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October 20, 2006

Catching up

Geez, it's been a while! I missed you! While I catch up on my life, please join me in celebrating the work of other wonderful knitters!

First, Socktober is the perfect month for the 500th Jaywalker to join the gallery!

You heard me - 500. Freakin'. Jaywalkers. I'm blown away!

Congratulations, lucky winner Caitlin! Your choice of yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Fall Foliage) couldn't have been more appropriate! I'll be contacting you shortly about your prize.

Second, I'm thrilled to have started a gallery for the Black Sea Hat! The first submission is simply adorable, and I must share it with you:

Jen writes, "My younger daughter (the model in picture) adores it and even though it's still in the 70's here, she wears it to school every day. Now the older daughter is begging for one. ;-)"

I'm so happy to hear that, Jen! And your daughter is adorable - if only every hat pattern came with a cute model like that ;).

Next time I will share some of my own knitting with you. Suffice it to say, the Aran Braided Socks are no more, but I think I've found a pattern which works (whew!). Pictures to follow.

Posted by Kathy on October 20, 2006 08:08 PM


500--who'd have thunk? A certifiable knitblog classic.

500 Jaywalkers! It's statistics like these that really give me an idea of the size of the online knitting community. I'm so thrilled to think of our country (and indeed, the world) being full of us!

Heck, they outta give you the cute models free with the yarn. But what do you do with them once you take the picture...?????

Drat! I wanted to be 500. It would help if I started again with the pattern, though, I suspect.

Double Drat! I wanted to be 500 too - I forgot to email you a picture. I have 1 pair completed and the second sock of another pair on the needles. The yarn is gorgeous Socks That Rock in the Pebble Beach colorway. Anyhow, I'm getting loads of requests for Jaywalkers so I'm sure I'll still be making them when you're close to 600! Thanks for a really great pattern.

500! Congratulations - that's gotta be a 'record' for something, somewhere...

And, how cute is the little gal?

Wow, that's a lot of feet walking the world in jaywalker socks! Congrats!

wow! congratulations... 500 is huge!

She is awfully cute!

Oh, now I think my daughter needs an Black Sea hat or an Odessa. She was born in Russia and would be thrilled with something "Russia-inspired." Besides, beads and girls are such a perfect combination. I hope there is time between now and Christmas with all the other knitting I've promised.

Oooh, and here I was about to cast on another Odessa. That little girl could sell me a bridge.

Congrats to #500, I'm doing another pair! Grumperina, yay you for such great patterns!!

That little girl is so damned cute I can't stand it! I have decided to make the hat for my granddaughter who isn't even born yet in hopes she'll be that cute!!

Congrats on the 500th pair! I've started on a pair...your pattern rocks.

That picture of the little girl is too friggin cute.

Congrats on the 1000 jaywalker socks! And good call on the aran braided ones. Carry on!

500 Jaywalkers?! well, really a 1000 singles, right? :) That is amazing! Indeed, perfect timing with Socktoberfest!

Looking forward to your sock progress...

Congrats on 500 socks! Wow...That little model is so darn cute.

Oh yeah, she is cute! I think I am down for another pair of jaywalkers for that christmas list...cuz.

Hallo Kathy!
I-m knitting on Jaywalkers No. 501 (found them on your homepage, did not know them before, now I love them!!) and will send a picture when it´s ready!
I enjoy reading your homepage very much and I´m always waiting for the next project or photo!
Lots of greetings from Berlin/Germany, Ulrike

Wow, 500 Jaywalkers is amazing! It must be a really nice feeling that one of your designs is so well liked.

That is a very cute model for your hat design.

Hardly a multicolored sock yarn doesn't go by me and I think, "Jaywalkers?" I salute you!

I wonder how many other patterns have been knit 500 times?

Very awesome on the 500th Jaywalkers! I keep looking at my sock stash and mentalling pulling out hanks for some of my own to knot. :(

Reading an entry where you say "freakin'" isn't quite as good as actually hearing you say it, but for a slightly nostalgic lad in the desert, it'll have to do. It has occurred to me that now if I want to keep up with your goings on, I'm actually going to have to add this to my feeds. Live updates every Sunday were definitely better, but this will do. Hope all is well back East.

Hmm, maybe if the rest of us knit really really fast we can make 1k? Or should be slow and try to be 1k.
I'm about 3/4 way down my first sock. They are going to be short ones, just the way I like my socks.


I was reading your "100 things" and saw the photo of the Black Sea.... Is that a photo of Sudak???

I have actually been there, small world. In 2001, I attended the Crimea conference - library conference held every year at the resort - Sudak, Crimea.

It was a wonderful location and the Crimea is beautiful, reminded me of northern Italy.

I will have to make the Black Sea hat, such good memories.



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