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September 01, 2006


When right outside your room you find a basket filled with knitted slippers, you know you're staying at a good place.

Not shabby at all!

Just one more picture to share today - a subliminally huge lotus blossom, part of Eye Candy Friday.

And now, back to vacationing :).

Posted by Kathy on September 1, 2006 09:31 PM


am i first? happy vacationing!

Lovely indoors and outdoors. Happy vacation!

Wow now that is what I call a nice place. Knitted slippers! I bet you feel so at home. Love the lotus flower. Very pretty.

Those slippers look so comfy! Gorgeous pic of that flower. Lucky you. Enjoy yourself.

How cozy! I need a pair right now!!!

Wow! Where are you vacationing? It looks amazing! Have a great time!

I hope you're having a great holiday! That vacation spot looks heavenly. Now I want to go there.

It's like they knew you were coming :)

Wow.. you'll have to tell us about this fabulous place when you get back. Enjoy your trip!

Your lotus flower picture is gorgeous.

Must be a great place to stay if they have knitting to wear.

I feel compelled to now look for a pattern for those slippers, the ones my grandmother wore for years and years....

Hope you're havin' fun! :-)

Just in case you haven't seen this...

Skullvoli! (http://www.theblackstitch.com/captainslog/2006/09/skullvoli.html)

What a great idea! Knitted slippers. just wonderful.....

Those slippers look nice and comfy. After seeing the pic I searched for a pattern and I think I found something similiar. WOOT!

How cool is that! I hope your enjoying yourself and of course are comfey there! Those slippers look great!

wow, knitted slippers! that sounds wonderful, what a lovely touch.
I love that lotus flower! so pretty!

Oh, it's the perfect place! Knitted slippers. Yum. Lovely flower photo. I hope you're having a great time.

wow, a basket of knitted slippers! i could use a pair right now!

I want to stay in a place with knitted slippers outside the door! If I ever open a B&B, that will be a top priority. Where are you, anyway??

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