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December 29, 2006

Silk eye candy

Tell me - is there anything more scrumptious than lining an honest to goodness woolly hat with 100% silk? Definitely Candy for all the senses.

Considering I had to reknit the hat lining after chopping off the offending Papal bit (ahem), I figured I might as well upgrade from the cotton included for this purpose in the Bea Ellis kit. Don't get me wrong - it's a fine yarn for a lining, but getting gauge required knitting very, very tightly, and the resulting fabric was stiff and bulky. Just look at how it used to sit on my head, with a rather unattractive ridge where the cotton strip ended.

Silk, on the other hand, hardly adds any bulk, flows freely and conforms easily to the shape of the hat (and the head), and feels wonderful against my skin. An easy choice, if you ask me.

Fabulous silk, too - scraps (can't even call these pithy lengths "remnants") of Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple 100% silk, left over from knitting the Egyptian dress. Oh, how I love the way this yarn smells. Green tea... mmm....

I'm attaching the lining using simple chain stitch as I did once before. At least that's what I think it's called. Don't quote me on that :).

Posted by Kathy on December 29, 2006 08:35 AM


I like the contrast of the colors... It is not what you would expect... but it is nice.

is that a crochet hook?

i like the contrast of the lining too.

I thought I recognized those colors.

That will feel so-o-o slinky on your head. Not for you ze silk undies, non, for Ms. G eet eez ze silk lining caressing her forehead, oui?

Very nice. Your ingenuity is inspiring.

whoa! you got to keep the leftovers from that dress! Lucky! I sent everything back to Annie from the projects I did for her.

Nice! I was thinking about taking the cotton liner out on my 2nd hat and using some soft alpaca. Good idea on silk.

Oooooh, crochet! Thanks fot the idea. I may do that for my hat too!

In my best Homer Simpson voice: MMMmmmmm sillllk

Ooh, I bet that will feel so nice on your forehead. I love my warm wool hat, but it should have a nice silk lining, I think. MMM.

Nice touch!

the silk with keep your head nice and toasty.
this is a fantastic idea for hats!

I'm getting ready to knit "We Call Them Pirates" for the Marine!Goth. I bought some Cashmerino DK to do the same sort of lining!! GMTA.

Thanks for the idea on how to tack it down, though.

Looks like a slip stitch to me. What a great idea. I have one ball of silk that would be wonderful to line a hat I plan to make. I love wool hats and even though I usually don't find good wools too itchy for sweaters, on my FOREHEAD... that's different. It drives me nuts. I'm definitely trying your idea. I am a crocheter from way back and I always look for a reason to whip out my hook.

I wouldnt mind a hat made of that completely, its looks gorgeous and soft. LOVE it.

Ooh, that sounds like it will be soft and lovely to wear. And as a bonus, you could always turn it inside out for a fun stripedy hat for when you aren't in a red & white mood.

So much better for an inner layer than cotton, as well. Silk wicks!

The silk is beautiful!

Nice upgrade!

"generously gifted to me by Ashley" - Whatever happened to that good old verb "to give"? I miss its simplicity and, well, complete lack of trendiness: "generously given to me by Ashley". Oh well. I'm a grammar fogey.
Nice hat.

Yes, the hat looks lovely and whimsical and comfy...

But I'm still admiring your new camera -- DAMN, those photos look good! That background blur! It's like every day is eye candy Friday. :)

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