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December 15, 2006


After carefully arranging the Melon Scarf for its most recent photo shoot and then posting to the blog, it got tossed on the bed, all crumpled up - its typical state. Even while lounging, the ripply texture caught my attention, and I thought this "candid" shot would make great Eye Candy Friday.

Next, I tossed the scarf on the couch, but didn't straighten or arrange anything:

Oh, the shots you, too, can have with a fast lens :).

Posted by Kathy on December 15, 2006 11:28 AM


That color is really phenomenal. And I have total lens envy! (I left the battery charger for my "good" camera--which is only half as good as yours--at my parents' at Thanksgiving, and am having withdrawal.)

Wow, that is gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful posed or candid. I love that yarn too!! Might have to pick me up some of that yarny goodness. :)

Those are great photos. I always *heart* the pictures you take.

I don't know which is greater: my scarf envy or my lens envy. Great shots!


For all of it - the camera, the yarn, the skill... It's great you've got a camera that can do your knitting justice!

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend.

The camera is awesome!

Oh, lovely shots! and lovely scarf!

Ooooh, that is coming along beautifully. So psyched for you and your new camera - looks like you are having fun with it. :)

I knew you'd like it.

Mmmmm - so yummy. And now I have yet one more thing to add to my Amazon wish list - that lens! (I have - and love - the Digital Rebel as well)

I am still in love with that green and constantly in search of what you call Happy Green. May have to go straight to the Lorna's Laces for that, which I think is what you were using when I realized this was the perfect green for me.

It's gorgeous!!!! precioso! Me encanta! :)

Okay, those are great pictures.

And while I always thought the stitch pattern was pretty, the first picture FINALLY makes it clear to me WHY this is a "melon" scarf :) It makes little oblong shapes in crumple form!

I'm jealous. I love your camera (and the shawl of course). Mine won't even turn on for me right now and yours captures every yummy detail of your knitting project.

Ohhh, I love me my 50mm. Nothing like it for knitting pictures, is there?

Glad you're enjoying the SLR!

O I love the pattern!

Love the scarf and love the photos. My camera tends to take dark pictures...really frustrating!


I just love your site, so talented and interesting. You've inspired me to knit my first pair of socks. What is your favorite sock yarns? I trust your opinion and don't want to end up with a yarn that pills, loses its shape, or just isn't comfortable to wear. Love your scarf and that color is beautiful it has such a sheen to it. Thanks for all that you share, this is the best site I visit.

Beautiful. The candid shots show it off wonderfully.
I have been pouring over Victorian Lace Today, dreaming of January, when I will once again have the time to knit as I please.

This is definitely some eye candy - yummy pics! Thank you for sharing!

I'm green with envy...about both the scarf and the camera.

If I knit like you, I'd definitely invest in a new camera;)

I shoot with a Canon too and the 50mm 1.8 is hands down my favorite. Now I want the 1.4!

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