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January 25, 2007

Feet: not just for modeling socks

I extend my deepest, most sincerest gratitude for your enthusiasm and support of Roza's Socks. I feel a great sense of relief - until Tuesday, only two other people had seen the design (plus the Interweave Knits editors), so understandably I was a little anxious about the moment everyone would finally see them. Your reception of the pattern brightened my day, brought many smiles to my face, and encouraged me to keep pushing my knitting limits. Thank you!

I want to share some knitting progress photos with you, but frankly, I'm beyond exhausted right now. Briefly, I'm almost done with the main pieces of the Brilliant Retro cardigan, and I'm brainstorming a plan for the Komi Hat. With respect to the latter, I consulted Emily, who gave me some great advice about knitting a hat from the top down - the chart and instructions for her Latvian Hat will be very useful to me.

Since (1) no post is complete without a picture, (2) it's Eye Candy Friday, and (3) my neck of the woods is brrrr-brrrr-cold right now, I want to thank you with an image of warmth and tranquility:

As far as this blog is concerned, my feet are usually fleshy stumps modeling handknit socks. But here they fulfill a different role - enjoying the warmth and sparkle of the Atlantic Ocean.

And before I forget - grandma loved her beret. Mission accomplished :).

Posted by Kathy on January 25, 2007 11:13 PM


Please tell me that picture was not taken in your neck of the woods recently. Either somewhere warm or in a warmer month is fine :)

I'm glad your grandma liked her beret.

Mmm. Warmth. BTW, do we get a picture of beret in action?

Yay for beachy feet! Yay that your grandma likes her beret! And yay again for Roza's socks! Happy Friday to you, hope your weekend's restful.

No surprise your grandma loved the beret -- you achieved the perfect pouf! Also, thanks for recommending Classic Silk -- I saw it in person for the first time a week ago and bought a couple balls, remembering how highly you spoke of it. It really is nice -- Brilliant Retro will look great!

Aw, you've got cute Hobbit-ish feet like my hubby!
Thanks for the beachy photo - it feels like years since I've had my feet in the ocean, particularly on and blizzardly day like today...

Thanks, Kathy:)

That warm, sandy picture was just what I needed this cold, cold morning:)


Hope you get the rest you deserve and thanks for your inspiring designs. Cute feet too.

I want beachy feet too! Thank you for the sock pattern, its the only thing I think I'll end up knitting from that issue, as far as I can tell from the teeny little preview pictures, anyway. I no longer have any Grannies to spoil, but my Mother will look superb in lacey periwinkle socks.

My, those are some multi-talented feet.

old saying; "keep your feet cool and your heart warm" looks like you got it!

i can't wait for the new issue to come out. i'm definitely putting those socks on my to-do list.

and i would LOVE to be in the atlantic in summer right now. too cold now, sigh.

Love those Roza socks. My goal is to try to wait patiently until my magazine arrives in...A MONTH???? Geez...I have some sock yarn that is screaming at me to turn it into Roza socks.

I had to read that last sentence twice - I don't think I've ever gotten far enough south to associate the Atlantic with warmth. Roza's socks do look great!

Mmmm the ocean. I need to take my feet to the ocean.

BTW, Congratulations on being published in IK. The pattern looks like one I can accomplish.

Isn't it nice to have memories of vacations when the temperatures drop? I love the foot shot, and you should have known people would flip over your sock pattern. Did you not learn anything from Jaywalker?

Mmmmm, warm ocean water!
And I love the socks! This may be the pattern that makes me knit socks. I am still a sock virgin, you know.

I love Roza's socks. This is the pattern that's going to make me go back to sock knitting. They are just gorgeous. I've already ordered that issue of the magazine.

Those needles you recommended are working great on my first lace project (even though I am all really all thumbs on the pattern itself). Thanks for that!

As for the beach, I am totally green w/ envy. Hope you're having fun!

I'm so glad grandma liked her beret. Hope it's keeping her warm and toasty.

Congrats on making grandma happy. I'm sure she will never know the lengths you went through to make her so (unless she reads your blog!)

Warmth? Atlantic? Where in the Atlantic are you finding warmth .. ever?

A'course, the only Atlantic I've ever really know is northeastern, and a chilly March/April trip to the barrier islands of NC, so .. I'm not so familiar with warm water, anywhere. I've heard it exists though. My mom told me so. She likes Florida.

Wonderful photo to view as I look at a snowy night in Wisconsin! Thanks for the heads up on the Latvian hat. I have to try that now!!

So glad grandma like the beret!! Bravo!!!

I love the socks! What I would really love to see is a photo of Grandma in her beret. It was beautiful, and I bet she is, too.

I just saw the closeup of your new sock pattern & will now be stalking my mailbox awaiting the new IK! They are gorgeous. And knit with my favorite yarn too. Yummy.

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