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December 17, 2006

Shapely calves

How many times have there been references to my shapely calves on this blog? Plenty :). Don't get me wrong - even if I have to cast on 108 stitches for knee highs, or try on 108 pairs of boots to find ones which zip up all the way, my calves are not half bad. Especially when modeling fabulous socks:

Pattern: Traveler's Stockings from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road, with no noteworthy modifications.

Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Old Rose (44ns), 2 skeins.

Needles: US 0 dpns, set of 5 (these ones).

This pattern is wonderful in many ways. It starts rather fancifully - scalloped edge and twisted stitch motifs make up the cuff, but the pattern is very easy to follow and memorize if time is taken to understand how one round of knitting evolves into the next.

After the cuff, only one of the twisted stitch motifs is continued down the leg, making the rest of the sock beautiful and simple to knit at the same time.

Lorna's Laces continues to be one of my favorites for socks - the slight variation in color, achieved only by hand painting the yarn, is as gorgeous as ever.

A timely Hannukah present for my grandma.

Posted by Kathy on December 17, 2006 04:57 PM


Beautiful socks!! Oh, nice calves too ;)

Gasp! I've seen a lot of handknit socks, but these are high up on the list of the prettiest. Really, really lovely. (I love the semi-solid LL yarn, too.)

gorgeous socks! you are so talented! I love them.

I'm tempted to knit myself a pair and then go out and buy short boots to show off the socks!

Chappy Chanukkah - to you and your grams (and her gams). Your socks are simply stunning. Gorgeous.

Absolutely gorgeous socks!! Happy Hannukah to you and yours!! :)

Oh I just love those, I totally have to get that book. I have Vintage Socks and Folk Socks, but not On the Road...yet. :)

GORGEOUS! What a lovely color, and a simply beautiful pattern. You did a great job.

Every time I visit your blog, I find one more thing to add to my Christmas list. Last time it was the camera lens. Now it's that On the Road book!!!

So beautiful!

Ooh, lovely! That's a wonderful color - and the knitting is, of course, flawless. How on earth do you get your left-leaning cable twists (or ssks, I can't tell) to lie so smooth?

These are works of art! I hope your grandmother will love them. Happy Hannukah.

Gorgeous!!! Your stitches are soooo even! Are the socks in your pictures blocked?

They are really beautiful Kathy - yarn, pattern & work(wo)manship!!

I just got a shipment from the Socks Than Rock sock club with an extra skein and now I know what I am going to go with it! Thanks for the inspiration.

These are some of the prettiest socks I've seen. You've inspired me to look for that book... I do think I need a pair of these!

I was so inspried by your socks for gramma, that I went out and finally purchased Knitting on the Road. I own every other sock book ever made, and thought I could live without KotR. You convinced me that I could not.

Oh- I wish I had made my Travelers in a little lighter color like your beautiful "Old Rose" - they are beautiful as is your photography....I can see every stitch!

stunning socks! i love them. you truly are such an even knitter... each stitch is fabulous!

They look fantastic!! Your grandma will be thrilled!

Here's to all of us with normal (call em shapely if you want!) calves!!
Plus the great thing about being a knitter and creative person is that you really don't have to settle for off the rack. :)

You mean there's such a thing as boots that zip over "shapely" calves? That when I go back to my squats and calf raises knowing, I, too, can have boots? Woohoo!

I love those socks - that's my favorite pattern in a book that's chock full of fabulous patterns. You did a beautiful job - your socks are always so inspiring to me. I knit Whitby because I loved yours - so now I think I'm going to have to emulate your traveler's stockings too.

Grandma is definitely going to be thrilled with this pair!

Lovely, you've done a great job. This pattern is now on my New Year's "To Knit" List.

I have shapely calves too :-) The socks are gorgeous -- thank you for the inspiration. Happy Hanukkah!

Not only do you have pretty calves, but your ankles are admirably slender. And the socks are no slouch either.

**sigh** they are SO SO SO pretty - I'm scared to venture up to my calf sock-wise, maybe these will tempt me =)

Lovely! I do love the look of that pattern - it's been on my list for a while but I think it's moved up a bit now after seeing yours.

Wow. Those are absolutely perfect, color, style, knitting. Happy Hanukah to your grandma!

They are lovely. I love the rose color. Very pretty indeed!

They are beautiful. This tempt me to knit more socks.

Okay, I have to know how you make sure that you will not get ladders up the socks at the points where your needles join? I use the Harlot's method but I get twisted stitches up the sock which is better than ladders but still noticable...at least to me.

Love the socks...totally beautiful!

Re: boots that fit over one's shapely thighs - you can have the leather stretched. I think last time I had it done it cost ~$12, so you have to factor that into the cost of the shoes, but it does open up a whole lot of possibilities.

Wow. These are the prettiest socks I've ever seen. Beautiful work, Kathy!

Your socks are really beautiful, I love them a lot. And thank you for your impression about the yarn.

they are absolutely gorgeous, kathy. lucky grandma!

They are gorgeous! You got me hooked on LL, I really love the colours and indeed, the slight variation. I only started knitting the stockings after seeing you knitting them (because for some reason they did not appeal to me when I saw them in the book). The pattern is indeed lovely! Also, with only the slightest modifications I made them fit around my (rather shapely calves) too :D

Your grandmother will love these, they are so beautiful!

I love those socks, one of the sock kals i belong to recently knit them but if you have shapely calves I hate to think what to call mine. Maybe just LARGE. :) Your socks always look so great. Have a good holiday.

I have that book, and those socks look prettier when I see them on your site. I'm going to definitely have to give those a whirl. Size 0 needles, though? I'm a little nervous about that... great job.

Shapely indeed. Hubba, hubba.

Gorgeous. Grandma will love them, I'm sure!


wow. i tried that pattern years ago, but couldn't get past the first pattern repeat. maybe i should give it another go in the new year?!

Those are beautiful - the yarn and the pattern are a perfect match! I love "solid" Lornas for the same reason....

These are on my HUGE Nancy Bush to knit list!

Those are stunning - and the color is perfect for that pattern. One lucky Gran!!

Wow, Lorna's Laces in that pattern looks great. I'm not even a fan of pink, but I love those socks.

Gorgeous. Grandma will love them.

These are really beautiful and elegant socks. Great job! I'm not usually a sock knitter, but those are pretty inspiring...

I've wished for years I had more going on in the calf department. Shapely calves were just not to be for me :(

Those are beautiful socks. I'll have to look the pattern up!

Beautiful. Detailed, but not too much.

They are utterly splendid. I don't know how you can bear to part with them!

Perfection as usual. They look wonderful.

Happy Hannukah! Grandma will love these.

You are still evil for getting me addicted to Lorna's Laces. I can't stand to use anything else on socks anymore. Not that I mind...

Just beautiful! And the socks are nice too. Lucky for your grandma she's so loved she gets knitted socks. And you have someone to love enough to knit for! A wonderful circle-Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Those are gorgeous socks. The pics in the book do not do these socks justice.

PS: Hurrah for shapely calves. :)

Beautiful socks - both pattern and yarn. I've just got myself a copy of KOTR and my "to do" list of socks is just getting longer and longer.

THANK YOU, your not only my sock inspiration but I just picked up that book and those were my favorite in the book. Now I have to head over to Lorna's and look at some yarn.
Your the best....awesome.

Lovely lovely socks! Those are my favorite from Knitting on the Road, and I love the color you chose.

They are so lovely! This pattern is on my list - so subtle and elegant. It looks wonderful in that colorway ;)

The socks are beautiful, Kathy. You're grandmother is one lucky lady. :)

Breathtakingly beautiful. A very special gift for a loved one, too.

Those are some seriously pretty socks!!

I wanted to let you know that I have knit a new Odessa. It is on my blog, for your enjoyment.


Those are absolutely stunning!

I also wanted to thank you for posting such a detailed review of Victorian Lace Today. It gave me the nudge I needed to order a copy without looking at in first.

From one shapely-calf gal to another, I LOVE pull-on microsueded stretch boots. Eliminates that whole zipping thing altogether.

Those are some gorgeous socks. I love the color that you chose. Definitely going on my future projects list.

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