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December 03, 2006


Grandma's most recent socks-in-progress didn't start out beautifully by any stretch of the imagination, but beauties they've now become:

The subtle variegation of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock is pleasing me to no extent (as usual). It's even attempting to stripe ever so subtly - can you see it?

The fit is fabulous, and the fancy cuff was perfect for someone like me - although these creations may lead you to believe otherwise, you know I typically poo poo too many cables and twisted stitches. This little cuff was great -36 rounds of fanciness, all easily memorized, followed by mainly stockinette. Only a thin 4-stitch twisted motif is carried down the leg:

I think it adds wonderful texture without being too intrusive... on the overall look of the sock or my mind :).

Posted by Kathy on December 3, 2006 01:28 PM


Gorgeous! Can we expect a pattern to show up online once you finish these beauties? ;)

Kathy, how you've wonderfully mixed the detailed texture on the backdrop of stockinette! They are beauties indeed.

Can't complain about that subtle LL colorway, either :o)

Great design and the soft rose is a lovely color. Your grandma will be so happy!

That is one very pretty sock.. :)

Lornas Laces are divine to work with and that colourway is stunning..

Pattern is fabulous! I love the fanciness and the simplicity. A perfect mix.

They're beautiful :)


Lovely, absolutely lovely!

I hope you'll find it in your heartto share the pattern with us. I'dlove a pair for myself.


Oh wow, those are simply gorgeous.

Gorgeous! And I hope I'm the only one who had a scary flashback to Red Dragon upon reading the title of the post. Hopefully now I'll have a flash of these soothing socks whenever I watch Thomas Harris movies!

To repeat previous comments, Gorgeous! They're very beautiful and elegant.

Nice. I really like how the cables continue down the leg.

the color and traveler's stocking pattern complement each other so well - it's turning out to be a beautiful sock!

I agree the pattern isn't too busy, just right. The fanciness at the top is just enough and then a little more plain towards the bottom. Great job.


Wow those are soooo pretty. I am sure that your Grandma is going to LOVE them.

This looks like the perfect pattern for the lilac LL that you sent me.

Mmmm... such a beautiful color!!! Your grandmother may rethink her argument about not needing more socks!! I sure would.

Wow. I was kind of iffy on that pattern when I saw it in the book, but in the colorway you've chosen? It's like a whole different sock. Gorgeous! I'm sure your grandmother will be delighted!

Those are so pretty! But not too fussy. I love them. I'll have to get my hands on that book.

I just finished some socks using Spirit Trail Fiberworks sock yarn. It has that same subtle variegation. Even though the color changes weren't radical, I still found myself mesmerized by them as I knit the socks. Good thing, the socks were pretty much entirely 2x2 ribbing. I needed something to keep me going!

Nancy had another pattern similar to this one published in Vogue Knitting, Fall 2006. She liked the travelling stitches patterns a lot, so she reused them in the new sock. There was also a pattern for Meg Swansen's shaped sock (but you've already got that one figured out). I love reading about your sock adventures!

Wow, the stitches look gorgeous in that yarn! I made the stockings in Trekking and they turned out a bit fuzzier.

Absolutely stunning! Perfect color for the lovely pattern.

You sure have a lucky grandma, to have an entire sock drawer full of beauties like these.

Oooooh, those are lovely! :)

I am just in love with that color, and my favorite part so far is the beginning of the cuff. So delicate and fancy!

Very pretty. I think this new version is absolutely perfect.

They are beautiful!

Please, please, pretty please share the pattern. The lacy cuff is so beautiful. Granny is soooooo very well loved.

really nice pattern! and the yarn color choice is super! those would make super knee-hi socks. can't wait to see them as FO's! :o)

I like the idea of doing a fancy cuff and then sticking mostly with stockinette...I never want to commit to a fully patterned sock, and this might be just the compromise.

Just gorgeous!

I like the fact that the socks have fancy cuffs and simple cables just running down! Gorgeous!

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