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December 13, 2006

We've had this conversation before

But I think it's an important one :)

After completing a good 10" of my Melon Scarf, I inevitably became curious about what I'll get at the end - how long will 1 skein of Hand Maiden Sea Silk last? Naturally, my curiosity was colored with a bit of concern - just the way I am.

With the help of my handy balances and careful note keeping, I estimate that my scarf will be 57" long, prior to blocking, if no border is attached. Of course I want a border, so some length of yarn will need to be reserved for that.

Most likely I will omit the fancy (read: yarn-consuming) border recommended in the original pattern, and substitute something daintier from one of the other scarves in the book.

I'm thinking of knitting the main panel until I've completed about 45", then starting the border with the remaining yarn. I'll be keeping track of how much yarn I have remaining, and if it looks like the border is consuming little, add onto the center panel. If the border ends up needing a lot of yarn, take some away by frogging. A give and take of sorts.

It's interesting how the fabric looks completely different from another angle. I love this stitch pattern!

Posted by Kathy on December 13, 2006 07:01 PM


I certainly need to get the higher precision scale of the two you mentioned. Carting my projects to lab and measuring them in plastic beakers is not my first choice, though I've done it plenty.

The color of your sea silk is so vibrant and lovely, and the pattern looks great! I look forward to seeing the finished project.

Wow, the color is so rich! Well done on the measuring. I typically just knit like someone possessed in a race to the end and then cry when I run out of yarn. Maybe next time I'll try your approach...

I've had a problem. With really neato stitch patterns..
This is partially my fault. In fact all my fault. I have a weakness for these cool patterns and keep stopping to admire.
Like. After every single row!
You're moving right along, though! Kudos to you!

It's really coming along well - I love the yarn you chose, and I'm really looking forward to starting something from the book myself...

What a lovely pattern. Another temptation for me.

Wow, beautiful!


Do you recommend either or both of those scales? I'm ready to add a scale to my knitting supplies.


Fantastic job, as always!

I just received the book yesterday and am already dreaming about what my SeaSilk will become. Thanks for the enabling :o)

i love the daintier border! gonna need to get me a scale...every time you talk about weighing yarn i say that...but really...i am gonna need one. have you posted on what scale you have/comparison??

I can definitely attest to the usefulness of the scale method. I just used a regular kitchen scale first time around, but I have a proper jeweller's scale now for my other obsession - good up to 400 gms and accurate to 0.1 gm - so I plan to give that a whirl next time.

That IS a cool stitch pattern. I love the color of your yarn :)

Beautiful scarf! That sea silk is so vibrant and gorgeous, and it pairs perfectly with the stitch pattern.

That scarf is looking good enough to eat!

Not much to say but WOW! Love that stitch pattern and the color of the yarn. Can't wait to see the finished product.


Beautiful scarf. Are you sure it needs a border?

It is beautiful!!!

Wow. That is absolutely the gorgeous... the pattern, the colour. I am in such awe of your abilities. I am just so impressed with how far you have come in two years! I hope I can come that far. (I relearned knitting a year ago, but it's been a quiet year really and now the bug has really bitten me and I don't want to do anything except knit!)

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I cannot wait to get my deadline knits out of the way so I can start something from that book.

that color is fabulous. i really should invest in a scale. i'm working on a scarf now and am having anxiety attacks that it's just not going to be enough yarn... thanks for always have this conversation! ;-)

it looks beautiful so far. I am always trying to use up all the yarn too.. sounds like you have a good plan.

Oooooh, that is so pretty.

I've always had a problem with knowing how much yarn to use or how much yarn is left.

Wow. Wow. and then again, can I say WOW!

I am currently running into the same problem with the piece not wanting to grow. I end up putting a row marker on the edge to make sure I make progress at all. Also I was surprised how much yarn I needed for my Print o' the Wave stole's border. It was nearly 3/4 of what I used for the inside panel!

Does it even need a border? I think it's lovely as it is. Though I guess the border would probably add some stability, and keep it from rolling into a tube...

Very pretty.

Very pretty. Great photos!

Bravely going into uncharted yarn weight and measuring for the altruistic benefit of others. Thank-you, I really do learn from this, and I don't have the stomach to knit without knowing.

Beautiful scarf! the stitch pattern is gorgeous and the Handmaiden is amazing! Fabulous job.

Wow! When you said you were starting the scarf, I wasn't getting it, but your version is wonderful. I seriously think some of these books should get your opinion of the perfect yarn to use for each project. Yours is so much nicer than the picture.

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