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March 03, 2006

Scarf update

After chatting with several knitters, it is apparent I have caused massive confusion with respect to my Azalea scarfette.

First, it wasn't immediately clear how I planned to wear something which is hexagonal in shape. Simple: I will fold the finished scarfette in half down the center (or maybe even a little off center), so it will be sort of like a semi-circle, and then I will wrap it around my neck. Just the way people wear circular and square shawls, except I won't knit it to true shawl size.

Second, people who have seen Azalea in real life were shocked by how small it is! Well... what'd you expect? I most certainly mentioned that I'm knitting laceweight yarn on size 1 needles! Here's Azalea today, with my hand and a quarter to give you a sense of scale:

For the number-oriented among us: right now I have 540 stitches on the needle, which translates into a 12" diameter. I do not expect a miraculous expansion upon blocking because the fabric is mainly stockinette, so I intend to knit Azalea until it is a full 30" in diameter, a reasonable scarf size. Therefore, I will knit it until I'm old and gray and it's 2026 A.D ;). Or perhaps (just perhaps!) I'll get bored with it one day soon. What are the chances of that happening?!?

Hehe. The start of my highly-modified Mac & Me scarf.

The yarn is like freaking crack, I forgot how much I adored knitting with this merino/silk blend.

Of course I changed the K1, P1 ribbing specified in the pattern to keep things slightly more interesting and to match my own idea of what this scarf should look like, and how it should behave. First, I knew I didn't want to knit anything overly lacey because it wouldn't match the border. Plus, lace would require blocking under tension, which thins and flattens the fabric, and I kind of want something fluffy and textured. In fact, something solid would work well - I was not at all worried about the fabric coming out too stiff because it's silk, and I'd use slightly larger needles to maximize drape.

And so, the Fluted Rib pattern (BW #2, p. 5) fit the bill. It is textured, solid (with any tendencies towards stiffness negated by silk content and the use of US 4 needles), simple, and interesting all at the same time. It's also reversible - not a requirement, but a very nice bonus. Definite competition to Azalea for favorite on-the-go project ;).

Who am I kidding? My new favorite on-the-go project :).

Posted by Kathy on March 3, 2006 12:55 AM


That Azalea is indeed tiny; I was imagining it to be much larger from previous photos. Which just goes to show. I love the colour, too. It's making me want to knit lace again!!

oh, you are NOT using fluted rib! I had the exact same 'spiration in place of garter stitch for the middle of a scarf with ruffles on either end. Alpaca. Seems like it will give an indistinct (in a good way), sleepy, wavy texture that will grade into the end ruffles.

aww c'mon, i was having fun.

fine, i'll stop.

please finish the azalea it's so pretty

I'm so excited! I just ordered the Sundara merino/silk DK in dark deep red (are you using the DK weight?). I like the fluted rib--I chose "pinnacle chevron" (BW #1 p. 26) for a scarf for the same reasons (simple, interesting, textured, solid, reversible).

Never mind about the yarn weight question--I just realized you were using the yarn left over from Mom's shawl.

Azalea is adorable at that size.

cant wait to see progress on the mac and me pattern.

I *knew* azalea was tiny, even before I saw it. I don't know what those other people were surprised about. Hee.

I'm so glad you got to keep some of Mom's shawl yarn for yourself! Gorgeous.

Azalea is just how I imagined it (and how else would you wear a circularish scarf/shawl??). The color really is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it. And the new scarf is just as pretty in its own way. I really like the color (still) and can't wait to see the pattern develop.

I bought the Interweave Knits shawl book Wednesday night and they had a more-than-circular shawl in there, where if you increase needle size as you knit you wind up with a half-circle (when folded) that's actually 2/3 of a circle. I'm going to try that. I may also be knitting until I'm old and grey--oh wait, I am already. Make that old_er_ and grey_er_!

I'm sorry. I had to go lie down when I read that you have 500+ stitches on the needle and this translates into a 12" diameter. I'm a bit concerned that your hands might actually fall off before you finish. But it's beautiful, and again, I bow to your superior knitting prowess.

Such a wonderful, cheerful color, your Azalea! The scarf will complement your complexion quite nicely -- whether brown or grey-haired ;-)

500+ stitches and it's still that small? Yeah, that is totally a project to which I'd say "Not worth it!" and frog. But it's totally up your alley. You'll finish it in record time and I know it'll be beautiful.

I hope you'll keep up with the Azalea, it's so pretty now and I can't wait to see it when it's done

Man, that is a tiny shawl. It's going to be gorgeous when you are done thought. Both will be! Glad you are still loving the yarn!

That Azalea looks like a yummy raspberry tart!

I've really been enjoying your blog. I was browsing around some knitting sights, and ran across this, which I thought you might find of interest. You may have already seen this, but if not, I thought it might have some additional hints regarding the stranded stockings you are working on. Check out issue #55

...though, of course, you seem to be doing quite well on your own, too..... Knit on!

Oh my goodness, I go away for three days and everything happens. I cannot keep track of all of these projects!

Goodbye, Azalea!

Yarn crack! You slay me =)

I'll see you in 2027AD and we can compare FO's. Me with the baby blanket from hell, apparently, and you with your notoriously confusing round scarf - LOL

I like that Mac & Me scarf. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

Hmmm ...yarn crack. Like yarn needs to become anymore addicting!

I just bought some Felted Tweed Rowan - whoohoo!

wow, azalea is really tiny

You're so creative and talented.

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