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June 15, 2006

Alright, people, time for some fun!

Is it just me, or is the knitblogging world currently moving in slooooow motion? Fewer posts, fewer comments, much less motivation to write entries or comment or think or create or... even knit! Frankly, I'm tired of it! Let us motivate each other to leave comments, to knit quicker, to think outside the box, to set up fans aimed directly at our hands so we do finish that mohair scarf over the summer!

Let's have some fun! I've got a drawer full of sock yarn, and I'm feeling unseasonably generous.

Here's how we'll play. Have you finished a pair of Jaywalkers, but have not submitted them for the gallery? I'm going to give you all the reasons in the world (well, two of them) to contact me right now and submit a picture of your FO for the gallery:

  1. At least once a week someone writes to me saying that they love the gallery, love looking through all the different colors and styles, and find it inspirational in their own knitting process. Really, this should be reason enough to want your own JWs to be in the gallery, right?
  2. Currently I have 192 finished Jaywalkers in the gallery, and one more that I need to add, for a total of 193. That is such an odd number, and I don't like it.

So, I'm soliciting Jaywalkers for the gallery!

  1. E-mail me or leave me a comment to submit your pair of socks.
  2. Please include a link to your blog entry where the JWs are featured, or a photo of your finished socks if you're blog-less.
  3. Please state specifically that your submission is for the gallery. Copyright laws protect your photos - I cannot assume that I have license to reproduce them on my website without your explicit permission and agreement. As simple as that.
  4. Appearance of your Jaywalkers in the gallery isn't a matter of opinion - if you contact me, state that they're for the gallery, they will be included. I really don't care about the quality of the photograph, or if Sissy the Cat is modeling them, or the angle at which the camera is focused.
  5. I will keep track between my e-mail and my comments, and knitters of the 200th, 250th, 300th (dare I dream it will go that high?) Jaywalkers in the gallery will receive some sock yarn from me! I'm anti-crap, so the yarn will be tailored to your knitting preferences.

Submissions to other Grumpy Knits Galleries are also encouraged - Picovoli, Odessa, Sharfik, bring it on! If (combined) I get more than 40-50 submissions for these other patterns, perhaps I'll draw names from a hat for another sock yarn prize ;).

Now, shoo! Leave me a comment!

Posted by Kathy on June 15, 2006 02:24 PM


Great idea! Now I'm off to start that Picovoli I've been meaning to make...

First comment! Yippee! I emailed you a photo of my jaywalkers but I neglected to add that you had permission to post their picture....here is my permission to post their picture.
Mary Lou

Oooh, now I just need to finish sock #2. I've passed the gusset and am on the straight part of the foot, the home stretch.

Maybe this weekend, just in time for #300. :)

I made some lovely Jaywalkers! Here is the link to the blog entry. You will need to scroll down some. And yes, you may use the pictures in your gallery.


I also made Odessa. Here is the link and you can use the pictures in your gallery.


Woo hoo for contests!!

My Picovoli is already in your gallery, but my jaywalkers aren't, as I knit them before I started the blog. I'l send you the link to the Flickr pic. I have gotten a lot of traffic to my blog from the Picovoli gallery.

I was just thinking the same thing about the knit blogs being slow. Thanks for trying to get thigns moving again.

I'll get you a picture of my Jaywalkers ASAP!

Sissy was actually the name of my childhood cat. So that made me laugh.

I love reading your blog but I am not too computer savy (to say the least). I just found the Jaywalker gallery. Anyway, I now have the pattern (gallery was an inspiration) and here I go.

I have an (not good - well, the hat is good but the photo is not) Odessa that I can email you. Re: Jaywalkers, I don't suppose that just sending a picture of the yarn with which I INTEND to make them would suffice...?

thats a lovely idea! I still haven't made any socks, but they are defenitely on my todo-list!
I will be lookforward to see all you creations.. !
Thanks for that lovely Blog and for "waking us up" lol!

Yikes, I've been motivated to delurk. I've been reading your blog for ages, but haven't commented, no excuse for bad behavior. I'm imspired by all of the jaywalkers -- I just haven't actually taken the sock leap yet. But I do have the yarn poised and ready for Odessa, so I'm off to that cool place near the fan to cast on. Now if the toddlers in my home would just give me a tad bit of space and time!

Way to get us moving, Grumperina! Lure us with sock yarn. Here's a link to my Jaywalker entry:
Please post 'em in your gallery!

Hmmm....maybe I'll stop resisting the Jaywalkers & and make myself a pair. Maybe I'll get around to finishing my Pico too.

I've already got 2 jaywalker pairs in your gallery, but hadn't submitted my odessa hats (yet)! And of course you can post pics if you like :)

#1 in Rowan Calmer

#2 in Brooks Farm FourPlay

I've knitted the Jaywalkers! I'm to lazy to look them up on the blog, but they are on my Flickr account :

And you are totally welcome to put them up in the gallery! They are done with Fiberspates handdyed sock yarn, Valentine colourway.

How did you know I was thinking about knitting another pair?!

Does a picture of 1 3/4 a pair of Jaywalkers count?


I finished them but didn't take another picture after they were completed and gifted to my mom.

You definitely know how to tempt a girl from lurkdom! Please post photos for both my Jaywalkers and Odessa!



And you can put my photo in the gallery, sorry I forgot to say that.

I've only finished 1/2 of one! I lost a needle on an airplane and had a tight connection (no time to take apart the seat). Unlike the Harlot, my needle wasn't behind my ear. Had to order more needles. I'm surely not going to make 200--maybe 300?

I made a pair what seems like ages ago...my first pair of socks.

You can find them at my rather meager knitting gallery.


Well, it's a great idea. Of course, my Jaywalkers are already IN the gallery...

But yes, the blog world has gotten quiet lately. Too quiet. I'm glad to see somebody's doing something about it!

I didn't know about the gallery! Haven't been reading for that long. Anyway, I have two pair of Jaywalkers, here, and here.

Rats! I've had Jaywalkers on my List of Things to Knit for a while now and gotten distracted by my own design twidlings. No sockyarn for me this time!

My jaywalkers are almost done. Just give me a day or two. I promise, they will get done. I knit them while getting my hair done today and now I'm on the toe. Unfortunately, the other toe needs to be frogged and re-knit but that should be done soon. Thanks for the motivation.

Ah...more reasons to knit. I must make another pair of jaywalkers...and I think Dad would love sharfik for Christmas...I am thinking Christmas..yes, it's true.

Makes me wanna K-N-I-T...I haven't finished mine yet, but I sure want to cast on for some!

I made some Jaywalkers, too! They are on my blog, you may use the pictures for your gallery. I am very proud of these, and I just love that Jaywalker pattern! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


I have two pairs of Jaywalkers to be featured in your gallery. You can find the pictures on my blog, in the following posts:




This is just the kick in the pants I need to finish up the Jaywalkers that I started in February. [hanging head in shame] At the rate I've been knitting lately, I'm guessing I'll be close to your 300th gallery photo. :)

I have about 30% of a pair of Jaywalkers complete. They got shoved aside for a bunch of other crap. I have a few better pictures of them, but my favorite is on this entry: http://casalingaconfilo.blogspot.com/2006/03/definition-of-irony.html.

I haven't knit Jaywalkers (yet), but here is my comment.

but I don't knit socks! Or at least I rarely knit socks--too pedestrian. (no, I don't really think that. I just couldn't resist the pun.)

I was thinking of knitting another Picovoli...

Prizes are very motivational for knitters. Ask me how I know.


Here's my third pair of Jays. You can post me.

Ooo! I'm working in a pair right now! Wheeee!

I'm veryu sentimental about my Jaywalkers, they were my very first socks. I'd love for you to take a look, and of course, you have my permission to add them to the gallery and use the pic.


i'm sure if you set up a separate gallery for single or unfinished socks you'd get 300 entries in a flash ;-)

ok, i'm going to try and finish my second pair soon. i promise.

I haven't knit a pair of jaywalkers yet, but I've been intending to. This may be the motivation I need to get them started!

What a lovely idea :-)
I have my fourth pair of jawalkers about to come off the needles I think you have two pairs in the gallery - I'll have to check about the third, I also have a couple of Picovoli and an Odessa kicking around somewhere - I'll have to hunt out the photos

I'm at the heel for the 2nd sock in my Jaywalker pair! Hoping to turn that corner this weekend. I did make a bag inspired by your Corded pattern; maybe I'll take a picture of that....

I can't believe I never sent these in! I meant to, anyway!
Here's my blog post.

Legal bit: I give you permission to use my photos for the gallery.

I finished a pair of Jaywalkers a few weeks ago for a friend who wanted some "kinda' wild" socks. I LOVED how they turned out and she loves them too! I'm zipping off a picture to you right away for your gallery. Thanks for the motivation!


Here are my Jaywalkers for you to add to the gallery:

Mine are the bright red ones, about one third down the page, title for post is unsure of medal standing.

Love these socks, love your work Kathy, keep it up.


Sorry, I should have submitted these to you long ago when I finished them. Here is a picture of my Jaywalkers for your gallery. http://static.flickr.com/33/95906415_22347b6eb8_b.jpg

I see now a pair of Jays are in order. I should move them up on my list.

I so want to participate in this!!! I have some started for my mom....maybe I can get them in for one of the later prizes!

Okay, I'll bite - I have a finished pair of Jaywalkers that I never got around to submitting to the gallery. You have my permission to use one of my photos in your Jaywalker gallery.

Here's the link: http://www.rlshome.com/toby/knit28.htm

I guess I should get crackin' on my second pair that's 60% finished.

You got me. I *rarely* comment, but this got me out of lurkdom.

Here is the link to my site, with the Jaywalkers featured. Please feel free to include the photo of the Jaywalkers in your gallery.

(Jaywalker entry)

(Jaywalker photo)


I also just finished my Odessa hat last week. I LOVE this pattern and want to do a second one in blue :)

I am on my third pair of Jaywalkers. I love the pattern! I have been using Socks That Rock! yarn. It is the best! My blog is at: http://mariaknitsandpurls.blogspot.com/

My pictures of the Jaywalker's are at:

I also made Odessa for my friend's mother who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and was undergoing chemo. Great pattern! It was done with Rowan Calmer.

Okay, I've made two pairs that you may put in your gallery.

One pair for me: http://tinyurl.com/ge4al
with a picot hem.

And then this pair (the red socks)for my MIL: http://tinyurl.com/hdvzz

I actually like the ones I made for my MIL better, and those are knit straight from the pattern.

I'd better get moving. I knit one Jaywalker in the larger size. Then decided I didn't like the color combination as much as I'd though AND it was too big. :( ribbit, ribbit.

Well, my Jaywalker jpeg can be pulled down from my blog gallery.
(I'm onto Odessa next!)

But you always have so many comments, what could I possibly add?

Thanks for keeping things interesting and continuing to update during the hot summer months!

You have permission to use my Picovoli photo in the gallery. http://indigomouse.net/?p=49

Great pattern, thanks!

Wow! Great idea! I was just saying to Kris (strikker) that I wanted to make ANOTHER pair of jaywalkers with yarn she sent me! Thanks!

Here are mine:'


These are one of my Top 3 favorite FO's EVER.

that is just the incentive i needed to finish the 'sleeves' and weave in the ends on my picovoli! you'll hear from me again real soon...

I'm pretty new to knitting, but I hear you on the knitblogging slump. No promises, but I'd like to try my hand at Sharfik! :) Thanks, G!

Hiya! Only one (not a pair) of Jaywalker from me but...I have multiple Picovolis & 1 Odessa! :)

Broken Hearted Picovoli
(not so good) Picovoli

I haven't knit the Jaywalkers yet. I did make a second Odessa besides the one I told you about, and its picture is located here:


A very very fun pattern.

So if I can start and finish some Jaywalkers quickly enough, I might win some yarn... I've been meaning to get around to that wonderful pattern :)

Look at all that motivation! Good job! :)

I get hits on my blog nearly every day from people clicking through from my photo in the Sharfik Gallery!! I don't remember if I already sent you my Jaywalker photo so there ya go - I already emailed it to you. :)

You have permession to add pictures of my jaywalking pink flamingo's to your gallery! Is that explicit enough? Oh this is so much fun! Maybe I'll be one of those special numbers. Even if I'm not, I'll still be showing off my pretty socks (and they're only my second pair!)! blog - http://blog.myspace.com/redheadskydiver

You are so right - there is much less blogging and comments going on in my house. But I vow to change! I hope your post brings you lots of photos!

I have an affinity for prime numbers...193 being a prime number, I think there should be prizes awarded for the jaywalkers that meet the criteria of being the 199th, the 251st, and the 307th. Since I'm busy with a knitting class and can't post any stuff for this contest, I feel quite sad but happy to know that there will be plenty of new things to look at it in the gallery. Good luck and I bet you get closer to 499...

It has been slow in blogland. No one seems to be posting, even those who post everyday. I was glad to see something to read when I got here.

Shit, why did I just send in my jaywalkers... too early for this

I must confess 'upsetness' over the lack of Grumperina blogging the last couple days or so. Long live the Grumperina!!! I have been working on my jaywalkers this past week and a half. I knit them driving down to San Felipe in Baja, Mex; I knit them on the beach; I knit them through two graduations.....and then, ripped them out in about 2 min 27 seconds because they would not fit over my dang heel!!! Then tried a larger cast on with size #2s, but they were TOO big. So, I guess I will move up to the next size from the 76 cast on...... Still want to use #1 dpns to keep a tighter fabric.... Very maddening.... I want my jaywalkers done and fitting!!!

You are quite persuasive....I'm going to start commenting more! Have a fantastic day.

here ya go Kathy, post these babies! maybe summer is the slow season?


I agree about the slow down of the knitblogging world lately. I'm sure I'm partly to blame. I've been reading your blog for forever, and I don't think I've commented before. I'm changing that now.

Anyway, just wanted to share my Jaywalkers for your gallery.


What a shameless way to get more comments. ;-) But yes, I have noticed that things are quieter lately. My completed Jaywalkers (my first socks ever!) are in this post here:

As long as I'm sharing, I wanted to thank you for writing this pattern...as I said, they were my first socks, and I was more than a little apprehensive going into them. But your pattern went into just the right amount of detail so that I was never lost or confused, and all "design features" in my finished product are a result of my own inattention to detail. Thanks!

Duh. Read for comprehension next time, Sarah -- please do post my Jaywalkers in the gallery :-)

Thanks for the inspiration...great idea!

Well, it took me a bit longer than ASAP, but I think it was worth the effort. You can find my Jaywalkers here: http://issueswithknitting.blogspot.com/2006/06/socks-in-wild.html

Yes, you have my permission to put the Jaywalker's pic into your gallery.

JW link on the way to you via email!

I was just thinking about how I haven't been commenting lately. Must get my lazy summer behind in gear and start typing what I'm thinking. Thanks for the reminder to get moving!

I am almost done with my Tivoli and it's very exciting! I have the perfect yarn for Jaywalkers and can't wait to get started (although I really feel like I reached critical UFO mass, so I should finish something - anything - before starting something else).

Great idea. I have sent you my Jaywalker info via e-mail.

Can't wait to see everyone's submissions.

I posted about my Jaywalkers here. They were my very first pair of socks! You most certainly have my permission to use the pictures in your gallery.

Dang. I better go get that Sharfik back from my bil and take a photo of it. And finish that Odessa.

Being a Luddite, I don't own a digital camera or even a regular one--so no photos from me (my biggest concession is the internets--too good to pass up). However, I want you to know that I have knitted most of your patterns. Right now I am in the process of knitting a child's Jaywalkers and have the yarn to make my own Picovoli. I luuurve your designs and your blog.

I'll leave a comment, but don't have any FO's to share. :(

oh lord.. now you've done it. I still have 2 pairs of socks in progress...

must... wait...for ... jaywalkers.....

Why yes, the blogging world HAS been slow, especially for very low-profile bloggers like me.

But yes, I do have a pair of Jaywalkers recently completed, and if you like them, feel free to put them in the gallery.

They are here along with yarn specs.

OK, another lurker emerges: Jaywalkers and Odessa. And I'm in the middle of a second pair of jaywalkers too... love that pattern!

Oh yes, you have my permission to use either photo in your gallery!

I'm a new sock knitter but I want to knit Jaywalkers sometime in the next 6 mos - 1 year. If I finish them, you'll definitely be hearing from me! Same goes for Picovoli!

sent you an email with the pix of my odessa and she's on me head on me blog. great stuff. wanna see lots of odessas on other heads.

Here is my second pair of Jaywalkers, just for your gallery:

Girl Is Crafty

Check out this pretty Odessa knitted by Anita of The Champagne Bohemian for her daughter (12 June post): http://www.champagnebohemian.com/

I'm thinking things are slowing down in the knitblog community due to the beginning of summer. Vacations, end of school, etc. At least I hope so!

You have my permission to use any of these photos of
my jaywalkers in your gallery.
I actually have them on right now and am so happy with them-so Thanks!

Ok ok, I am working hard at finishing my second Jaywalker (finished first in December)! I promise to send pics when done! Pooh to blog slump, and there is no knitting slump! My knitting girlfriends and I are making a pilgrimmage from Portland, Maine to your neck of the woods on Saturday for some major yarn acquisition. The three of us knit daily and show no signs of stopping! None of us blog, but maybe someday - we may be silent but we are busy and we read you! Thanks!

Jaywalkers are my next project, after I get through this serious Dulaan spree that I am rippin' on...maybe I'll make it for #300!

Okay, I'll bite. You can see my finished Jaywalkers, which are for your JW gallery here:


I can't believe I haven't done this yet!!!

Here are my first pair...


Great pattern :)

Love the idea! I'm rounding the bend on my Orangina, so hope to have a picture for you soon.

My Jaywalkers can be found here:


Feel free to post!

I have a pair on the needles for my sister. You'll get a picture as soon as they're done. They're not even finished and they're gorgeous. Trekking XXL and Jaywalkers: it was meant to be.

Here are my Jaywalkers for your gallery:

I've been meaning to send these for quite a while! :)

I had to double-check your gallery to see if these were already included (they weren't). Here's my fourth pair of Jaywalkers, so add 'em in since my first three pairs are already there. I was actually mid-fifth pair, but I ran out of yarn at the toe (It was ugly yarn, though, that my mom had chosen. They are dubbed 'The Ugly Jaywalkers' on my blog. Heh).


Great idea! Jaywalkers for the gallery:


You are so bad, how could I resist now casting on another pair of socks, in this case Jaywalkers... Not that I already have 2 pairs on the needles.

Here are my jaywalkers, for inclusion in the gallery! My first pair of socks ever - laboured over but thoroughly enjoyed (in hindsight at least)


Here are my jaywalkers for the gallery. I was a bit meh about them at the time I finished them, but actually they've become my most-worn handknit socks and now I'm making more.


Blimey, look at that comment explosion. Is there a closing date? I'm SO slow on the uptake but plan to start making some for neice when I finish her a cardigan. Will that count.

PS. I made a cardigan with super batwings for publication. Please don't hate me.

LOL...I keep on forgetting to let you know I'm done with my Jaywalker. Thanks for the great pattern ;) Please add it to your gallery!
Here's the link

Ooh I made Jaywalkers too, I loved the pattern.
and yes you may use any of the pictures in your gallery.

Jaywalkers? What are jaywalkers?

I don't know where in my blog my jaywalkers picture shows up since I made them early winter. But I do have a picture up in my finished objects gallery.
Excuse the mess, its still under construction....

I can't honestly remember if I submitted mine or not. I'm thinking that I didn't, so here they are:


You have my permission to use any of the photos :o)

I know I submitted my first pair but here is the link to my second pair of Jaywalkers (and yes, you may use the photo for your gallery o' jaywalkers).


You can add mine! They are posted in my blog in the photo album "off the needles," and in the entry "Jaywalkers, baybee!" Love mine, I'm going to make more.

I haven't finished my Picovoli or started my Jaywalkers (they're about third on my list), but as soon as I finish them I promise to send a picture.

jesus girl -- you've got 119 comments. isn't that enough>

i guess i have to post something really ugly on my end to get you to send me a comment :P

I haven't made my Jaywalkers yet, although they're on my To Do list. I just haven't chosen the yarn yet. You'd think that with an entire drawer full of sock yarn, it would be easier to choose, wouldn't you?

Oh, boy! Here is the link to my Jaywalkers. I love them and wear them often (or as often as I can given that the Wildfoote Handpaint yarn needs to be hand washed as it runs). You have my permission to add the picture to your gallery.


My Jaywalkers!


Yes, you may include them in your gallery. ;)

Allright.. you've got me.. I want sock yarn and if this is how I can get some.. well.. yay! lol.

As you know I knitted a 'voli
My entry is: http://www.kimmish.com/knitting/2005/09/knitting-complete.html

You may use the pictures.

I don't know what is up with knit blogging recently.. but whatever it is.. it has gotten me too. Quite sad really. But I'm still reading you! (Obviously.)

Thanks for the contest.. maybe I'll actually win this time!

I finished some jaywalkers last week and I love them!


You have permission to use either of those top photos in the gallery.

I knit these jaywalkers over the course of 3 months and much nausea. The finished socks were definitely worth it! (I started knitting again once feeling better specifically to finish them.)


Either picture (or both) may be used for the gallery.

I made a manly Odessa (ie: sans-beads) this past spring. You can see it here:


feel free to add the hat photos to your gallery.

I knit the hat once, but then had to frog it and knit it up with an extra stitch repeat to make it big enough - my boyfriend has a really big head! :)

I finished these socks, back in March and have worn them several times. I love how they feel. Here is the link to my blog entry, and you have permission to post the photos of the jaywalkers and the link in your gallery. http://ahousemadeofwool.blogspot.com/2006/03/finished-jaywalkers.html

Here's a link to my version of the Jaywalkers for the gallery. These were my first ever pair of socks, so thank you for the introduction to knitting footwear!!


I would love to be added to your Jaywalker gallery! The link for one of my favorite pairs of socks is here:

I also finished one Odessa hat and am working on another one, bigger this time. But I have not taken pictures of the finished one because it was to small for my 4 year old daughter. :o(

I'm knitting as fast as I can on my pair of Jaywalkers. Going on a plane trip this week, so maybe when I get back I'll have them!

I've finished 2 pairs of Jaywalkers. There are pictures on my Flickr site here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nickyp/tags/jaywalker/. You're most welcome to add them to your gallery.

Well, done: Luring people (me...) into commenting. I have another pair of jaywalkers to submit. Feel free to use the pictures in my post for your gallery (http://sheepandnocity.blogspot.com/2006/04/socksicle.html)
I think I should go back to my knitting projects now to have something to blog about ;-) Oh, this summer slump.

Hi Grumperina! I love contests so I hope you'll pick me!! Unfortunately, my jaywalkers are in my frog pond (too tight) but I posted a picture of the beautiful odessa hat on my blog (http://pollyatomic.wordpress.com). Awesome pattern!

I love comments on my own blog, so I will leave you a comment. I love reading your blog.

I emailed you my jaywalker pics!

count me in!:) and i agree, since everyone is on "vacation" comments and reading has been scarce.

My pair of Jaywalkers are at: http://knitting.xaviermusketeer.com/?p=648, and you have permission to grab either photo (the top one is probably a bit nicer).

i finished my third (!) pair today and they are posted at my site!

I have since finished my pair of Jaywalkers, but I can't deny my bias towards this picture: http://static.flickr.com/67/155186144_e9528b5a8c.jpg?v=0

It was taken by my dear partner, and we give you permission to post it in your gallery. I used Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multiringel that was a gift from a secret pal. I love them muchly!

hi kathy:

I'm working on my first pair of Jaywalkers and I love how they are coming out. I'm using Koigu KPPN and although the gauge seems right they look like they might be saggy. Can you or your band of sockers tell me what their favorite Jaywalker yarn is?


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