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November 20, 2006

Hand relief


Is it Mountainash?

Nope. That bad boy hasn't seen the light of day in months. Once in a while I get a sudden urge to pick it up again, but I'm resisting. I'm going to let my desires for Mountainash build, so that when I pick it up again, I won't put it down until I'm done.

Is it something fabulous from Victorian Lace Today?

Nope. Believe me, I cannot wait to sink my teeth into a project from VLT. Unfortunately, now is not the time to sit down and really think about the projects - which would I like to knit first? And with what yarn and needles? That mental conversation is going to have to wait a little while longer.

Sidenote: Stephanie and Jacqueline have started a Victorian Lace Today KAL, which I'll be sure to join when I'm ready.

So, what is it?

A jumbled lacey mess, that's what!

But a few weeks or months from now, it will become a gorgeous Ene from Scarf Style:

Not surprisingly, Carolyn has made one :).

The yarn... words escape me - a sublime combination of red, burgundy, crimson, cranberry, purple, violet, blue... an effect achieved only with skillful hand dyeing. It's Sundara Yarn, Silk Lace, Somewhat Solids in Wine with Violet. Knitting with 100% silk is divine, especially after the votive sleeves. Aaaah!

Close-ups to follow :).

Posted by Kathy on November 20, 2006 05:42 PM


I love that color! It's gorgeous!

Beautiful colors - is it for you?

OH YEAH! Ene's is truely one of my favourites. Please tell me it is for you? The none shawl wearer;)
Love the colour...the next shawl I knit will be with sundara's silk for sure.

Sundara yarn is the best. Gorgeous colorway!

OMG - that colour is just absolutely divine!

Gorgeous - and no one does color like Sundara. Thanks for the mention on the KAL. I think I'm going to have a very hard time deciding on a project when the time comes.

Silk must feel like heaven on the hands after wire! Oh but that is a beautiful colour and I loved it in Carolyn's sweater/wrap and now in a perfection of a shawl. I did shop for a whole lot of yarn last week, but Sundara is just so tempting.

Love the colors, that's going to be a gorgeous Ene. Will it be for yourself, or a gift?

That yarn is even better in person. BTW, lovely votive sleeves.

It's gorgeous - love, love that color!

I've always wanted to make that shawl.... It will be beautiful.

I absolutely love Sundara's overdye technique for her nearly solids. Such depth.

Hopefully, the shawl is for you as it would be lovely with your skin tone I think.

I'm pretty sure it'll be weeks, or even a week, for this one. I've made it and it's pretty darn simple, no great googlie mooglies whatsoever, and well worth it!

gorgeous. i just ordered some yarn for my bro's scarf... plus i have some red lace for a project from the VLT! must sign up for the KAL now!! thanks!

That color is divine. Oh, to be that skilled at dying, huh? It's a true talent.

That is fabulous yarn - question though, does silk block well? I've wanted to knit with it myself, but I always worry it will be like cotton and not block right.

Damn girl, you look like you are further along than me. I've just finished the first chart.

OMG that yarn...that color...omg I so want it. WOW it has been a long time since I've had yarn envy this bad :)

Love the votives too :)

Wow, that yarn is gorgeous! Do you expect you'll need more yardage than the pattern calls for, since your using a lighter weight yarn? I started Ene's Scarf with some knitpick's lace weight (whatever their alpaca lace weight is...) and I think I got enough but I'm not sure, especially since I ended up frogging so many times (and losing some yarn in the process).

that color is AMAZING. gorgeous!

Oh my goodness! That color is absolutely amazing-so rich! I'm currently working on Ene's scarf too-enjoying the momentum and flow of the pattern.

I made Ene's Scarf last year and it has been my most used shawl.....I love it and I'm sure you will too, especially with that gorgeous silk lace yarn!!

Wow, that's a great color. I'm sure it will look great when complete!! I've always liked that pattern.

looks...ummmm, great so far. just joking (of course) lovely color. I have often of knitting ene, can't wait to see how it comes out! :)

How many times do I have to stick Scarf Style on my wishlist before someone buys it??? Roll on Christmas!

It looks beautiful, I really like that colourway :) Actually, I'm also thinking about casting on Ene's scarf, it look so comfy in the picture ;) I'm still in doubt of which yarn to use (I've got cashmere, cashmere/merino, silk.. yes, I'm spoilt for choice ;))

I am just wonderin', how warm is 100% silk? Will it be purely a pretty shawl for the holidays? Or offer some kind of warmth after all?

I just finished the Shetland Triangle in Schaefer Andrea silk (of course I had to make one after seeing yours!)and it was such a pleasure to work with!
But the depth of color of the Sundara is stunning!

I've always wanted to make Ene. The Sundara yarn colors came through so beautifully in your picture. That burgundy color defies description. Ene will turn out lovely beyond words for you, and I can't wait to see it.

The colors are gorgeous, and with your skills, Ene should be a breeze for you. Mine came together very quickly, even though it was my first lace project.

I have knit that shawl in the same yarn as in the book. It's a fast easy knit with beautiful results. I modified the edging though, I didn't like how it curled up.

Oh, I'm glad you're knitting this! I want to make it for my Mom sometime but figure this is probably not the best 'first time lace knitting' project ever. I'll be interested to see if you hit any snags or if you just sail along. :)

i am currently working on the same project and i wish you better luck than i have had (had to rip twice back to the beginning). i love the yarn you've chosen!

Gorgeous yarn. Gorgeous pattern. Gorgeous Grumperina.

good lord, i dont care how much sundara crack i use, i still feel like seeing her colors gives me the same dumbfounded expression that i had the first time!

GREAT choice. I'm anxious to hear your review of the silk. I have 1000 yards but have no idea how to predict how it will behave. What needle size are you using?

That yarn looks delicious. I am going to keep it in mind for my next splurge/scarf project.

So YOU are the one who snapped up that yarn! *grin* I had my eye on it and when I had finally justified the expense to myself... all gone! :( It's going to look gorgeous in that pattern, so I'm glad it went to a good home.

Color is heavenly. Just had to be Sundara! We can't wait to see you finish it, of course.

I made mine in a month so at your rate of speed you should have it finished by this weekend. ;) Actually the pattern is so easy to memorize it just flows so quickly! And with each row getting shorter and shorter you'll be done in no time! I loved the pattern and my sister-in-law (the recipient) loves the finished product. That color you picked is gorgeous!

What a gorgeous color!

That is going to be amazingly beautiful!!! I love the colors, the pattern, and 100% silk!!! What a treat!!

That is the most beautiful yarn I've ever seen. My mom bought me VLT and I'm digging into one of the projects after Christmas. I can't wait!!!

Thanks for the link to the VLT KAL. I shared it with Shawl Knitters on Yahoo. That Sundara Yarn is just too lovely for words.


That yarn is, wow, fabulous.

Ah, beautiful! Ene's Scarf is on my long list... I have the yarn, but the patience is not there yet! Yours will be wonderful in that color!

OOH! I love that color! It is gorgeous!

Oh my gosh, what a divine colorway this is! It seems to be just perfect to make Ene with - actually it yells to become Ene! I'm looking forward to seeing progress pics!

Ahhh, silk, how I love thee. Your Ene's Scarf will be beautiful in that yarn.

I love Ene. What a wonderful choice of yarn. The color will be stunning in that pattern.
Thanks for the review of Victorian Lace Today. I'm currently fighting the impulse to buy it immediately! It'll need to wait until after the Holidays.

You chose a beautiful project! Ene is so lovely, enjoy making it, can't wait to see more.

Since it's almost Thanksgiving, I have to say "Thanks" to you for sharing your incredible talent and knowledge with all of us. I'm a better knitter since I started reading your blog.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Ooooooooohhh is that ever pretty! The color! Love the color! And silk, too? Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh....

Love that purple (for want of a more appropriate description) yarn! I made my Ene with Helen's Lace in Mixed Berries! It is truly sublime in silk. I love that pattern!!

Mm. Beautiful colorway. I've been looking at the photos of that shawl in the pattern book thinking "soon... very soon" but now that I see you're knitting it - why am I intimidated? I hope you'll report how it might be (level of difficulty) for a novice lace knitter.

The is gorgeous yarn, absolutely, no doubt about it.

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