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April 25, 2006


There's nothing like some tangible, in-your-face signs of progress to maintain a high motivation level:

sign of progress #1

It may seem that the knitting will never end, but the schematic reassures me otherwise ;).

sign of progress #2

That's right, once I knit a bit more and reached the suspect area, I confirmed that the mistake I reported earlier was repeated for a second time in row 44 (to correct, p2tog immediately before or after the boxed inset).

sign of progress #3

Look at the puny little ball compared to the new one! Okay, it's not that puny, but considering it's cobweb weight yarn, I've used up a lot! Let's do a quick weigh-in:


edited to add: for the skeptics ;)

to come:

The biggest googly moogly of them all! Do you see it? It's a triple yarn over. And, yes, each of those loops gets used for something on the next row. Grip. those. needles!

Posted by Kathy on April 25, 2006 07:52 PM


that's great progress, but some of us might suggest that the weights are skewed because the wrapper is on the new ball.

not me, of course, but some might ;)

wow...that's about all i can say! you're amazing!

This is as exciting as a new roller coaster ride!

I love your reference to the googly mooglies! It's so appropriate to this type of lace. Looking gorgeous so far!!!

i know it's going to be beautiful when it's done, but it's scaring the bejesus out of me for now. especially the googly mooglies.

beautiful and still beautiful pix. you're making me wanna but i know i ain't able. i'm barely able to Mountain Stream. haven't touched it in two weeks, work fatigue makes me weary. isn't that a shame?

You're giving me hot flashes. I'm too young (yes, I AM) for hot flashes.

I've got some Russian cobweb-weight yarn. I don't think I'll probably ever use it, but .....I have some. In a cheerful orange color. :)

Kathy you are inspiring me to start on my cobweb lace shawl. Just as soon as that ball winder arrives. It is beautiful. You are so much braver than I would be to do such a complicated pattern in Japanese.

The shawl is looking great! I can't wait to see your next report on it!

Go, Kathy, GO! :-)

::clings to DK weight yarn:: GAAHH!!

How is it possible that the lable weighs nothing?! Or... is there a point (some number) that I can't see?

Anyway.. it doesn't matter (much.) but I think you're going great on this project.. it is such a you project! I just can't even imagine what you'll do next.. it's like you're becoming immune to your own drug.. you have to keep raising the bar.. what will it be next?!

Looking good. You are making great progress, despite some of the mistakes in the pattern!!

Those two balls look different, but the weight tell it all! All those signs of progress are a good thing!

oh my god, i must buy this book... now!

Lots of progress. It looks good.

Kim - I think what she did was tare the scale with the label. So that the label on the second ball isn't part of the weight shown.

Skeptics? Who? I see you've made great progress and the glimpse of pink cobweb lace looks great.

A triple yarn-over! Cool!

A triple yarnover -- sounds scary!! Where'd you get your scale? I've been looking for one, but can only find these huge clunky looking things ...

Wow, triple yo's. I once did a triple y0 by accident. Not too pretty if done by accident.

Looks wonderful! Your skill astounds me - the pattern alone would have scared me off. :)

Triple yarnovers? Gulp.

Hahaha, you found me out. But skeptic that I am, I'm thinking, hmm, your scale is not sensitive enough to register a ballband. Puts the whole thing into question. ;)

Crazy. I don't know HOW you do it. This welt fantastic has one of those make 3 stitches into one stitch and if I ever drop it by accident I'm totally screwed and no idea how to get them back up on the needle properly.

Also, I made labels today from Carole's tutorial which I guess she got from you? I love mine!

Wow! The triple yarn over looks intriguing. Good catch on all these corrections. It's looking fantastic.

The schematic is very reassuring. ;)

I just picked up some of the sock yarn from Greenwood Fiberworks and I was just curious...How do you think it would work up in the Jaywalker pattern? And, how does it hold up to frogging? And I can't wait to see this shawl when it's done!

By the way, I'm Whitney, long-time reader, first-time commenter :-)

This is gorgeous, but wow. Better you than me.

Now that you've revealed the ball band it looks like the same as what I've just finished making my Diamond Fantasy shawl in - in black. Now to the blocking. Lovely stuff, isn't it?

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