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November 02, 2006

I'm no stranger to obnoxiously-long scarves

Well, there you have it: ask, and you shall receive. After reading all your suggestions, checking scarf lengths in some patterns and online stores, and remembering that there's still fringe to be added (dad likes fringe, go figure!), I decided to aim for a length along the lines of 62".

My primary reason for going with a somewhat shorter length is remembering that gravity is not a scarf's best friend: what is 62" today will be 70" in March. Trust me. Second, although I wasn't 100% sure, I reasoned that perhaps the yarn would bloom a little after a nice soak in the tub.

I know you're shocked that I didn't wash my swatch. Shocked! Just wait... I tell you this in a hushed voice... gulp... I didn't even swatch. Oooooooooh nooooooo! The universe has just crashed on itself.


I'm still here. How about you?

Anyway, I bound off at precisely 62", let the scarf soak while I ate breakfast, spread it out, and, lo and behold, 62" long and 7" wide --> 70" long and 8" wide. No worries - been there, done that. As soon as the scarf is dry and "settled in," I'll unpick the bind off and take away about 8". I'm glad I didn't attach the fringe before blocking!

Oh, and about the title of the post? Remember my Backyard Leaves scarves?

For some reason I was absolutely determined to use every bit of the yarn when I knit those (4 skeins of elann's Peruvian Collection 100% alpaca each). As a result, each scarf was 90" when I finished. And now? 100".

Good grief! That's almost the length of a football field!

For some time I've been thinking about undoing the ends and shortening the rose-colored one (the raspberry one was gifted) to, oh, 60". But then I remember... right! I'm allergic to alpaca!

I knit that scarf very early on in my knitting career, and didn't realize that the constant itchiness, redness, and flaking of the skin on my fingertips was out of the ordinary. When it happened again with other alpaca yarns, I learned to stay away.

Do I dare make it interesting? I'm sure many of you would like to have this scarf (and do to it as you please - shorten, felt, whatever).

Contest! Contest! Contest!

Leave a link to an amusing, interesting, intriguing, etc. knitting-related photo on your blog, or e-mail it to me. Be as specific as you can - a link to the photo itself or the blog entry permalink would be perfect! (in other words, I'm not going to be searching through your archives for the second entry you made on July 16, 2005).

I'll consider all the submissions received by Sunday, November 5th, 9 p.m. EST and pick my favorite. You will receive the rose Backyard Leaves scarf. If you don't want the scarf, please note that in your comment/e-mail (but unfortunately you won't receive a different prize).

I see it as a way to visit new blogs, get to know more of my readers!

Posted by Kathy on November 2, 2006 11:42 PM


Alpaca give me the sneezies these days, so no scarf for me. But, for your amusement, an object lesson on the consequences of failing to check gauge can be seen here.

Do you think the same will apply to a sweater made with peruvian alpaca? I'm knitting a saddle shoulder turtleneck right now in allover cartridge rib and certainly don't want it to become too long! Will a tighter gauge-than-normal help? Help!
Lovely scarves, btw. I wish I had a funny photo on my blog!

It's pre-knitting blog and my livejournal is friends-only, so it's on a knitting community instead, and it's more than one photo, but... bunny!

There. Cuteness shared.

But I don't want the scarf. I am not a scarf person, and if I were it's totally not my color. Or style. Now if it were black cables, I'd be all over it, even if I would probably never wear it.

Mmmmmmm... black cables.

The Penis head pic or alternatively titled why I won't knit another beret.

I can only offer you cute and suck up to you big time. August 17th entry: http://dimsumknitting.blogspot.com/2006_08_01_dimsumknitting_archive.html
That's my daughter showing off my Odessa; this picture is also in your readers gallery. To top it all off, November 5th is my birthday! Sorry for the pitifully sad attempts to pluck your heartstrings.

Well, I think that the photo on this post came out pretty interestingly... LOL.

This is perhaps my favorite photo of me. It is my death scene from the Sock Wars.

I just posted a picture of an FO reinterpreted, or Lace Shawl as a Dishrag. Don't worry, I'm not seriously using my lace to clean things, the picture is for another blog contest.

There's one photo here, of the intermediate stage in the knitting of a t-shirt, the removal of the waist band in order to knit a more appropriately sized one.

mmmm, alpaca, purr purr. On a different note, similar inexplicable knitting results from some other planetary dimension occur in my neighborhood too:

I was getting gauge all right, but I think the universe just wanted me to go to bed and leave the button bands for tomorrow...so it spoke out loud and clear.


Ummm, Kathy? a football field is 100 yards long, not 100 inches...(although after knitting 100 inches, it feels like 100 yards!)

There is also a photo on this post:


I would like to have got that Scarf :-)

I have a time-lapse knitting picture here.

Thanks for this post, I have been ignoring my blog lately, and this gave me a push to update. As a fellow graduate student, I am always in awe of how much you are able to knit and blog, as well as work very hard in lab (ok, that last part is inferred, but it is not hard to gather from your blog that you are a hard worker!).

How about a video!

I was cat-sitting for my sister and discovered that she likes alpaca and llama handspun yarns. She would dig through my stash and each time her selection showed her good taste.

Well, the picture I have to offer may not be cute or funny, but I think it is interesting.

On a recent trip to Mozambique I was in a very poor, remote community and for the first time ever in my travels to Africa, I saw a woman knitting (in public, no less. During a presentation - my kind of woman!) It turns out that she learned to many years ago from a missionary, and since she can't buy yarn, she recycles old sweaters to get yarn to make things for her babies.

Story and photos here

I love the scarf, and alpaca, and would give it a good home :-)

These pictures of Hannah are the best I've ever taken, I think.
I hope I win. It would save me from knitting that scarf. And I've always *meant* to knit that scarf.

I've decided to send you a link to a picture of me knitting on a mountain, over looking a beautiful estuary in North Wales. It's not quite extreme knitting (I suppose I could have hung upside down) but I love that part of the world!


I was knitting this hat just from looking at the picture ( original Bucket hat by Chicknits ) and my brother put it on just for fun :)


Rabbit teeth make great scissors; and apparently, yarn is quite tasty! The first, and featured, event---bunny poses with clapotis. And the second, for more laughs (the culprit waits at the bottom).

Are you kidding? I do nothing BUT take ridiculous pictures of me with knitting! Can we enter more than one?

My favorites are this series of me knitting the largest sock known to man...which I eventually figured out could double as a hat:

(Scroll down to the "Poorly Knit Elephantine Sock of 2006" section.)

And this one, a dramatization what my dog saw when I realized that he'd found my WIP basket.


(That one's also my Myspace profile photo.)

here's my link! please enter me in the contest!

Well, in my short term memory I still have yesterday's post about my new dpns...


I'll gladly take that scarf off your hands.

Here's what happens when you strnad too tightly.


I spent all summer collecting photos for this post, in preparation for finishing my print o'the wave shawl. The title is a fun play on words for me, since I'm an academic:
Ivory Tower Post

Gee, this one had good laugh value... what happens when you knit too much, AKA death by hedgehog....


Before this picture was taken, I went up behind my boyfriend, who was quietly reading, and yelled, RAR! He almost fell off the couch.

HA! As much as I want that gorgeous scarf (the one I knit was also a gift of the same yarn.) I too had discovered an allergy to alpaca! I don't flake, I itch and my nose constantly runs...

i would love the scarf but i can't possibly compete with any of the photos you've already received. so i'm just going to cheer from the sidelines.

I'm not much of a one for dramatic photography, and I don't really want a scarf, but do have this butterfly that I think is kind of cool.

Love the scarf so here's my entry ...

The picture is of a sock toe - one that came out correctly! The sock may have a few other "issues" but dammit I got that kitchener stitch done right!


It's not exactly a photo, but making it amused the heck out of me.


Well, while the scarves are gorgeous, I find alpaca much much too itchy! So since I will forego the contest, I'll leave a ridiculous weaving picture instead: http://whenshewasknitting.blogspot.com/2006/10/back-to-weaving.html
(It's the third picture). While I certainly have stories of (my own) knitting stupidity, I haven't managed to capture any of it in pictures..

this was my entry for one of the amazing lace challenge :)


My Mata Hari Sock, made with Greenwood Fiberworks yarn (inspired by you!)

I've only been knitting for a year and I am not especially gifted in the art of humorous or intriguing knitting photography, so I'll just link to my favorite picture on my blog:


The last picture in this post is my favorite! I didn't knit these, I received them from my Sockapaloooza partner (http://oddballyarns.blogspot.com/), but they are the first handknit socks I'd ever worn. I had just received those shoes the day before and was delighted to discover how perfect they are for showcasing handknit socks, since they're slightly big and roomy and have that open foot area...anyway, I almost made that picture my blog header since I love the cheerful orange socks and the green grass, but I felt weird about it since I didn't actually knit those socks...

I must have a Grumperina original!

My latest photo of Scout is here to appeal to your love of cuteness:

And my Alaska photos were well received, particularly the fish photo:
(but my favorite is the knitting bear)

My entry in the "cute" category has been sent by email since I am blogless.

For your amusement, Spiny (Farrah Fawcett Majors) Norman!


This is what happens when you decide to take your Trekking socks on a trek of their own!

This picture shows my youngest daughter modeling a variety of handknit items. All of which are worn incorrectly...
http://heideho.blogspot.com/2006/11/paperwork-bites.html . Isn't it amazing what kids will do for candy? I emailed you a picture too! Cheers.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I found out with my very first project that I'm allergic to alpaca, and it makes me sad because it's so soft and pretty. Do you have trouble with llama? I know they're different animals but they're related, right? Lucy at Mind's Eye has promised to save me some ends if she does another swatch of the Cascade llama blend, so I can make a bracelet to see if it bothers me.

My adventures in felting. It amazes me what happens when you knit a GIANT item, wash it, and POOF, it is perfect! I have not expectations of winning, but I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog! Ahhh, the adventures of knitting!

I've been doing a series entitled "Timeless Tuesday" and showing the world my early works. They are so bad, it's funny.
is the second project I did. I had trouble posting pictures so it continues onto http://tracykm.blogspot.com/2006/09/second-try.html
That part is particularly hilarious. Hot glue anyone?

dont enter me in the contest, but you are more than welcome just to look around on my blog ( http:catmouse76.blogspot.com )

:) my original jaywalkers, in progress, on a train in japan.. god, that was a great trip!


i also love long scarves. the last one i made was over 7 feet long!

I just finished my 2nd pair of Jaywalkers and I love them!! Here is the link to the blog entry and you can use the photos for your gallery.



My unfinished object pile from this post http://emphaticknitting.blogspot.com/2006/10/naked-needles-overview.html

The goal is to finish all of them by January 1st. That in itself should be funny!

Here's my link: http://knittyk8.blogspot.com/2006/08/flashin-my-stash.html

It's not amusing per se, but it makes me smile. It's what I see every day when I walk in my apartment (honestly, that bookshelf was one of the reasons I was so thrilled to move in there - open yarn storage!) Some mornings I just stand in front of it with my tea :) It's going to be hard to use up!

My kitten loves Jaywalkers:

Post: http://shesknittingagain.com/?p=192

Photo: http://shesknittingagain.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/08/DSCF00331.JPG

I'm almost scared to wear them around her! :)

Oops - this would be the better entry:

Sweater, of the infamous Boyfriend Curse.

On of my favorite knitting photos is the biggest photo on my latest post.


This is a photo of the Trekking sock I designed that could not go trekking because of the horrible weather. Every time I see it, it looks just as mournful as on that day!


You didn't do a gauge swatch? Neither did I, but with disastrous results!

Hi there....I have cute cat and yan related items on my blog here:
I dont' believe I will ever know the appropriate length for a man's scarf. I am usually ok guessing with women's, but I feel weird about doing that for men. All-in-all, I think that the length you will end up with will be perfect though. :) SUCH a pretty stitch pattern too. :)


I love my twice unraveled hat (picture 3).

What a neat idea! I thought this picture made a nice thematic match with the contest:


My little son trying to learn to knit with a K-tel Knitter


i tried - and failed miserably - at teaching myself intarsia without really reading about it. i tried to make an intarsia cow for my friend based on his blogger icon.

and lo! craptarsia was born.

I hunted my blog for the sophisticated, for the clever, for the astonishing, even for the grotesque, but somewhat to my embarassment have settled at last on what I was determined to avoid: the cute.
My dog meeting my angora rabbit for the first time:
from this post: http://sanguinegryphon.blogspot.com/2006/07/un-rabbit.html
Sorry, I couldn't help it. But I really want your scarf.

Not a particularly earth-shattering post, just some images of all the items that my mil saved for her future grandchildren (30+ years, in some instances). We didn't even bring home half of what had been saved!


I want to introduce my animal mittens:


People seem to like them (lots of pointing fingers and laughter) and they keep me company on the bus. ;)
My blog is in Finnish but one picture tells more than thousand words. Right?

Love the scarf! Here's a photo of my daughter wearing a hat that I recently finished. Her smile is almost enough to make it worthwhile knitting with that fluffy Pixie stuff. The mittens to match may never be complete.

I'm partial to this one, which may be disqualified for being crocheted instead of knit (it is handspun though):


Here's the link to the photo taken of the airbrushed t-shirt my boyfriend gave me for our 1-year anniversary:


Very classy, huh?!!


Here is a pic and entry of my foot knitting a sock while watching a VH1 special tribute to Def Leppard. I think it is funnier than is sounds! LOL

In the middle of this post (link below), there is a pic of my stepdaughter fishing on the Olds River in Kodiak, Alaska with knitting sticking out of her pocket. I taught her how to fish for salmon and knit within a couple of days this past August, and this pic delights me to no end! BTW, I love your blog, and read it whenever I get a chance!


K, so not going to win with all the great entries posted up there, but I give you the old holey bed sock and new pretty pink bedsock photo.


I wish I won your scarf! I am not allergic to alpaca (thank goodness!) and the scarf is beautiful!

This is my attempt to have a DIY ball winder (the first picture):


(Which, as you can see, DID wind the yarn, but gave me a not so nice burn on my right hand)

Unusual more than amusing really--knitting with vinyl yarn!

Not my best (photos or product) by a long shot, but . . .the finished object:


The original yarn:

I'm glad you posted this late in the week--I'll spend some of the weekend looking at all the links in your comments!

Your scarf caught my attention even before you offered it up to the masses. So here it goes. HERE is my favorite part of sock knitting, and the reason I keep making more of them. If I could knit only THIS part, I would be a happy woman.

okay so I heard you like cuteness...here is my resident model
and then to prove I am totally obsessed with knitting note what is in the background of this all important photo
Finally I love this picture on pretty kitty knitty city's blog so I nominate her...


Actually, I will email you the picture and I'm going to try and fix my blog which for whatever reason has decided to misbehave!

The dangers of knitting two socks at once (Jaywalkers in fact) on two circs:


I freed it! The needle didn't know it wanted to be freed from the sock, but I freed it anyway!

I knitted and felted a small fedora for a bottle of whiskey. It's a cameraphone picture so it's out of focus, but I can't think of any good reason why a bottle of whiskey in a fedora should ever be in focus.


I'd have to go with FrankenSock. My sock turned out too long in the foot, so I snipped & unravelled several rows just before the toe-up gusset and grafted it back together. On the right I started the 2nd sock with what I'd frogged from the first one.

The mitten I knit for Dave Daniels Bitchin' Mitten Contest has an journey of discovery.

Even though you almost already choked on your Cheerios from seeing my accidental felting, here it is again so everyone can see too:

And can I tell you how much I would LOVE an alpaca scarf?!?

I just looked through all the comments so far, and Amy at StashKnitRepeat HAS to win!

Here's a pic of a leetle dog wearing her first handknit sweater.

Here's my submission, though personally, I vote for Jackie's sockhat!

Here's mine ... http://woolyheaded.blogspot.com/2005/10/i-could-show-you-easier-way-to-do-that.html

Not so much for the dog ... although he is watching me knit very intensely ... as for my Needle Storage System.

I used my dog as a reference to show the size of a scarf - he's only 30 #s, so rather little...and of course a cutie!


Hello! Longtime listener, first-time caller here. I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring for your lovely scarf.

Out of all of my knitting posts, I offer up this pair. (They are related - does that count?)

FYI, the posts have nothing to do with anything I have knitted, but I find them most intriguing:



picture of me knitting in public here

Size DOES matter.

Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way. I hate to think this happened only because I made the tank in the 46" size. But the more yarn you use, the heavier the garment will be...Which left me with only one solution:


How sad to be allergic to alpaca. :( I've discovered alpaca since returning to knitting this year, & it's quickly become one of my favorite fibers to knit. In fact, it's what I'm using in the knitting picture I'm submitting. It may only be funny in a "Lucinda looks at life oddly" sort of way, but here it is:


I'm not sure how funny this is, but it's a darn cute picture. IHMO as her Mommy.

Picture here

Ok, the actual pic I'm submitting is is all the way at the bottom of this post, so reading it is optional, but if you're looking for a new blog to read, this is a fairly accurate representation of my blog's regular content.

You rock.


It was so hard for me to decide on one photo to enter since I love photography and I like to think I have many fun photos on my blog but I chose this one simply because it represents me and my knitting friends the best. A group of us meet to knit once per month and we call ourselves the "Moto-Knitters" since we all ride motorcycles as well. This particular photo chronicles one of our get togethers. I made it using a photo I took and an online mosaic maker.

Well, here's another one, I couldn't resist...


What a fun contest, Kathy! The first picture is my entry, but I hope you enjoy the second one too! :)


May I present the butt-ugly scarf:

Started here:

Finished here:

I defy you to find an uglier scarf. There is none.

This sums up how I feel everytime I aquire new yarn. http://throughtheloops.typepad.com/through_the_loops/2006/10/happy_yarn_danc.html

Mine is more of a series, really, but if you want just a single photo, it would be the last one: http://another-distraction.blogspot.com/2006/10/im-back.html#links

I like the pictures in my most recent post, but I chose it because its theme--scarves--fits this contest and your recent knitting activities. Although it includes a series of pictures, the most humorous is probably in the middle. It's the one that would be subtitled: "the guy who REALLY needs your scarf." Enjoy!


I was trying to show the contrast between not-yet-felted vs. felted clogs on my (newly-formed) knitting blog, and so I tried on an unfelted clog as a hat. The picture is here:

It became such a hit on my all-purpose non-knitting blog that I made it my avatar on my knitting blog and on several message boards I frequent.

Well, this is the most amusing knitting-related photo I can think of off-hand. Enjoy!


This was from the Amazing Lace challenge--where I originally found your blog--and I think it's the best knitting photo I'm ever going to have. :)


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