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December 24, 2006

Fuzzy logic

If you think this is a lucky coincidence, a chance occurrence, a serendipitous fluke, or happenstance, please allow me to (somewhat smugly) correct you:

The power of math prevails! There was weighing and number crunching, and one instance of frogging (not too much, though), and now, finally, there's blocking.

Initial measurements suggest my Melon scarf is 12.5" wide and 56" long, though I realize it will shrink a bit once it's dry. All this out of 1 skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk, only 438 yards - not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

Posted by Kathy on December 24, 2006 12:35 PM


And it's beautiful!

Oh! So lovely!! That colour of green rocks!

I LOVE it! Simply gorgeous!

Very lovely! Your knitting is beautiful. And I am really inspired by your math. I am finding that my scale and calculator are becoming essential knitting tools. As long as it doesn't involve calculus, I guess I can manage:)


It is really beautiful. Hurray for math!

Wow, the scarf is absolutely gorgeous! Nice work on the math too :) It always makes me happy to be able to use my math skills to figure out knitting conundrums. It's a money saver for sure.

Oh, I love knitting maths - and well done on the correct calculations!

Hee hee. I did the same type of number crunching when I made my Kelp Garden scarf out of Sea Silk (see blog entry "Better Late Than Never"). I found it hard to believe, but it did indeed turn out to be nearly 2 metres long!

Your scarf looks great and I know that it is going to feel incredible. Enjoy!

Ironically, math was one of my worst subjects in school. And now I find myself doing it all the time. Maybe if the math teacher had used knitting as a tool, I would have learned math sooner. (and had more handknits!)

damn you're good... gotta get me one of those accurate type scales

The scarf is beautiful!

Ahhh, math -- they are never wrong.

Dear G,

Oh my gosh! Awesomely beautiful. I love socks and now find myself tempted to try lace. I guess I should thank you?

Happy winter holidays to my fav blogger!


That is beautiful - so amazingly stunning - just wow!

Looks so beautiful! Congratulations on the finish!

Kathy, you have outdone yourself once again. It is a beautifully knit piece of art. I can hardly wait for the final unpinned photos. Thank you for inspiring all of us to stretch both our minds and knitting abilities by your example.

Gorgeous. I was looking for VTL today to start my first lace project some time ... soon? Couldn't find it, but your pictures are making me really anxious to hunt it down. Great job!

Gorgeous! Congratulations! Isn't it nice when something you've plotted and planned and calculated over, actually turns out right?

Excellent use of the maths! And gorgeous scarf!

Gorgeous! I love it.

i'd be interested how your sea silk scarf holds up after wearing it a couple of times. I did a scarf with this yarn, which was lovely to work with, but after wearing it, it was like I never blocked it at all. All rolled up like a hose. Your's looks wonderful by the way.

Oh this scarf is beautiful. All that math (algebra?? did I see algebra??) and measuring would completely defeat me...

but the results are stunning.

I love the finished scarf. I'm still stuck on my kinomo shawl and it's creeping alone oh so slowly. How do you do it? I definately have to order that book.

Glorious scarf! It bespeaks an early spring!

It is beautiful! I can't wait to see it in action. Happy Holidays.


looking at all that maths is making me hyperventilate. well worth it for the end result i might add.

Wow! That's beautiful and what excellent yarn use planning! I want to make this soon too, it's such a pretty pattern. I also like your border better, leaves more attention for the center panel.

Oh, good to know that it can be knit with one skein of Sea Silk! It looks beautiful as it blocks -- can't wait to see the FO. :-)

Seeing all of those calculations just sent a cold, cold shiver down my spine. God forbid I should ever have to do anything like this for my knitting.

Fortunately, yours was done well and looks like it will produce a great result!

Bravo Kathy, your Melon is actually an achievement and I love it. Who said knitting wasn't mathematics ?

Beautiful as always (the math as well)

Very beautiful!!

Show off!! ;) Incredible scarf!

Beautiful scarf...at least, I think it's a scarf...actually, the pic makes it look more like something between a scarf and a shawl. Very pretty, indeed.


Wow, that's awesome, I aspire to your lacy greatness. Does the border go back and forth or around and around? Can we see a corner? I'm trying to figure out how to turn the corner with my border (planning stage)

again, yours is gorgeous

Chortle! The scarf is lovely, but the maths is brilliant.

Lovely!! My New Year's resolution is to try my hand at lacework - you are my hero!!

Don't you have access to major supercomputers that could crunch these numbers for you? ;)
Beautiful scarf! Love the color.

Lovely lace, as always!

As a heads-up, I just picked up a copy of Craft magazine (from the makers of Make) and EVERY time I pick it up I think "This would be the PERFECT thing for Kathy!" (meaning your sweet self). It marries all sorts of different crafty pursuits with the meticulousness of engineers and programmers, all the folks who pay attention to EVERY SINGLE SMALL DETAIL. If you get a chance, you should definitely take a peek.

Happy Christmas!

your scarf is awesome. I have a really dumb lace question...do you have to block it everytime it is washed? or once it's blocked, it's blocked?!?
I want to start my very first lace project but I'm stumped with this one. Please help. Thank you.

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