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June 07, 2006

Screaming summer

Could it be?!? Could it possibly be? Is it for me? Is that my... Sockapalooooza socks? Ooo, ooo! Look at the one on the right - "By Air Mail" - an international pal!

The international package is for my neighbor, Ms. J., and we all know I simply love her and all her little packages. The package on the left is for me, but it's not my socks (no further progress in that department since this post. I remain patient and optimistic :).).

What's in the package on the left? Simple: an instant mood-lifter! You know what I'm talking about - open it up, and a big smile sneaks up on you :).

I needed to adjust the colors of the photograph because I'm not used to photographing, uhm, neon stuff. I think what you see is pretty accurate, believe it or not :).

I've been so into combos of yellow and green lately, so I jumped on this yarn when Carolyn put a skein up for sale. I think a simple stockinette pair of anklets for me will do the trick, and there will be enough left over for some baby socks, I'm guessing. The bright and happy colors combined with cottony goodness scream summer to me.

In any case, now I feel better. Carolyn, once again, thanks for making my day :).

Posted by Kathy on June 7, 2006 09:50 AM


Wow! Fun color - makes me think of limeade slushies. I haven't gotten my sockapalooza sock either - but my pal's made me new ones and they're on the way. Hope yours get there soon!

That's just the happiest color!

oh no :( STILL no sockapaloooza socks? i wonder if your pal bombed out and you have a sock savior knitting for you now. alison just posted that she identified all the dropouts. regardless, i hope that you get them soon!

Man, I must have some of that sock yarn!

I love that color! So happy, so summery, so bright! You will have lime-a-licious feet this summer. :)

What a fun color! Looks like limeade!

Wow. That really should come with a warning label. I love the happy colors. There's nothing better than that yarn smile.

That is a great color combo! Lymon!

The yarn is a great color. I've never knitted socks with a wavy yarn before; I'll be interested to see how these knit up.

WOW! You should have warned us to wear shades!

Yay green!

I absolutely love that color for socks.

I'm sorry you haven't received your socks yet. My pal dropped out and Alison assigned me a sock savior. So I'm patiently waiting (again) for my socks too.

Love that yarn! Do you have any tips for knitting with it?

Thank you.


By process of elimination, I'm pretty sure I've figured out who your pal is; I emailed her a couple of days ago in the course of my sock-sisterly duties, and she assures me that she's still working. Hang in there!

Way pretty! Sending good thoughts that your sock pal comes through!

I love your sock yarn! Miss Grumperina, everytime I try and open your webpage I am prompted to save a file called "knitblog." Is it just me?

Bright and pretty sock yarn – it almost jumps off the screen. Love it!

Dang it all! Where are your socks???!!?

You could be stopping traffic with that yarn! Whoa!! But is pretty!

Wow, that's bright!

I LOVE the bright color! What a great pair of socks that yarn will make!

My goodness that's bright.
I love it!

That airmail sticker on Ms. J's packet look so much like a Hong Kong one.

Wait! Let me put my shades on! Phew, better.
Do you wind your cotton/lycra skeins into a ball before knitting from a swift to ball winder? I'm having trouble winding mine into balls by that method. I end up doing it by hand. Probably better, since I don't want to unduly stretch the elastic lycra and keep it that way for too long. I fear having the yarn give out too quickly if the elastic is stretched for too great a length of time. Is this a concern of yours as well?
I find when knitting with this yarn (which I love and ordered several skeins from Carolyn), I have to do so with a gentle touch, sometimes pulling it taut and other times relaxing it a bit. It's a delicate balance to get it right. My only concern, again, is that the knitted item may lose its elasticity over time. Then again, I may be long gone by the time that happens.
Is this an issue for you or not with this yarn?

Wherever she is, I'm sending good knitting karma to your sock pal so that she can finish your socks ASAP!

That color is awesome and so totally a summer color, dude. I hope your sock pal gets your socks to you soon, I'd be going nuts!

I still run to the mailbox each day waiting for my sockapaloooza socks too. I've been assigned a sock savior. From one of the comments above, it sounds like your pal is still knitting...I'm glad you weren't forgotton.

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