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February 06, 2006

Rounding the corner

The corner of the Misty Morning Shawl is cleverly constructed with short-row shaping, much like a sock heel would be:

I dig it :).

The chart had two mistakes; they would have been completely mind-boggling if this was the first part of the shawl to which I set my needles. However, I saw them right away, before I even started knitting: experience and predictability - assume that the designer doesn't know how to count, and act accordingly.

Do you know what this means, my friends? I've rounded the last corner of this obstacle course, literally and figuratively. The last few hundred feet of this race are familiar territory - the stitches have been counted more than once, and I'll be working the same repeat as before. The mistakes are highlighted on the pattern so they won't be knitted in, and I cannot foresee any more obstacles. I just have to knit it. Sit down and do it.

I can't believe I'm almost done.

Pinch me so I know it's true.

Posted by Kathy on February 6, 2006 11:04 AM


Simply lovely work! Your shawl is amazing-can't wait to see the finished piece!

Your Grandma will loves this! I just know it.

Completely and utterly gorgeous! Your blog is a treasure trove of inspiration to knitters....I look forward to checking it out every day...you're an inspiration! Can't wait to see the finished shawl!

WOW! This whole thing puts Grumpicue to shame almost. Your perseverance is truly inspiring. I cannot wait to see the finished shawl.

You are simply brilliant! I can't wait to see the finished product. Your Grams will be overcome with delight.

so so pretty! It makes all the mistakes worth it.

it's really turned out quite beautiful! i hope that you put the designer to shame with your lovely finsihed project. have you thought about what you'll do with the corrected pattern when it's all done?

Gorgeous! And so close to done. Yippee!

Beautiful! And you made a lot of progress. You're on the home stretch.


Absolutely gorgeous! At the rate I've watched you knit, it'll be done in a blink of any eye. Cannot wait to see the blocked out version, all finished and beautiful.

ok, you need to put that down for a few days and knit something else, because 2/15 is too far away still ;)

it's magical looking.

So impressed, as always. I really admire you for sticking with this. I probably would have given up and frogged long ago. No, that's not true -- I never would have attempted this in the first place! Cheers to you for being brave enough and for letting the rest of us live vicariously through you.

I can't wait for the errata sheet.

Okay, you asked for it ... ::PINCH:: ::PINCH::

What a nice way to turn the bottom corner, no increase holes. pinch, pinch..

Beautiful! You certainly have perseverance, Kathy!

Like Sarah, I can't wait for the errata - not sure I want to attempt this, tho' I have the pattern...I'm not sure I could garner contentment as you have. BUT...oh...so stunning, maybe, just maybe, I'll try it myself?
You deserve many, many (((hugs))) for your perseverance!

Consider yourself pinched. :-) You've done an amazing job working out ths kinks of this pattern; you certainly deserve a little clear sailing now!

Wow, this is going to be GORGEOUS!


You can do it! :)

If this is what you do for FUN, what are you going to knit for the Knitting Olympics??

Great job, BTW I am awe-struck.

Wow, the shawl is amazing and so are you!!

its so lovely, and its so cool that you stuck it out all this time! I was telling the bf about your troubles and he and I agree, you should write to the publisher with the corrections, and ask for credit and payment!!! :)
Congrats! I have to say, seeing you work through the stuff you do inspires me to do more with the stuff I do. I completed a baby sweater in this last week :) Its simple, but I am proud of it.

beautiful, it looks like absorbing and interesting work.
be proud

Even unblocked it looks awesome. You're grandma is going to be so proud. On another note, I showed Odessa to my husband and he really liked it (which for him is a little unusual, he's a picky fashionista) and I may try to make one for myself from some alpaca in my stash. Soft and pretty!


That corner construction is so smooth. You must have been dreading it after all that designer has put you through. What a nice surprise that it was easy.

Teh shawl is so lovely. Your grandma will be thrilled.

Man, that is beautiful. I'll refrain from pinching you. Don't want to leave a bruise. ;-)

Ooo! That corner is very beautiful. Short rows are a bit like magic, no?

Oh, that's an awesome corner. You are so close! It's looking fabulous.

As far as I'm concerned, you've already competed in the Olympics and won on many fronts!

Spectacular! Can't wait to see you model it!

I think actually sitting down and knitting may be the hardest part of knitting. Spectacular shawl, and it's in my favorite color!

Hooray! It's gorgeous, and your grandma will love it.

Just looking at what you've knit makes my heard spin.

Yay! I'm so excited for you. And it's amazing how you've stuck with it and created something beautiful. Your grandmother will adore it!

Woohoo! Wait, does the clever corner make 2 things you like about the pattern, or 3?? ;)

It's beautiful, gorgeous, but SLOW DOWN!! I really have a chance to win the contest if you just slow down! Seriously...you really are amazing! It really is lovely! (But really, slow down!)

Go, go, go for it! I'm cheering you on!

I cannot wait to see the finished shawl.

Hooray for you! You're creating a masterpiece, and deserve credit for what you've done. I had bought the pattern just before you started knitting it, so was dismayed at the errors you were finding. I wrote to the pattern distributor and got an apologetic reply, and the designer also sent me a reply, saying: "...the pattern gremlins seem to find a way to get into every pattern, particularly those with lots of charts. There are a couple of errors and some typo's in the chart...") !!! and she also promised an errata sheet with corrections "next week" -- which was over three weeks ago, of course. Hmmmm.....

*pinch* *pinch*

Wow, I can't believe you're almost done. It is really beautiful! I can't believe you actually stuck with it, I would have given up long ago.

That is *lovely*.

All I can say is WOW!

Damn, woman! It's beautiful, and you must feel SUCH a sense of accomplishment.

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