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May 01, 2006


My friends, I'm in a great mood :). I send you all a big air-smooch - mwah!

First, finally (finally!) after literally months of searching, I have found a noteworthy sweater to knit. The unique construction, the interesting silhouette, the cleverness of it all could not be ignored. I saw it, and I wanted it immediately. I even have a yarn in the stash that I'm hoping will work (and, no, it's not the Louet). The whole thing deserves its own blog post, I think, so once my swatch is dry, and once I fire up the scanner for some pics, it will all be revealed. In the meantime, yay!

Second, I've made a great amount of progress on the Mountainash Shawl.

  • In photographic format:
  • In schematic format:
  • But the photo below may be the most telling:

As you can see, the shawl is composed of several lace motifs. I'm now done with the widest, most complicated, googliest, moogliest one, highlighted in green. I've moved onto the second lace motif, highlighted in pink, which is magnitudes easier. Like, I can almost do it without looking at my work even once! It's just freakin' eyelets! I'm flying through it with incredible speed, and it definitely helps that each right-side row decreases by four stitches. Yay!

Last, I'm SO amused by the shrinking ball of yarn. It's getting so puny now, that it has dimples:

Hehehehe! Is it just me, or is this thing incredibly cute and dimply and puny? Hehe ;). Yay!

Posted by Kathy on May 1, 2006 11:48 PM


The sweater suspense is killing me here! C'mon. Save my night of FORTRAN programming.

As my Grandpa used to say, "You are going to town" on that shawl. I am really impressed with your progress. It looks great.

you are high on lace!

Sigh, it looks like my thighs. Sad, but true.

I'd have to agree... I think you are still high from finding that deserving sweater pattern. Can't wait to see what it is.

BTW, you don't happen to have Barbara Walker's 4th treasury of knitting patterns, do you?

I'm dying to read more about your sweater pattern. To have you want to knit it at first sight is really something.

Hi from Austria! Oh, I'm also sooo curious to see which sweater you decided to do! And I'm very impressed with how the shawl is getting along, such beautiful work!

You're moving right along on the shawl...good for you. I can't wait to see what the sweater is going to be!

look! the yarn has a face!

I'm glad you're into an easier part now - that will build your confidence before things get, errr, difficult, again.

Your lace is so pretty. I can't wait to see the sweater pattern.

very cute and dimply :)

So many times I start a project and then I'm not thrilled anymore. I want to be in love with a pattern again! Can't wait to see the sweater you've found.

Well the Grumpster is certainly not very grumpy right now!

You have the patience of a saint. I did like two rows on a shawl I've been neglecting for awhile, and while admittedly I wasn't in a knitting mood last night, the tediousness bored me in like 2 seconds! Look at you go!

Can't wait to see the sweater. I'm sure it's fabulous - you have very good taste!

Gorgeous progress on the shawl! Can't wait to see that next section, the lace looks really interesting. And what's with all the suspense about this sweater? You tempt us with all those mouth-watering descriptions, and then don't reveal the sweater? Sheesh, you know how to keep people reading!

I love your diagrams - way to knit.

i love her, stop knitting with her now and keep her forever. what a beautiful face. she looks like the knittnig goddess in the moon! that's a fine foto of her. does she have a name? wouldn't she love to have her name and face live on forever on a coffee mug or t-shirt?

You are so mean not telling us the sweater pattern RIGHT NOW!

I really like reading your blog, because I think I'm the opposite of you as a knitter - I think I could be happy knitting only stocking stitch sweaters for the rest of my life. From patterns. So, YAY for you and for all the googlie mooglies I don't have to deal with! :-D

Oh look the man in the moon/ or goddess. Your shawl looks great, can't wait to see the sweater your are planning to make.

Not only cute and dimply and puny, but I can see a face in the ball as well. Can you? Although it doesn't look too happy. Perhaps because its demise is near. And it (she?) knows it!

Very nice progress! Your shawls are much more impressive than mine;)
Can't wait to see the new knit.

Loving the lace! And you must promise to wear it!

Ohh - anxiously awaiting the sweater choice! The ball of yarn is adorable - it's always interesting what shape the balls take when you keep knitting. Seems like every center pull has a mind of it's own!

I wonder what the magic sweater could be? (All in good time, I know.)

Enjoy 'coasting' on the shawl for a while. Goodness knows you've earned a bit of rest!

Thanks for your sweet comment! I enjoyed meeting you too, once I got over my mortification! I can't wait to see which sweater you chose...

Wow, lace is so intimidating to me. I just finished a ribbed sweater with super fine weight yarn and THAT seemed like a freakin' MARATHON!

Just a big ball o'happiness over here today!

That is one cute ball of yarn and I can't wait to see more on this sweater.

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