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November 14, 2006

Joyous socks

How lucky am I?!?

This gorgeous pair of socks was knit for me by Joy, and they are perfection embodied! The fit is superb, the yarn is one of my favorites (no wool!), and the color screams my name. If that wasn't enough, it's a Nancy Bush pattern - Friday Harbor from Knitting on the Road. Thank you, Joy!

Joy also included some very thoughtful goodies:

Hokuou no knit komonotachi, Japanese for, "Book with gorgeous winter accessories, give me yarn and needles now, I must make mittens," and 2 skeins of Regia Bamboo Color in 1066, which feels as soft and smooth as cotton to me. Can't wait to use it! I'm thinking I can squeeze a pair of anklets out of each ball. Thanks again, Joy!

Also, to follow up, my dad loved his new scarf. He said the length was perfect, and that he liked the pattern and color. Just to make sure, I asked my mom - did he really like it? To which she responded, "Kathy, stop being foolish. You knew it was a quality thing when you mailed it, why are you even asking?"

Woman deserves votive sleeves.

Posted by Kathy on November 14, 2006 04:45 PM


Great package! And smart mom. Mom always did know best... (well, sometimes)

Wow! Joy rocks! You got fab goodies!

Oh! I have that Japanese book, as well. Such delicious patterns in it - haven't been brave enough to try any of them yet :)

Oh wow- those are really pretty socks. I'm sort of scared to use elasticized yarn for socks because of gauge issues. Maybe I'll give it a try! Those gloves on the cover look great too!

I think becoming a mom must somehow activate the "cut through the crap" gene. Further study is needed.

Your mom's response made me laugh out loud. Hurray for mothers saying it like it is! :-)

I love your mom's comment! That is so true. You really focus in on every detail to make sure something is perfect, so anything you knit and that you give to a relative is going to be wonderful! The Regia Bamboo has over 200 meters per skein, you will have enough to make full socks out that. It won't have to be anklets, unless that is what you prefer.

I love that Japanese book - when I was knitting the Norwegian gloves from it a Japanese reader told me the title was "Scandinavian Knitted Accessories". I love the twined mittens and the Bohus-inspired set.

Great socks that Joy knit for you! I have been meaning to knit the Friday Harbor socks, and seeing yours, I think my skein of Fleece Artist Merino in burgundy semi-solid might look good. Of course, I also have FAM in Hercules (blues, greys), and that would look good, too. Decisions, decisions...

Isn't it great how a mom can praise and criticize a daughter in the same sentence. That's vocal economy!

Gorgeous socks! And I love the gloves on the cover of that book. I totally want gloves with an entrelac cuff now! Are the patterns something that aren't too hard to figure out although they're in a different language?

Oooh, lucky girl to get such a wonderful package!

I bought a couple of balls of that yarn to make socks for my wool-phobic mother. You can do much better than ankle socks with a ball. I used US1 needles and this pattern and the cuffs on my socks are 6" long and I've still got some yarn left over.:)

And the red socks ARE gorgeous!

Did you warn your dad to keep it away from your mom? Maybe it needs a tracking device that sounds an alarm off when it gets near the washing machine.....

I can vouch that I too made a size 39 pair of stockinette socks out of the bamboo yarn, with 7" legs, and had yarn left over.
The gift recipient liked both the texture and the new kind of renewable yarn resource!
Lisa in Toronto

Talk about a trompe d'oeil. I thought for a minute there that the gloves with entrelac cuffs were sent with the package! Gorgeous book! Lucky gal ;)

Hehe, and I was lucky enough to see the first sock up close and personal. It is indeed beautifully made!

Those red socks are lovely! I may have to look into making a pair myself. I had to look twice at the picture of the goodies, the entrelac gloves tricked me too.

Your dad would have to be crazy not to love the scarf you made for him. Of course, I know you've said your folks are crazy, but still.

You're mom is a wish woman !!
And you're a great KNITTER!

What pretty socks! She's a great friend to knit you socks and send you all those goodies :D I've knit with the Regia bamboo yarn before, the socks turn out beautifully and soft (though I feel a teensie bit anxious every time I handwash them), my bf with the hot feet loves the texture. I've knit up 1 pair of a-bit-longer-than-ankle-socks for him per ball (and he's a US10!) so I'm sure you can crank out an entire sock per ball ;) Happy knitting!

Ps. will there be a dad-posing-with-his-new-quality-shawl pic? :D

I'm glad your dad liked the scarf. There was no doubt. Also glad you have such great parents!

I'm so glad the socks fit; they look better on you than on me. ;-)

Mama has your number, doesn't she? :-D

Those socks are perfect! I'm fighting the urge to go grab that book from my shelf and start a pair myself!

gorgeous socks! lucky girl! i have that japanese book - it's beautiful. (why do i insist on buying foreign books with scandinavian patterns, btw?)

Nice socks! They fit you perfectly!

Hahaha, go mom.

I love your mom, she seems so practical!

mom's affirmation is like gold. those socks are fantastic (not to mention i love japanese craft books!)

LOVE the sock pattern! Gorgeous!

I knit wire beaded napkin holders for my beloved grandma (to match the placemats I knit her). Easy knit but took me forever to get around to doing it. Knitting with wire just isn't my thing, either.

LOL! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Holy cow! Those gloves are fabulous. I like them even more than the socks. ;-)

OOh pretty sock yarn. I have been eyeing that stuff for a while, let me know how it works out.

Gorgeous socks and the other goodies are fabulous.

ooh, aren't you a lucky girl!

entrelac gloves...... oh no.. I feel like I'm about to be sucked into the entrelac vortex! beautiful!

That's a plain-speaking mom you've got there. Not that I'm surprised. Or anything.


those red socks are fantastic - I especially love that they're not too long as well the great colour.

You are going to love the Regia Bamboo. I am knitting a pair of socks on it right now and it is heavenly and very warm!

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