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September 19, 2006

I love ME!

The parents are gone, and I have survived. The apartment is still spotless, so why don't you come on over? Invitation valid for the next two weeks only :).

Now, back to knitting ;). Very specific knitting, actually.

While visiting me, my parents became simply enamored with the Wire Votive Sleeves I knit back in December (pattern by Annie Modesitt in Melanie Falick's Handknit Holidays)

Quickly, a request was placed - four votive sleeves, please, perhaps in a greenish theme, primarily intended to decorate the kitchen.

No problem! Except... what did I do, exactly? Did I follow the pattern? What size beads did I use? Wasn't there something about a tricky cast-on?

Situations like this justify and perpetuate my obsessive-compulsive tendencies: I had written down all the info in a moment of fortuitous clairvoyance! I love ME!

I refreshed my memory, visited Beadworks, jumped for joy in Crate & Barrel when I was still able to find the same votive holders and votives, and will now get a-knittin'.

The first sleeve will certainly follow the requested green theme, but we'll see what happens next (Will I be able to restrain myself from using all the other pretty beads I have in my possession? Probably not ;)).

Posted by Kathy on September 19, 2006 05:15 PM


What gauge wire do you use?

congrats on surviving the parents' visit! the votives are great. i still have them on my list of things to make too (for a housewarming gift).

Those beadworks jars look like shot glasses all lined up for tasting. A little peppermint schnappes, a little scotch, a shot of Grand Marnier, and some Courvoisier hiding in the back. Mmmm..... Happy sampling!

I'm jealous of all your beads, especially those earth tone ones, they would look nice with the silvery sparkly ones.

isn't it great when thinking ahead pays off? i love those votive sleeves... i made a multicolored one for myself, but must start doing some as gifties too. after all, i got a pack of 12 votive holders :)

Wow, 2 whole weeks? I'd last about 2 days! ;-)

The votive holders are so cool! I would probably take the green theme as a suggestion and go where my whims took me. But then again, I have never knit on commission from my parents.

They are beautiful... good luck with the color retraining!

Restraint? From you? Sure you could do it, but why would you want to?

I'm sure you'll come up with a creative way to play up the green theme.

why even try to restrain yourself? Go nuts girl!

Oooh. Sparkly.

I should learn from you. I should learn from past experience. I should learn from common sense. In spite of all these options, though, I never learn -- I NEVER write anything down. That's why I have lots of mismatched socks and unintentionally asymmetrical sleeves.

Love the votive sleeves -- so pretty.

I want to eat your yummy beads that look like Wine Gums!

What a great gift idea!

welcome back!! I looooove beadworks. It breaks my heart that we don't have a store like that here in jersey... can't wait to see what you do with the votives!

Wow - what luck that you actually wrote down what you had done. I often don't do that and get stuck trying to remember

Those votive holders will look stunning. I need to get myself down to beadworks!

I've wanted to give knitting with metal/beads a try for awhile. This looks like a great beginners project.
Thanks for the heads up!

Yes, the blog does come in handy sometimes -- there's something to be said for documenting every detail of a project! I've always thought I should keep some sort of journal or notebook to keep track of the yarn I used, needle size, modifications, etc., but then I remember I already did all that on the blog!

Love them! I did some wire knitting last year at Christmas and really enjoyed it (although my hands did not!). Perhaps votives should be on the list.

Meeting the parents... I know what you're talking about!
Beautiful wire knitting!

How pretty! With the holidays coming up (I know I'm jumping the gun, but what the heck) those are a great idea.
Even though at times it makes little sense, you just gotta take notes!

I'm glad you posted that pic again. I'd loved those at the time but had been in the middle of something else, and since *I* am not as fortuitously clairvoyant as you are, I didn't write it down! Hooray for your parents' requests!

The votive holders are gorgeous! They will add a special touch to any room

good for you for writing things down! I love it when anal retentiveness comes in handy...
the beads are lovely, the colors are so wintery to me. is it really hard to knit with the wire? I'd love to try, and have the book...maybe I'll take the plunge. :)

You know how they say about labor that after you have the baby, you forget about the pain? Knitting votive sleeves must be something like that, because all I remember about those sleeves was how much they hurt your hands. They're lovely, but my hands hurt just looking at them. You're a good daughter, that's for sure!

Ow, ow ow. They look lovely, but so painful. How many more are you planning on making?

Wow, those are gorgeous. I tried knitting with wire once and was completely unsuccessful - any tips for the wire novice?

Don't ya just love that about a blog? You write all the important stuff down while you still remember, and you can then look back at it later. Gorgeous beads and I love those votives and votive holders.

i love those bead containers....when your done with the beads, i'll take them off your hands

I'm so glad that the parental visit went well.

Glad to hear that you survived the parents! ^_^
Now, about the sleeves.
They look GREAT! Your sleeves urge me to knit something beady myself. :D

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