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June 16, 2006


As soon as I reach out into the knitting blogosphere, with the promise of some prizes to boot, all kinds of good things start to happen.

For instance, I've been assigned a Sockapaloooza sock savior, who e-mailed me right away! Oh, happy day! He or she sounds quite mischievous, and you know I'm all over that, "Never fear: your sock savior is here!" Oh. Yes. Can't wait! Thank you for being in touch with me right away, sock savior!

So, with respect to this fun that I claim is to be had... ;) I think I will update the galleries Sunday night and announce the winners of the 200th entry, 250th entry (oh yes! It's true!), and if you keep e-mailing me at your current speed, the 300th entry (swoon!). After that, in my typical fashion, I'll continue to update the galleries as the FOs come in, not making a huge deal.

Edited to add: No, there's no deadline. Keep 'em coming! If you're the 350th, 400th, etc. knitter, you will get a prize! You probably won't make the update on Sunday, but nothing wrong with receiving a prize a bit later on, right ;)?

Aren't you dying to know who knit the 200th Jaywalker in the gallery? Obviously one of the first respondents, since I already had 193, but who could it be? Oh, the anticipation!

Posted by Kathy on June 16, 2006 02:40 AM


Hi Grumperina. I'm not happy to say that I'm awake at this hour but you seem to be in a happy mood. I guess my hopes of making the 300 club for Jaywalkers is pretty much shot. Ah such a pattern.

Hoorah for comments. Ok, I see that the competition is for completed ones.

*must learn to read and process information*

Ok, well maybe I'll be inline for 500th in gallery (or 1000th?).

I might start an odessa soon aswell, for same neice!

Oh good. I'm glad you've got a sock savior. Perhaps the person who was to have been your sock pal was too intimidated to knit for you.

So happy to hear you got a sock savior! I was on the raw end of a secret pal situation last year, and a very nice savior at least managed to get me something. It can be so frustrating to think that people sign up for something, agree to participate, and then don't! I'm thrilled to hear you're being saved :)

Yay, a sock savior! That's excellent news.

I'm glad you have a saviour. I wonder if your original pal got scared?

Thanks for stirring things up! I too have noticed blog-lethargy and have suffered from it myself lately. Hopefully I will finish my Picovoli this weekend and can submit something for the gallery too. I'm loving this pattern by the way, I bought yarn yesterday for another.

I've got a long neglected Jaywalker in my hands right now- it's been sitting in a bag since Xmas- your challenge was well timed. Maybe I'll finish right in time to be #300...

Here are my finished ones! (and permission to post!)


January 5th entry!

Glad you got a sock saviour...I was getting sad watching the days tick by with only packages for your neighbor girl! :)

I'm so excited for you that your getting a sock savior!!

I had some hopes of making the Group of 300 -- but seeing as though I still have to finish one sock, probably not.

Yay for your sock savior! It's a brave soul who undertakes to knit for the Queen of Attention to Detail. :)

Hey.... how's that sewing class going?

I bet your pal got scared. I would be scared!! I'm also remarkably slow with socks, which is why I don't sign up for these things.

I am so happy you are going to be saved! It broke my heart that you were dissed by your sock pal. No fun!

It's one thing to stiff just any old blogless sock pal. But to stiff Grumperina! That takes quite the nerve. And then to do it after emailing with promises of socks. Unimaginable! (Although, it is possible that your pal became paralyzed at the thought of knitting for Grumperina. Perhaps she is somewhere measuring her gauge down to the tenth of an inch and muttering crazily to herself.)

Hrrm. Must try to finish Jaywalkers. Am on foot of second one. When is the deadline? :)

Just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to move on to bigger and better things! I have been a scarf knitter for about 4 months now (after having taught myself to knit) and want to move on to more challenging items like socks and sweaters! Jaywalker is going to be my first sock project, thanks to you! I'll let you know if I can conquer the sock mountain!! Thanks again!

I've been looking for a good colorway for jaywalkers. I'm getting a bit antsy. I was thinking about buying some white sock yarn and dying it with koolaid. Something about that seems to fit with your whimsical nature. Congrats on the big numbers!

Here are my finished jaywalkers and permission to post:

Can't wait to see the updated gallery!

Here are my finished Jaywalkers and permission to post. Thanks for the great pattern!


Man, do I hope I have a savior and get an email, too! My poor mailbox is sock-bereft. At least my partner has all his packages mailed to my office and they arrive in hard-sided cardboard boxes appropriate to bike parts rather than soft handknit socks.

Yea for the sock savior. Saw the Picovoli gallery and now I want to make 12!!

Here is a picture of the right foot of my jaywalkers. Yes, the left one is finished as well !
Feel free to use the picture. BTW thank you for the pattern


I'm assuming you're counting each PAIR of 'walkers, not each sock???

Your plan worked. :) Yip!

Oh goody -- maybe this will motivate me to finish the two pairs I have in the works right now.

Here's a link to my first pair (permission to post all photos granted, of course):


And my second:

I love the gallery. Can't wait to take a look at the updates! And just for my birthday? You shouldn't have! :)

Here they are at last, my second pair of Jaywalkers:

Please add them to your gallery and please let me be #300.

Your sock partner that didn't come through is exactly why I DON'T sign up for exchanges.

Someone will have to jackhammer the smile off your face when you're dead after all those beautiful socks from your pattern! Congrats on Jaywalker's borderline hysterical success! I've got BEAUTIFUL sock yarn I paid way too much for in my stash with Jaywalker written all over it.

...soon as I finish the frikken beginner socks I'm working on. ;)

Hmmm, I've been meaning to make a pair of Jaywalkers for awhile, got the yarn and everything...maybe I can be #500? #550?

Karma. It's a real thing.

I'm on my second Jaywalker sock now- it's my first time making the pattern and I LOVE it. I'll be sure to send you the pictures. :]

I know what you mean- having a heck of a time finishing a mohair wrap for a Christmas present (for my husband's grandmother-all feisty 94 years of her) and the cotton/ cotton mix stuff is easy. Hmmmmmmmm

I just wanted to let you know that this is a fabulous idea. I've copied your gallery on my site with the Saturday Market Bag. I love seeing the finished products in all different colors and sizes. Plus the cool modifications people make. I wear my Jaywalkers as often as possible!

Okay, I'm pretty sure that when some poor soul saw that they had the Grumperina as their sockapalooza recipient, they fled the country in fear. Yes, that's it.

here's my finished jaywalkers http://www.flickr.com/photos/12292539@N00/132762524/in/set-72057594113653582/, and yes you can put them in your gallery. I keep intending to knit Picovoli too but haven't got round to it yet.

I suppose you want completed socks? Because I have a lovely one and one-half jaywalkers right here.

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