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August 22, 2006


Indeed, the Estonian stocking is still totally wet. The double thickness of yarn is a godsend during the colder months, but it sure takes a while to dry. When I knit the counterpart, I remember it drying quickly because my apartment is very dry and hot during the winter. This one is taking its time, moping around, water evaporating slowly.

But I, myself, am not moping, that's for sure. While it's blocking, I finally started something with the yarn Siow Chin gave me! It is Honfleur yarn by Puppy, a Japanese yarn manufacturer, and its composition is 50% extrafine merino, 30% silk, and 20% cashmere (100% delicious). I used the needle chart found here to determine that using US 4 needles, the proposed gauge is 23-24 sts and 32-33 rows.

As you've probably guessed, it is the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style. I'm using KnitPicks Classic Circulars in a US 3. I really like the sharp points, especially since this yarn is somewhat loosely plied.

For some reason I keep getting the urge to move up a needle size to a US 4. The fabric is not dense, and it will be thinner still with severe blocking. I definitely want it less holey than the book sample, which is knit on US 6. I'm not sure what my issue is.

So far the pattern is transparently clear. In a flash, just like that, I worked my way through the first chart, increasing from 2 stitches to 47 in a matter of 20 rows. Sadly, I have to put this project down for now. It's my reserved travel project, and I don't want to get carried away the same way I did with grandma's socks. Because if I don't supervise myself, it will be done before I even leave.

I'm once again in a pickle - what to knit next? Other than the Shetland Triangle, the only thing on the needles is grandma's wisteria socks.

I'm contemplating starting a sweater using Classic Elite's Classic Silk. I've wanted a Classic Silk sweater for myself ever since I knit one for LL. That stuff is just fabulous. But why is it not on sale anywhere?!? Shouldn't the spring yarns be on clearance by now? (in my wildest dreams). Would it be so bad if I got it at WEBS using the discount? Jaeger Trinity was briefly considered as a (cheaper) Classic Silk substitute, but based on your descriptions, it won't work for the type of sweater I have in mind.

I'm rambling again. It's time to start a sock or something before I do anything stupid.

Posted by Kathy on August 22, 2006 10:16 AM


you won't regret paying full price for the classic silk. i've made 2 skirts, 2 shrugs, and 2 baby dresses in it. all have been heavily used, washed and dried (in the machine) to rave reviews. i even ride my bike in my skirts to my teaching job, and they DO NOT bag out.
have i talked you into it yet?

Alas I have no advice about the Classic Silk vs Jaeger Trinity, just wanted to say hallo... I LOVE THE FAIR ISLE SOCKS (I mentioned them in my latest podcast, you know, if you're into that kind of thing) and everything else you share with us. Knit on, sistah!

Hi Kathy,

For a new project - how about the Circle Sunrise jacket. You mentioned it a while back in your blog and it is now on my 'to make' list. It is so beautiful. Hope you decide to make it and pave the way for me and my novice needles.


It must be the late summer blahs striking us -- I'm am equally at a loss for my next project. Just can't seem to get too excited about any particular one at this point, although I have several in the queue.

Love that shade you're using the for the Shetland Triangle!

I say buy the Classic Silk, you'll be disappointed if you try a less suitable alternative. Of course you might have to eat Ramen for a week but it's a small sacrifice to make for yarn...

The Shetland Triangle is Gorgeous! You might think on just taking the 2 projects with you since other projects will probably present themselves during your visit. And, didn't you say that your Dad is needing another pair of socks???

Wow, after the reviews above, especially the machine washing, sounds like Classic Silk is moving up my list.

Your shawl yarn is just gorgeous, I love the cranberry color. I'll have to find out where I can get my hands on some of that!

With the WEBS discount, the Classic Silk really isn't so bad.

Not to bring up a sore subject, what with your trial separation and all that.... But what abot Mountainash? I know you're having ennui with it and have said that you're just.... over it, but would it present itself as a suitable 'for now' project?

I'm not sure if it's the late Summer Blahs, but I'm having a vicious case of startitis - I have like 4 different (and new) skills I want to learn - Moebius (however that's spelled) knitting, a fair isle bag (from the Fall IK), some second-socks that I want to get started (in lieu of finishing a baby blanket bore), and.... I don't know. Maybe I'm nutso, but I want to get something on like every needle I own, rather than finishing my WIPs, of which I have.... shall we say, several?

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe my start/finish cycles run off kilter to everyone else's. Maybe I'm rambling in your comments. Maybe I know that. Maybe I'll stop now. Eh heh.

-Miss Knotty

I'd pay full price for the Classic Silk just based on Lauren's laters sweater from it....

I would also pay full price for a yarn called "Puppy," but that's just me :)

That classic elite is gorgeous. Don't fret about paying the price for fabulous-ness.

Looking forward to seeing the sock once it drys.
FYI, I've made the Shetland Triangle. I love the pattern, it is such a simple lace pattern. If I were to do it again though, I'd knit a few extra repeats. It's a little skimpy for my taste.

hi grumperina

i am having the same density issues as you are! after i read your post i started that shawl with some cashmere/silk blend i had but i am using size 6... i guess the blocking will help me, but i'm also thinking of moving up a size it's just so hard to tell! like Kristen said - it's such a simple lace pattern, i'm sure you'll whip this one out in no time.

i got the embossed leaves socks on the needles two as a side project... there's always room for one more knit :-)

Hi Kathy,

I have a swatch going for a sweater on the KnitPicks size 3 needles and I am loving them so far. My only gripe is that they don't come in a size 12". I love to do sleeves on a 12" needle rather than circs....come out much nicer.

You could always use the $5 off coupon at Fabric Place... But if you DO find a sale, you better let me know!

Classic Silk is on sale at http://www.herrschners.com/
but there isn't much left.

It's nice to see the yarn knitted up! Maybe I should go get some myself too... ...

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