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October 26, 2006

Happy green!

Accurate color (for a change) courtesy of indirect sunlight at the Cambridge Public Library.

Pattern: Hello Yarn's Cable Twist Socks.

Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in carol green (47ns), 2 skeins.

Needles: US 0 dpns, set of 5 (these ones).

Socktober socks: check! They are beauties - just the right combination of yarn and pattern. And I simply love the color: a happy green. Not neon, not forest, not emerald, not Christmas, a happy green!

The fit is great! After all, this pattern is nothing more than 6 X 2 ribbing, cleverly concealed with some twists and slipped stitches. Which reminds me: several remarked that you'd never expect such a good-looking sock from Hello Yarn's pictures. I hate to disappoint you, but many sock patterns, especially ribbed ones, look quite different off the foot, all scrunched up and... mysterious. This one is no exception:

See! Looks just like Adrian's.

As for my modifications, they couldn't be simpler: I worked the sock over 64 stitches, making each repeat 8 stitches wide: k6, p2. Otherwise, I followed Hello Yarn's instructions, including the clever variation on the Left Twist she explains in the pattern (very pretty!).

I used an eye of partridge heel, the instructions for which I swiped from one of the sock patterns in the Fall 2006 Vogue Knitting. But this heel is very popular. Do you see how the stitches form a pretty lattice? Love it!

Posted by Kathy on October 26, 2006 12:20 PM


loveliness! i'm knitting this pattern too, for my brother-in-law. off the foot it looks TINY and sad but the ribbing is so beautifully squishy and stretchy.

That is a definite winner! I'll have to remember that pattern. I love it!

Ooh! I love them! The color is exquisite! Do they stay up pretty well even without a seperate tightly ribbed cuff?

I'll have to add these to my list of "Socks to knit once I use up all of my variegated and striped yarn and am allowed to buy new sock yarn which will be solid or semi-solid colors."

Yeah, it's a long title.

Beautiful! They look wonderful on (and off!)

Those look great! They are truly a happy shade of green there. Can't wait to try that pattern - it looks fun.

Love them. I think I might need a pair of these in LL turquose....

I'm curious to know why you didn't reverse the cable on the other sock... or would that have looked strange? (When I saw the first sock, I somehow assumed the 2nd one would be a mirror image, don't know why :-).)

They are gorgeous! I'm putting this pattern on my 'must-knit' list.

Nice looking socks, I bet they were comfy to wear to the library. And I do like that green color a lot, it's a very comforting color. Great socktober socks!

Oooh, gorgeous. I love the look and the color.

Very pretty socks!!

They are wonderful. But, really, you shouldn't take your shoes off at the library. ;-)

I may have to make me some of those.

Something to get me out of my knitting funk.

ooo so pretty and cheery for fall!

That's a great shade of green! You must have been quite a sight at the Cambridge Public Library...

The magic of socks, boring until they are shown in a pretty color on the feet. Yours are lovely! But they can't be for you since they are wool, right? You are inspiring me, must make more socks!

Oooooh, I love them in fingering weight! That green is awesome. Gorgeous!!

Such a pretty Spring green! I, too, am knitting these socks using a sport-weight variegated yarn in autumnal shades. Thanks for the link to Hello Yarn!

Oh, they are beauties! That pattern is so simple yet looks so sophisticated. Beautiful!


Beautiful! That color is amazing! And BTW, you knit socks so fast!

absolutely beautiful! yours look so much better than the ones in the photo at hello yarn (i think they look better in the solid color). i never would have thought to use the pattern until i saw your version!

plus, they do look MUCH better on the foot, so helloyarn's photo probably didn't do it justice

That color is fabulous. I am going to have to snag some - maybe not for socks, though, but for my friend's baby, gender thusfar unknown...

that is a happy green and a lovely heel. i do like that heel.

beautiful! you're right about them looking *much* better on than off.

Ah, I'm glad you posted the on and off pics, such a difference. Socks look great!

Lovely! I love that snap-pea green color too.

ah crap. i was keeping my eyes open for a nice pattern... i think i've found it.

thats the last thing i need right now! ;)

They look great. great choices for both yarn, pattern and color (especially.) Thanks!

hello green! i have been aching to buy some lorna's and this is just another reason why (great stitch definition!)! great pattern!!

Very pretty, I love the color and the pattern!!

Great socks! Are you a bionic knitter too? Lightening quick!

I think I've just found my next socks!

(Now, if only I could enter my own competition and submit them as an entry...)

I just love them!

I knew you could do it and finish the second sock in time.

(LOVE the color!)

A nice grass green.

Beautiful! I received the same yarn from my SP8 pal and am currently in the middle of knitting socks...you're right, it's definitely a happy colour.

They look great! Funny, I was thinking of going to the Cambridge Library today. I could have seen your socks up close and personal!

I love these socks! What a gorgeous pattern. I am filing this one away to remember when I start my next pair!

Oh ... love that green! Congratulations on completing the Socktoberfest socks ... I'm still struggling to turn the first heel! It would be lucky if I can finish the first sock in October.

I recently bought some Lorna's Laces in Sunshine. Like your green, it's a HAPPY yellow. Just might have to get this pattern!

Fantastic looking socks! Love both the pattern and the colour.

Your socks are gorgeous, what a great colour.

You amaze me with the amount of knitting you do. These socks are beautiful.

Perfect socks, Kathy. :-)

ooh..that's gorgeous!!

Wow, so pretty! I am casting on a pair for the boyfriend asap. I just finished a pair of DK Gentleman socks and was disappointed how those looked all scrunched up as well :( Maybe that's a nice pattern to try sometime? It looks great when you're wearing them ;)

They turned out beautifully! I love that color, it is happy, you are right! The partridge heel is beautiful, very subtle, but detailed enough that you look at it and say "Hmmm, she did something differnt there, I like that...must ask what it is...."

thanks - now I'm going to have to make those.... your way of making them larger is different than what's in the pattern - it suggests adding another 7 stitch repeat (5x2rib). Since you went to a 6x2 rib did you change the pattern stitch to:
row 2 and all even rows - K6, P2
add row 9 - K4, LT, P2
add row 10

or am I thinking about this wrong?

Gorgeous - love the pattern, love the color, love the heel close-up. I am seriously the suckiest Socktoberfest participant ever... I've done about an inch and a half of one sock. ack.

Now those are pretty! I had printed off the pattern from "Hello Yarn" months ago....your's are even prettier - I think it's the solid yarn. Even more incentive to start them...

They're lovely, Kathy! You make me want to knit them again.

Absolutely gorgeous!

you were barefoot in the library (giggle). very nice!

Great color! I love 'em.

I just love *saying * "eye of partridge heel" - I gotta knit me some! What a beautiful green you chose, too.

I love that you found the "happy" green :-)

Gorgeous color, gorgeous pattern, well done.

my oh my. I gotta get me some!

They turned out so well! I love the combination of color and pattern - and indeed, they are a happy green! and I love that they debuted at the library :)

Happy Socktoberfest!

hmm did your blog not used to be blue?

A beautiful sock indeed, en toto and each element as well. The green is quite ethereal, yet I cannot resist advancing this description: Kermit green.

Those socks are gorgeous. I need to head over and get that pattern!

Gorgeous! I am enamoured by that fabulous heel!

Hi - did you modify the # of stitches at all? That looks like a much finer gauge and a finer wool.

Wow! Those socks are beautiful!

I would have passed that pattern right over if I had seen it on-line. It's beautiful though. I may have to make a pair for myself.

Gorgeous socks! That color is fantastic!

wow i'm really behind on my blog reading! they look great. i love how the pattern goes straight up to the top of the sock.

i'm surprised how stretchy the rib is with the twisted stitches, but i can see how it gets wider toward the top and conforms to your leg. nice!

so lovely - simply perfect socks!
thanks for this inspiration!

Oh my! They're wonderful!!! I wish I could finish my first ever sock. there's such a world of socks out there, if I only I could get past the first one!

I like the way the cables flow into the heel flap. Does that happen on both sides, meaning the heel flap is worked over less than half the stitches, 30 instead of 32? Just curious.

I love these.. it's definitely something that I'm going to have to give a go... when i work up the nerve!! :)

I love that shade of green and those cables are pretty dern snazzy. Fab!

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