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November 29, 2006


Well, I found someone for whom my first attempt at Ellen's Stockings are a perfect fit!

Unfortunately, it's not my grandma.

That's not your grandmother, it's a man, baby!

I contemplated changing the pattern this way and that, but just wasn't feeling the love anymore. Instead I decided to cast on another Nancy Bush pattern: Traveler's Stockings from Knitting on the Road.

Honestly, I'm apprehensive about this attempt as well, as it seems to be knitting up slightly big. Give me a break! Sigh. The decorative band at the top is drawn in with twisted stitches, so that will probably be okay... after that, the final stitch count is achieved by decreasing 10 stitches over 26 rows. I think I might speed up the decreasing, so that the stockinette portion of the sock is the same size as the top band almost immediately.

For now, I continue the twisting...

Posted by Kathy on November 29, 2006 11:33 AM


I spewed tea on my keyboard from laughing at the hobbit foot in the picture. At first I thought, "That can't be Kathy's foot unless she's done some serious photo editing or waxing in the past." Phew, I read the text and was relieved to find that you are NOT a long lost cousin to Yeti. The color and pattern are indeed lovely though. Nancy Bush's patterns have inspired and intimidated me for quite some time. Maybe I'll attempt a cast on during the dead week between Christmas and New Year's. Cheers!

Yikes, I was worried there for a minute! I am not used to seeing pink socks on hairy legs/feet!

Love the Traveler's Stockings pattern - I really have to get that book. I waiver back and forth, but every time I see someone's version of a pattern in that book, I drool.

That was hilarious!! I think that the colour suits him ... would he ... is he man enough ... perhaps on a double-dare?

You tell that pattern who's boss!
I think you should do more of your own patterns,.. I think that with all your experience with different heels, toes, and the stitchionary at your disposal, you can kick Nancy Bush's bootay!

Wow. I am just SO THANKFUL you do not have Grandma McBigHairyFeets.


They are still looking good. The socks that is! ;)

knit that man some Mansocks!

Hope the mods to the cuff work out-it is a lovely pattern.

I've been thinking about knitting that Traveler's Stocking. The cuff looks a little funy to me though. Maybe just leave off the top portion?

Love the color of that LL.

You crack me up.

OMG you HAVE to put a disclaimer at the top of your blog, I crackd p laughing so hard I almost...well...you know....WHAT *blushing* after having children, you need to becareful when coughing or laughing fits *grin* I just love your blog and your knitting is amazing!

My grandma! What hairy legs you have!

How hearbreaking! In terms of Ellen's Stockings, I seem to remember reading in Folk Knitting in Estonia (one of my fave resources) that heavy calves were considered a desirable trait in a potential wife... I wonder if that is why Ms. Bush's designs tend toward larger legs (which works out great for my chubby ones). I just love your blog- your knitting is almost as entertaining as your wit!

Yowza! i was thinking "hobbit feet" for a second there! ugh, that is too bad that this pattern just isn't working out for you! regardless of the fit, that color is beautiful and the stitches look so pretty! i hope you find something that works!

"My, Grandmother, what big hairy feet you have!"

Wow, those look like...my feet. Sometimes I've considered shaving them, there's just that much hair.

Love the way you worked the Austin Powers reference in there - fabulously hilarious!

As for the socks, I like the 2nd pattern much better. Hopefully your sizing issues work out.

I'll likely never recover from that image!

I got REALLY close to my monitor to see WTH was up with the model's leg and foot.


Okay, but my legs are just about that hairy right now (although my feet, thankfully, are hair free) because I can't bend over to shave my legs!! ;) I guess I won't be modelling socks anytime soon.

doesn't it stink when you're so pumped about a pattern and you try it and try it and it just fizzes out?? glad you switched it up a bit! I second Stella get that dude some socks!

For a second there I was wondering exactly when Grumpy grew hair on her feet. ;-)

It's not your grandma honey, I think its the Big Bad Wolf!

So we might see other manly socks here other than dad socks...... ?

I guess I need to knit some Nancy Bush socks - it sounds like they would fit my German farmgirl ankles well!

The yarn is lovely. I hope you find a pretty pattern for it that will fit Grandma.

The pattern and the color are very pretty. The sizing... well, let's just say your grandma is a lucky woman for not having a pair of hairy man legs!

How the hell can you make Nancy Bush patterns too big? I suspected you have the World's Loosest Gauge when I tried to knit my first Jaywalker, but come on!!! Every Nancy Bush pattern I've ever made according to her instructions wouldn't even fit over the ball of my foot, let alone over the heel. Damn, woman. You're too mellow. ;)

As my niece's very manly deer-hunting hubby would say, "REAL men wear pink". (He does. And he pulls it off!)

Good lord, Grump, you need to warn us delicate souls out there before you go posting picture of hairy legs and feet adorned by Lorna's Laces! :)

I was so traumatized I had to go over to CME's So Much Yarn, So Little Time blog, and you had posted there first!! I can't get away from you.

And I, too, have heard of cultures where the hairier a woman was, the better. Which means that your pretty lil' legs would have lost you a potentially decent chicken-and-goat dowry, Miss Grump. Thankfully, you'll be fine in Cambridge.

Okay, that scared me for a minute. I was about to send you a razor. It looks great though.

OMG! It looks likes the wolf ate grandma!

it took me a second to realize that was a man modelling the first sock, lol. i almost asked if there was something wrong with your foot, lol!

they're both pretty, maybe you can get the second one to cooperate. i'm sure grandma would love it.

There's just something a little disturbing about the hairy feet & delicate lace sock combo. The new socks look like a winner.

And what handsome man is attached to that foot? I like the new sock - I hope the sizing works out.

I thought for a moment there you had headed over to parts of Europe and were trying to look like a local.

Too bad about the socks. I wasn't all the big on the purl row in the center either. Hope this new pattern works out.

Ha!! And what hairy TOES you have, Grandma!!!!!

It's a shame about Ellen's Stockings. I love that pattern! The bands of ribbing that annoyed you are also present in the Latvian Lace Socks (from Folk Socks), and I agree they are a little awkward-looking, but the Latvian socks also happen to be the best-fitting pair of socks I've ever made.

Kathy, you have inspired this new knitter to try socks. Although my first attemp was too small for its intended recipient, it did fit me. And now, I've been bitten by the sock bug. And the Lorna's Laces sock bug, no less. I've just bought your favorite sock needle set and some Lorna's (some of which was the "happy green") and some Cherry Tree Hill. The lady at my lys warned me: sock knitting is like crack.

The color is great for his coloring!!!!

Kathy, that picture is SO FUNNY. I mean really funny, like I almost peed, and being pregnant that is a much more likely possibility these days. No more pics like that!

They sure are pretty socks, too. ;-)

heehee I knew from the hair on the foot it had to be a man!

Whew! Glad that ISN'T grandma's foot/leg in the first picture!

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