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August 16, 2006

I am obsessed with Carolyn

Carolyn, you may wish to close your web browser and step away from your computer right now. Because I don't want to scare you away, I want you to continue to be my Internets friend, okay? :)

Seriously. Name one knitter who's more prolific than Carolyn. No one, my friends, no one. Maybe if I had a dozen nieces and nephews I'd be cranking out projects all the time, too. Whatever the reasons, I find that Carolyn's FOs always come to mind when I'm considering one project or another.

I'm going to be taking a trip in a few weeks, one which will provide me with 14 hours of knitting time. Don't "Get out!" me, I'm not joking.

Originally I had planned to take grandma's wisteria socks with me, but I think I'm going to finish them before I leave. The Estonian sock will be done shortly, too (besides, I don't consider it a good trip project). I could cast on for another pair of socks, and I still might, but as of today, right this very moment, I'm feeling very socked out. Ug. I need a little break from socks.

Alright. Next idea - sweater. I have two that I want to knit, both from Knitting Nature. I even know what yarns I want to use! But I'm sitting and patiently waiting for the yarns to go on sale, somewhere, anywhere, because I just can't swing the expense of a sweater's worth of yarn right now.

Moving right along - scarf or shawl. Despite the hit that was Sharfik, my dad needs a new scarf (it's a long and gory story that I must tell you one day). I'm being choosy with the yarn for Sharfik 2.0 because Karabella Aurora 8 was a little too thick for something so heavily cabled, and because it pilled like a mofo. Until I work out a yarn solution, it will have to wait.

Then I promised a shawl for a friend (you know who you are), but it will be worked on US 0 needles with thin laceweight silk, and starts out by casting on hundreds of stitches. I'm already having a hard time envisioning such careful knitting while looking out at the scenery, chatting, contemplating lunch options, trying to avoid carsickness, etc.

Oh my God, this is so long-winded. Are you still with me?

While rummaging through my stash the other day, I came across some luscious silk blend yarn that Siow Chin sent me when we had a little exchange back in the spring. I had immediately pegged it to be a scarf or small shawl for myself, since the color is a perfect match for me.

Everyone has their vision of hell. Mine is accurately photographing red.

Wouldn't it be great to knit that up on my trip? I can use some new knitted accessories just in time for fall.

I'd want a very simple pattern - no more than a few lines of instruction, and a small chart or two. I want the final product to be on the petite side so it can fit under my jackets. Conveniently, I have 538 yards of sportweight yarn, which should be enough for a project that size. A project like, like...

Enter Carolyn. I have wanted a Shetland Lace Shawl from Wrap Style just like hers forever. That same size, that same consistency... I think the pattern is exactly the type of thing I can handle on a trip.

But wait! I've also admired Carolyn's Diamond Lace Fantasy shawls (here and here). Again, they came out the perfect size - enough to warm the neck but not trip you. That pattern should be pretty easy, too. So many choices!

I also don't exclude making a Leaf Lace Shawl (again) because I already have the pattern and know the ins and outs. I really do love it - there's a reason so many of these puppies have been knit up all over knitting blogs.

Or should I just cast on for a sock? Tried and true, perfect trip knitting. I bought some Regia Silk after Carolyn raved about it all over her blog and I know grandma would love that on her feets...

What will Carolyn put into my head next? I'm already lusting after most of the stuff on her blog!

Posted by Kathy on August 16, 2006 05:39 PM


I lovelovelove the Shetland Lace Shawl from Wrap Style as well - it is on my knit-list! I bet it would make great travel knitting.

ok, now I'm enamored of Carolyn's blog too... just stopped by and she's so inspiring!!!

Many people feel the same way about *your* blog. Just saying...

I vote for Shetland Lace Triangle or the Diamond Fantasy Scarf.

I'd choose one of the shawls. Diamond Fantasy is a great one. I'd also bring the sock yarn but I tend to overpack yarn as I've recently confessed.

Oh my. I'm in love with Regia Silk, and I am in love with solid color sock yarns, so that photo just makes me drool.

Put me on the Carolyn-Is-Amazing Fanclub list, because I just drool over her creations. What a lovely post for a totally deserving knitter, never mind a sweet person to boot.

She got me with that Shetland triangle too, and I'm NOT a shawl person. But hers was so fantastic that I had to make one!

Um. You are my Carolyn. Ok. Moving on...

That said - thank you for reminding me about her blog. I have stumbled on it before, but forgot about it. I am now adding her to my bloglines...

I vote for Diamond Fantasy shawl for selfish reasons - I have some Fleece Artist (she is from my region) Merino just waiting to be cast on for that pattern. I would love to see how yours turns out.

Heh - Carolyn posts about a yarn sale, I e-mail my Mom in Detroit and say "you need to get to Canada, quick!" Carolyn knits something out of Regia silk and I bookmark it as a favorite Ebay search. I say Diamond Fantasy, or socks; just ask yourself WWCK? Get it? What would Carolyn Knit? I crack myself up sometimes.

Naughty, naughty Carolyn - not!

I concur re: Carolyn.

Which Knitting Nature sweaters? (such a cool book...)

I can't wait to see what you decide! BTW, Joy is my Carolyn.

I am truly humbled.

Yes, Carolyn is a total piece of work. And she has kids too!!! What is up with her??? I want to know her secrets!!! Is she up before dawn? Does she take 'speedy fingers' pills???? What IS the deal with that woman????? She has more FOs in a month than I have in a year!!!! I LOVE her blog, and yours. You two are always my first picks for blog-surfing. Uh, I think that diamond shawl is totally awesome. Skip the socks. You're socked out! (for now anyways....)

hee hee, I know. That cast-on is hellish. But I've been holding out on you. I've knit 12 rows. Don't worry though, I won't go past the first chart, so whenever you are ready.

And I'll get you that yarn. Heh. You could have just entitled this post "why Purly is a slacker"

But, more importantly. that Carolyn. I don't know how she is does it. She doesn't know it yet, but she's going to be my super-fantastic test knitter. Cause so fast!

But what will you knit for the remaining 12 hours of the trip there & on the trip back? You'll need another project lined up!

In my (very) humble opinion, Regia Silk is the best sock yarn in the entire world. If they did it in bright orange and pink, I'd never use anything else! So, that's my vote - knit something (anything) with the Regia.

I love Carolyn's blog too! It's one of those situations where (like Eunny) you love the knitter and secretly hate them a little for be so g-d damned talented.

My vote is for the diamond fantasy.

I'm so jealous of your 14 hours. On my way in to work today I was enviously looking at the parking attendant think about how much knitting I could get done if that were my job...What an addict.

Oh, I haven't gotten into the Regia Silk yet, but I love the Regia Bamboo! I'm about to go for another round of that, but perhaps I'll have to err on the side of the silk... hmmm...

OMG!!! Your just going to love knitting with the regia silk & the socks. Your feel will LOVE them!

Yep, I'm with Carole, a shawl, with backup skein of sock yarn. Don't be like me and forget the pattern, either.

SeedStitch Cheryl's Shetland Lace Shawl is gorgeous, too, very ethereal.

I vote shawl!

I'm with Rachel. Oh, and now I'm going to have to find Regia silk yarn.

Enjoy your vacation!

I just finished the Swallowtail Shawl from the new Interweave Knits and it was a fun knit that I think you might enjoy.

Seriously now you're making ME obsessed with Carolyn's blog. i love that shetland lace shawl too. that would be my choice. although i have a leaf lace shawl on the needles right now. i heart leaf shawls. i heart you too grumperina!

SHAWL!!!!! Knit the shawl!!!!

I have never knit a sock (one day I will) but I know what it is like to knit the same thing time and time again. Take it from me...I have knit 5 one skein wonders and I can't even THINK about knitting another one (of course my sister wants one for X-mas).


"Name one knitter who's more prolific than Carolyn. No one, my friends, no one."

Well, I hate to do this to you -- really, I have nothing against Carolyn, or you! But I know a knitter who is more prolific. She is so prolific it is staggering. That is Eunny Yang, and her blog is here:


It's totally unfair, I know, but dang! Eunny knits faster and more than any human being I have ever seen in this generation.

Wow - there are so many yummy patterns to knit in this post I won't be able to keep up LOL.

What clout you have! Carolyn know has thousands of fans! She is amazing, thanks for the link.

No socks.

just wanted to let you know that you should hop over to annie modesitt's blog to see a photo of your dress on a real live model!

you probably knew that already, but you shouldn't miss it, just in case.

Red yarn... I noticed it's "Honfleur" yarn (Puppy/Japan)!
That yarn is excellent and my favorite (I love Honfleur in any color).
That red (in real) looks darker and thicker like blood - I used that red with white when knitting a vest. ...and I was impressed with that red as a result - looked chic and not too vivid.

(I'm living in Japan and... I'm a boy. lol)

Oh. My. Gah! I just checked out those shawls and I had to clean the drool off my keyboard. It's just sick that someone can have that much talent! I'm adding her to my newsgator blogs. Love the red yarn. Is it red red or more of a dark red/burgandy? I look forward to see what it grows up to be.

That yarn is so pretty and I think it would look beautiful knit up as the Shetland Lace Shawl.

Make something for yourself! You're always working on something for someone else.

You should make a pair of socks out of Regia Silk for yourself! It is the softest yarn and is sooo comfortable. It'd be a nice present to yourself.

I recently made the Diamond Fantasy shawl (photo on my blog a few entries back) - I'm doing 5 different shawls for my sister's wedding. So far, of the 4 I've done, that one's my favorite. I think you'd enjoy working on it too.

hi there,
de-lurking to say hello and that this blog has been incredibly inspiring to me! your design sense, technical skill, and attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. so, thank you! :)

carolyn's blog was one of the very first that i started to read, and she was my first commenter. i have been wowed by her knitting for many months now. i warmly concur that she deserves this tribute!

she inspired me to knit the shetland lace triangle, and i can enthusiastically recommend it. i think it would make good travel knitting, too.

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