!

Congrats on being published in IK! I actually let out a squeal when I saw the preview yesterday. The socks are lovely.

I can't wait for this issue! Roza's socks are lovely.

Must. . . Knit. . . These . . . Socks. . . Now! Truly beautiful. Another great design from you. But I have to say the teaser is very unfair. Guess, I'll buy some yarn now and wait anxiously for the pattern. Thanks for creating something wonderful again!

Congrats on getting publish in Interweave Knits and thanks so much for the additional picture. I was squinting at my screen trying to see the design. Your socks are the only thing that I will definitely knit from the new IK.

Nice. I might actually go buy that issue to have that pattern, because it's lovely.

I saw those on the preview! Thank you for the closeup, I am in love already. AND I happen to have a couple of skeins of Lorna's Laces in a very nice shade of blue. :)

This whole issue looks really good. I can't wait until it arrives! And congratulations! I feel like one of those people who follows a local band and feels a little thrill to see them on Mtv!

Congratulations Kathy! Lorna's Laces was my 1st love but I've started seeing STR with some regularity. I'm just not capable of yarn fidelity.
Even though I swore that I'd stick to plain socks after Lacy Scallops kicked my ass, Roza's socks may be more of a temptation than I can resist.

Love that pattern. And I love the periwinkle color. I have searched several sites on the internet to try to find LL in periwinkle and have not found any. Can you recommend a source? thanks ever so much.

those are stunning- i love the simple elegance of your designs!

Congratulations on your pattern in Interweave! I can't wait to try out the socks, I love the stitch pattern. I'm making a pair of Jaywalkers out of guess what... Lorna's Laces :)

Your Grandma's socks and beret both came out beautifully. I really like the simplicity of the socks.

Congrats on your pattern in IK! They are beautiful.

Congratulations! The socks look great. And I'm sure the hat will turn out well too.

Congratulations! I am sure your pattern with rival Nancy Bush in clarity and greatness. :)

Oh, I love that pattern and I've got some LL waiting for it!


Woot woot woot! I look away for a few days and you share 2 beeyoutiful FOs!

Can't wait for my Interweave to show up, even more than normal. :)

Those are pretty socks. Your grandma is probably just bursting with granddaughter pride. Looking at the IK preview site, its quite amazing how the blogger-designers have (rightly) infiltrated the magazine world.

Beautiful - Periwinkle, periwinkle, how I love thee periwinkle. I only had 1 skein of LL(purple club) and I knit it up into a pair of socks, I never even wove the tail in, I just love them..with all of their faults.

I love Louet Gems Opal! I secretly want to covet them all from my LYS. The owner actually showed me a new book she got from her trade show which has a lace cardigan made of the stuff! AHH I can't wait to own it.

Congratulations on your first IK published Pattern!! I cannot wait to make them.

I saw the pattern last night in the preview and I am so proud! Congrats to you...

Congrats on being in Interweave! I love the pattern! A very fitting tribute to your Grandmother :)

Congratulations on being published!!! I like the socks. They're very pretty!

The socks are fantastic! Congratulations on your publication in Interweave!

Congratulations!! They're beautiful. I can't wait to knit them.

Congratulations on your pattern being published in Interweave Knits! (I figured it was just a matter of time!) I love that your grandma's encouragement has led to this. A fitting tribute, indeed. I can't wait to see the next IK! Wonderful work!

Congratulations on your pattern, Kathy! It's beautiful!

Woot! Woot! Congratulations!

Congratulations on your pattern! They look great. I have lilac, not periwinkle, in LL, and I think that will be perfect.

Really lovely ~ Congratulations on the pattern being published by IK. You're the best !

Oh yay. Congratulations. I love the pattern and I couldn't be more excited for you.

Very lovely! Thank you for the large pictures, and congrats on being in Interweave :-)

Awesome socks! I can wait to see the pattern in Interweave!

congrats! they're simple and lovely.

I know where you get the Lorna's but do you also get the Louet Gems online? Care to share your dealer? I personally love the worsted weight Gems.

Congrats! Put it on the resume, right there with the scipubs. Was it solicited, or did you submit on your own?

How exciting! And here I am just learning how to knit socks and dreaming up a pair just like Rosa's.

I'm using Gems Opal to design a pair of socks in honor of my grandmother. I love that yarn too - first was introduced to it by ordering it for the bobble cardigan from Vogue Fall 04 (I think).

Nice pattern! I will absolutely knit it and the first pair will be for my Grandma too. She love love loves when I knit her socks and wears them constantly.

I can't wait to get the magazine! I love the socks!

WOW! Congratulations on being published. Verrrry cool, socks, too.

Looks like a must knit for me!


They look great! I can't wait to see the pattern!

OOOh, those are nice! Beautiful lines. The only bright side to waiting for the pattern is it gives me time to find just the right yarn. Congrats.

Fabulous socks, congrats on being published in Interweave! I have a couple of skeins of Lorna's Laces just itching to be made into them.

Beautiful socks! And I love the button--I'm a fellow Lorna's Laceaholic!

Congratulations on your pattern being published in Interweave Knits! I cannot wait for the issue and to knit your socks :-)

Congrats on designing the socks and having them published in Interweave Knits. Does your grandmother know? You must share the story of what she says/said about your accomplishment.

Due on newstands (and in my mailbox) in February? I think Roza's Socks will be the first socks I knit for my mom. In periwinkle. What? I already had the yarn picked out :o)

they are simply beautiful! i can't wait to knit another sock pattern of yours (7 pairs of jaywalkers later, i have been very patient!)

congratulations! The socks are beautiful.

Congratulations !!!! Can't wait to get the magazine with your sock pattern. They're lovely.

oh, they're pretty!! Can't wait to get my copy of IK and get knitting those! Due to the fact I'm in Australia, it probably won't be for another 3 months or so, but something to look forward to!!!! Congrats...

congrats to the interweave!!!
looking forward to knit your pattern!

Congrats on the publication. Perhaps I'll finally get around to trying some Lorna's Laces with ye new pattern. (It's true, I have yet to partake).

Hi Kathy, congratulations on your publication! (it's probably a lot more fun to read then publications about organic chemistry ;-)) The sock looks very pretty. Will you let us know what your grandma thinks of it?

AWEsome socks, your gramma is SO lucky. Beautiful knitting... and I'm ordering some periwinkle LL today!

wonderful needleplay. i'm very proud of you.

I *cannot wait* to get the Spring issue of Interweave to knit up those socks. I do believe I am going to use my skein of Lenten Rose from Sundara's petals collection to knit them up!

Beautiful socks. Can't wait for the Interweave.

I'm curious, on the preview, the designer is listed as Grumperina. Is that your "stage" name for your designs too (in addition to your blog name)?

Congrats, they're lovely!

wow - these are really pretty - perfect for grandma (and maybe perfect for me - new project on the horizon!)

LOL! you have to show that button to beth & amanda...they'll get a kick out of it. =]

These are beautiful! I love the delicacy of them.

The socks are so cute!

My budget will not allow Lorna Laces at all. So, can I continue to drool over yours and perhaps a button for LL wanabees?

Those socks are beautiful. I cannot wait to cast on for them!

Congratulations, Kathy! The socks are very pretty, and I've got the yarn all ready to make them. :-)

I smell a new jaywalker. And this time I've got plenty of semi-solid STR. Congratulations! A grand day indeed when there's a new sock pattern from the master.

Roza's Socks are beautiful!! I can't wait to knit them! I'm always impressed and inspired with the things you create!

Beautiful socks! I can't wait to receive my copy of IK and cast on. Your blog provides such interesting and exciting knitting content and patterns, thanks so much for sharing with us.

Delurking to say - they are absolutely gorgeous. I am so glad I subscribe to Interweave Knits, now I'll be watching the mailbox for it to arrive so I can make a pair. I have Louet Gems Pearl in stash that would look lovely with this pattern. Another winner!!

Gorgeous socks! Looking forward to receiving my Spring 2007 IK so I can knit them. Love your blog. K

Oh, so lovely! This might just be the pattern for the first pair of patterned socks for my mother. Congrats on doing such a excellent job!

I usually don't look at a pair of socks and think, I HAVE to make those. but that's what I thought about Roza's Socks. They are absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure your grandmother is incredibly proud of you :) I'll be hitting up the nearest magazine rack on the 20th for the pattern!


Oh, Congrats! The socks are beautiful, and now I have a great justification reason for buying the magazine!

Roza's Socks are stunning. I can't wait to knit them. Thanks for the great pattern in IK.

Congratulations! They are beauties!

Why didn't I catch up on your blog BEFORE I just casted on for some new socks?!

Congratulations! I'm a bit behind in my blog reading, and when the magazine arrived today, I was delighted by the surprise of a new Grumperina pattern. They are beautiful socks, so fine and classic -- I look forward to knitting a pair or two.

Hi Kathy -- I love your socks (and forgive me if this has already been asked in the 135 comments above mine) but can these be knit from the toe up? Would it be pretty straight forward?
Also, it looks as if your letter to Skacel worked! You are becoming QUITE a "mover and shaker"!

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