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January 04, 2006

There’s a first for everything

My friends, you know there are some things the Grumperina does not do. Or does in an extremely selective fashion. Memes, for one. Knitalongs. Exchanges. Secret Pals. Stitch marker anything (Susan Bates is my girl, thank you very much).

But there’s a first for everything. And now, the first ever Grumperina contest.

Let me come clean – I started grandma’s shawl on January 1st, but didn’t get around to posting the background of the project until a few days later.

Which means that I already have some progress to show!

I’m enjoying this pattern very much so far. It is challenging – there’s a whole lot of counting, and k2tog with the freaking dowels (aka, Addi Turbos) is a nightmare. But look how pretty! Grandma will really like this, I’m positive.

The question: How long will it take me to finish this? The actual knitting is a challenge, and I will need to learn some new techniques down the road, specifically, knitting a border while simultaneously attaching it to live stitches in a perpendicular fashion. If that makes any sense. Eeek!

The contest: Guess when I will finish knitting this shawl (exclusive of blocking and photography and all that, just the actual knitting).

You are more than welcome (perhaps even advised) to guess, “you will never finish it for no particular reason,” or “you won’t be able to finish it because of technical difficulties.” I won't be offended.

The prize: To be determined. That’s what makes this contest different from many others ;). I really don’t like purposeless stuff (crap) of the knitting variety or otherwise, so I’ll decide what the winner gets once the shawl is completed (or abandoned) and the winner(s) is determined. I will do my best to tailor the prize to the winner and his/her tastes.

The hint: I started the main triangle of the shawl on January 1st in the evening, and completed 64 rows. On January 2nd, I knit another 36 rows. There was no knitting on January 3rd – I was busy with other stuff. Although I don’t think the schematic is to scale, I highlighted the extent of my progress for those three days if it were – red for the first day, and purple for the second. I hope this gives you some idea of how much I am able to knit during a typical day (but not all days are typical… on some, I will be traveling 4 hours, but on others, there will be skiing to do, and papers to grade!).

Oh how I love schematics and marking off my progress. I really, really do. It's the mathematician in me.

Leave me a comment, and let the knitting continue!

Edited to add: I've closed the comments to this entry - thanks for all your submissions :).

Posted by Kathy on January 4, 2006 12:15 AM


I think you will finish it on January 12th - it looks just lovely

It's really beautiful, your grandmother is a lucky woman! My guess is for January 29th.

January 10, 2006, 8:33 pm (that includes the leap second we just gained)

Oopsie. I got so excited I submitted too soon. I love the color and design.

I've been working a lot on my genealogy lately, and SURPRISE! I found out I'm your long lost half aunt. I'll take my shawl (which we will not speak of again) in the same color.


Jan 13th

(I was going to say the 10th, but someone already guessed that and I started thinking that it was too soon, anyway)

Oh, letsee...'Miss I Knit My Mom's Shawl In 4 Days'.

Friday, January 13. OOooOOOooOo...not only because it's Friday the 13th, but because it's my payday. $$$

January 14th

Knowing how fast you knit (we will never speak of that again!), I wouldn't be surprised if this were a trick and you were already done. :) Have fun learning new techniques and tricks, Kathy.

It's beautiful! and I'll say the 17th because I just can't believe anyone can knit lace that fast. (Did you really finish your mom's shawl in FOUR days? How is that possible? Was it all garter stitch?)

Jan 11th

... because your Miss Grumperina and you WILL finish this gorgeous thingy without any doubt (here in Germany one would call you "hartnäckig", which means if you decided to do this thing you will find a way)

Good luck with the edging! (I can´t even think of knitting such a thing without my brain dancing tango...)

Saturday, January 14 is my birthday. Let's shoot for that.

My prediction is that you will be finished the bulk of the knitting really quickly, then have a technical set back of some kind (you know, the thing that makes blogging exciting and shows off to the world your brilliance in knitting) and you will finally finish the knitting on the 13th. Friday the 13th. Actually, I may be over guessing it. It's the grading papers and skiing that is throwing me off. What if you have crappy weather and don't ski? What if the papers are heftier than I am imagining? What if you have no difficulties at all to overcome? Well, then you would be done sooner or later or at some other time. Well, that is my guess and I'm sticking to it. I love when you knit for your grandma (or your mom or dad) and blog it. I'm falling in love with your family.

hmmm. they say you're a fast knitter - so how's about January 6th.
P>S> thanks for all your inspiration. beautiful work.

January 15. It's Wikipedia Day!

Well, you said before that you have 17 hours of traveling right around now, and knitting time with your family. I need to know how long it takes you to grade things - it always takes me forever. Hmm, my guess is Sunday January 8th at 4pm. I am always amazed at how fast you can knit. Good luck with the new techniques you have to learn!

hmmm. jan 21st.
looks beautiful! i think this is my first post, but i enjoy reading your blog regularly, and find it both informative and inspirational.

It is really lovely! Do you have a deadline to enter the contest? Or is it stupid to ask ... ;)

I'll guess January 19th, 2006. (as if the year needs to be stated, hah)

It is lovely, as for my entry, I am going to say that it is going to get tinked a bit and you are probably going to finish it on Jan. 7th.


The shawl looks great! I vote January 19th, for no particular reason.

I was going to guess the 14th of January, but people have already guessed that. The 13th and the 12th are also taken, as is the 15th. Soooo, I guess I'll go with January 11. Good luck! It's beautiful so far and I know your grandmother will love it!

Hmm... I'm putting my guess on 8th January. There's no doubt you can overcome any technical difficulties.

I'm guessing January 20th. You're a fast knitter, but the edges are going to take a while and there will be some fiddling with the corners before it's all perfect.

I'll say Friday the 13th of January. (although I bet you finish before then lol but had to pick a cool sounding day) It will be a lucky day for you. How pretty is that pattern.

What a lovely color. I'm going to guess January 19th.

January 9. Because you are a total machine.

Love the color and look of this shawl so far. I know you'll get the body of the shawl done by this weekend for sure, but... and there is a but... I know from personal experience that those knitted-on borders take forever and a day to do. I did my first one a few weeks ago and was surprised that it took so long. It is not hard to do, real easy actually, but boy oh boy... time consuming. So my final finishing date is going to be Jan. 12th :)

Well, considering possible technical difficulties, skiing, and grading, I'm going to guess January 25.

Maybe I'm underestimating you, because everyone else seems to be guessing way earlier, but I'm going to go with February 27. (So slow down...LOL!)

I'm going to guess January 27.

Well. I know you have all that traveling time, but I bet you'll have something easy (like socks) to knit for when the shawl gets too frustrating. I know I would. But you will be focused on it because you love your grandmother and you want her to have this as soon as possible.

January 20th.

Maybe the force be with you.

it's looking beautiful so far ... i'm going to guess February 15th -- it's my husband's birthday and that's as good a reason as any

January 22, early in the day, because you will then have the rest of the day to block and admire it!

Do have fun with this shawl, and thanks for your blog.

My guess January 26 - which is Australia Day according to my knit bits calendar. Knit on!

I'll go with January 16th. That is one gorgeous shawl, if by some chance grandma doesn't like it...well you can guess the rest.

So Gorgeous! The color is wonderful. I guess January 31st.

I'm thinking January 20, lucky Grandma!

I'll go for Jan 30th ( only because it's my Mum's Birthday but I am predicting it will be long finished before then :-)

I will have to agree with the setback--there will be a pause during the border-making, or a glitch in the pattern that only you will find (winkwink!) I'll go for Jan 17, even though its been taken. I'd rather be close than play to win!

Love the leaves, enjoying the progress-!

I say....January 16th. Just a guess. You will probably amaze us all and turn out a perfect, amazing shawl tomorrow. I wouldn't be shocked at all if that happened, you are a knitting superhero. It's looking incredible, and I can't wait to see the completed project.

February 4th. It's looking gorgeous! :-)

I'm guessing Feb 3. The shawl looks beautiful already.

I'm going to say January 23rd. Having some lace experience, I know it's going to take a bit of time to do that border. More than one might think :)

January 24. You'll probably finish it earlier because you're the fastest knitter I've ever seen. :) Beautiful work, by the way.

My guess is January 25 - the knitted on border seems like it will take some time. You do such beautiful work, your Grandma is very lucky!

I'll say January 31st

I'm guessing Jan 17th because that's the day our semester starts and I want to have something positive to look forward to on that day. Plus I unscientifically estimated knitting time based on your schematic by measuring off days with my thumb.

Hmm...I'm thinking February 1st. :)

Happy Knitting!

I predict it will take eight more days to finish the triangular bit, and I predict that it will take twice as long to do the borders as the triangular part: so I'd estimate January 31.

I'm guessing the 18th of January, just because its my sister's birthday and no one has taken it.

BTW, it took a contest to make me stop lurking and post. I really enjoy your blog and you're the reason I started knitting combination style. Burn baby burn!

I think January 22... (I always use my birthday when I need numbers to guess...) And I'm sure it will be amazing.
Thank you for the link to the winter wonderland shawl! It's the first shawl I've ever wanted to knit for myself :)

January 15th because of technical details at the top.

I predict January 16th, in the afternoon or evening (it's MLK day; I know I have off that day and plan on using it for lots of knitting!) It looks fantastic so far, can't wait to see the FO!

January 18. I think this will be a challenge. And you won't want to rush it,but it IS for Grandma. :) So, it'll be perfect and get to her as quickly as possible.
:) Kate

Darn it! I was going to guess Feb. 1st because that's my son's birthday, then Jan. 29th because it's Chinese New Year (not knowing you in person, & being a fairly new blog reader, I surely don't know you well enough to guess at your days off, other responsibilities, etc.!), but they're both taken...so I'll go with Jan. 28th.

I'm going to say January 17th. The border will take a while, but I don't think you'll run into a glitch.

Wow. Kathy, I like your knitting very much, the shawl is beautiful. But what I like most is your good taste. Won't you come home and decorate it for me, please? ;)

And my guess of your finishing date is january 16th, just because I have an appointment with the doctor that day. Surrealist? You bet! :)

I'm going with Jan. 15th.
Looks great so far!

All my days have been taken (I'm always late to the party), but I'll quess just for kicks. I say evening January 16. It's lovely!

See, I think you are a speed knitter. Seems you outknit everyone I know or read (blog) I'm always shocked to come back to your blog and see amazing progress in such short bursts of time. Seriously it truly amazes me.
Anyway, my guess. If you started on the 1st, I give it until the 14th or 21st at the most. But thats two guesses, I'll make up the difference and say January 17th, late evening ;)

I'm going for Valentine's Day.

January 25th. Good luck.

I would guess that you will be finished by Jan 30th. I haven't knit a triangular shawl, but my experience with a circular shawl taught me that the outside rows take a LOT longer than the starting rows, and borders seem to go on forever. Good Luck! So far it looks gorgeous!

I figure you will be done by Jan 16, and I mean all done. That border thing is a snap and you are a very talented lady. No I am not sucking up to see if I can win that way!!! although not a bad thought. ...

Fun! I'm voting for January 12, 7:54 pm. Just popped into my head. You are such a superstar knitter I wouldn't be surprised if you finished it earlier!!

February 2nd. Other things will get in the way. :)

I'm guessing January 18th.

I think that you will experience difficulty with the pattern when it comes to grafting the perpendicular stitches and will have to re-write that portion of the pattern, thus setting your pace back a little. I predict you will overcome extreme frustration, contact the company that produced the pattern, have new graphs, schematics and diagrams and still finish on February 11th; in time to block and give as a valentine.

Well, I was going to say Jan 14 as a totally random guess, but it's been taken!

Then I did some math based upon knitting speed (extra fast for you), other responsibilities in life that interfere with knitting time, insanity, pattern difficulty, and a handful of other points.

Then I filtered out the already taken days (drats!) and came up with: 2 Feb 2005, Groundhog's Day!

[I think you will likely be done before that point, but the edges are fiddly and I can see you re-engineering them even more. This is about a week past my calculated date of 24 Jan 2006]. :)

I'm going with January 23rd (7:30pm if it's needed for a tiebreaker). I thought it might be a little sooner at first, but you mentioned it involved some techniques you haven't used before so I added some frogging time.

I'm going to say Jan. 16 at around 11:00am. It is beautiful and I'm sure your Grandmother will love it.

My guess is January 17th - I too, think you are a machine, as someone else mentioned, but I also think you're going to get pretty fiddly with the border, making it just so, so I'm allowing you some time for that ;-)

I'm guessing around midmonth, Jan 16th. You are a quick knitter and unless you get bored or frustrated you will finish.

I say around Jan 20th....I hope I'm right :-)
It looks great so far.

Happy Knitting

im going to say jan 29th because that is when my little boy turns 3 mo. Happy knitting...

I'm guessing Jan. 17, at 11.13 p.m. EST. Can't wait to see it!

Oooh, it's going to be beautiful! I'll guess, let's say Jan 21, 2006.

Jan 30. That was my Gramma's Birthday, so why not?

Oh, and a time? uh, 10:11 AM.

I'm guessing January 28th for three reasons.

1. It's my birthday. And we all need presents (even the spoils of contests) on our birthdays.
2. It's a Saturday. More time for involved things like finishing up lace work.
3. Amazingly, no one has guessed it yet. (But in case a flood of 1/28 guessers follow me, my time guess is 1:27pm.)

I'll go with Feb 3, the rows will keep getting longer.
Beautiful shawl.

January 26th. This is just a random guess. Happy Australia Day!

January 17. 2006 p.m. cuz you're FAST and even though you say it's difficult that's only for non-grumperina's, ie mere mortals!

The evening of Jan. 17th. Knitting back-backwards is a great technique for those sideways attached borders. Even thought there are a lot fewer sts. they seem to take forever.
Beth T

January 31st. I'm guessing, a project perfectly completed in exactly one month's time. ;) Looking pretty good so far!

What a mesmerizing pattern - I love it! My guess is January 11th - go, Grumperina, go!

Januar 22, only because it's my birthday and that way I'll be able to remember it. But it's so gorgeous! Your grandma is one lucky lady.

I'm guessing Jan 15th. I think that accounts for a day or two of hassle to figure out your new techniques. The shawl that I have on the neeles, however, will probably never be finished.

My guess is January 23, 2006. In the afternoonish.

It looks lovely!

February 17. You will need a break to knit some socks.

January 18th. I think you'll zip along on most of it and then have some technical issues, which you will figure out over the MLK holiday and then you'll wrap it up on the 18th.

Looks gorgeous, by the way!!

I'll say Jan 27.

The evening of January 16.

I'm guessing Jan 29th at 6:45pm. It seems like a pretty complicated pattern, along with having to learn a new technique. Plus, you're a busy bee so I'm giving you some lead time incase there are any unforeseen events. ;)

It's gorgeous and I can't wait to see it completed!

i'm going long at february 14th... it would be fitting to end this project on valentine's day since it's quite obvious that your grandmother is a total sweetheart :)

My guess is January 20th. But of course deep inside I KNOW you will finish it twice as quickly! :D

Wow that is just gorgeous. I think you'll finish January 22. Best of luck!

January 25th at 10:45 pm.

It's beautiful so far!

January 11th... even though it's already taken, my head just wouldn't let me pick any other day! It's so symmetrical.

I'm going wtih Jan. 7th as I think you are motivated!

I have a lucky feeling about the 23rd.

I think it 'll be finished the 19th of January,just because. :)

January 16th is my guess!

Feb 1, 2006

My guess- February 10th- just because- it is my birthday, and there should be more happening (such as the finishing of a beautiful shawl) than the anniversary of my birth!!!!! Good luck!

um . . . January 22nd.

I didn't read all the dates, so I hope I'm not duplicating someone else. I'm going to guess February 7th. Good luck.

Hmmm... I'm thinking Jan. 21. It's gorgeous so far, by the way.

Knowing you are a perfectionist who's not afraid to rip it, rip it (just a little bit) until it's perfect (especially for grandma!) I'm going for the long shot...two months from day of "conception" March 1.

I'm going to say January 27th -- a bit late compared to most folks it seems. But, as others have said, I anticipate some pattern-related difficulty and then brilliance characteristic of Grumperina to save the day :).

Knit on!

You are an amazingly fast knitter, but I'm guessing that you won't finish until January 16, 2006 - before 4 p.m.

My guess is January 25th since it's my Birthday!

I say January 16th (my brother's birthday). Yes, I know it has been already suggested!

Keep us informed,


You are starting to make the Fastest Knitter in North America feel slow!!! Do you actually have a "day job" that is not knitting? lol
I have 2 guesses - if you work only on this project I say January 22. If you work on other thing(s) as well I say January 29.

You are fast, sneaky, and enthusiastic so there's no point in my making calculations.
I randomly choose Monday January 23rd.

Keep up the great work!

The shawl is georgous.I think you will finish on the 12th of January.Rita H.

It's beautiful!!

I say January 23rd at approximately 8:05pm. It looks beautious so far!

The shawl is looking fab......your grams is going to be so excited! I'll guess Jan 14....don't know why, but it sounds good to me!

January 18th at 9:30 pm...has that guess already been taken???

Others have beat it to my date, but I'll toss my guess in on January 16 as well. It is looking lovely so far.

I will go with january 26th... and I think it is absolutely lovely... you keep me in awe with every post!

I will guess Jan 10. No particular reason at all.
I just figure 10 days from the start date sounds about right.
It's beautiful so far, I wanted to knit one of my grandma's the agate and lace scarf in pink with pearls (as a tribute to her breast cancer fight) but I have realized that lace knitting is not for me. And come to think of it I'm not even sure that she would like it.

I vote for Jan 25.

Your mom's is gorgeous! I'm going to say late evening January 7th, because you will be very excited to finish it and not make your gram wait too long, since she already loves your mom's.
Good luck!

I'm going to guess that you'll be finished Sunday, January 14th, at 10:00pm. So I'll expect to see pictures when I check my computer Monday morning :-). Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy reading it!

I think that edging might add a little extra time to the project so I'm going with completion on January 12. Good luck and enjoy that wonderful yarn.

Longtime reader, first time comment maker,
16 Jan, I dunno if others have picked it, too many comments to read, but the day kinda jumped up at me.

I'm going to say January 15, just because.

I'm guessing Feb. 2. I think you will have the inside part done within a week, but that border is going to take some time.

I haven't gone through all the guesses, but I'm gonna say January 19th. That's when my freedom ends and I go back to school, so maybe you'll be free from the project by then. And it leaves plenty of time for border fiddling and such.

Oh, and of course it looks absolutely amazing so far. She'll LOVE it :)

Oh my god, 130 comments. Mine makes 131. I'm sure it's probably already taken, but I'm going with January 19.

I know others have gone with the 15th, but I am going to have to go with that as well. Maybe I can step it up a notch and say... 9PM? :)

oh man...I can't read through all the other guesses. But I know you...well, not really. I think you will be all about this shawl and the challenge of it. I see alot of 15th and later...but I, I think you will finished by midnight on the 9th. Really. I do.

I guess Feb 10th because at some point you'll need a break!

My guess is February 1st. It's so beautiful so far.

Lots of folks are clustering their guesses around the same time I think you'll be done. So I'm going to throw in a semi-randomly selected time of day to help pinpoint it.

I'm guessing that you'll finish on Thursday, January 12th, at approximately 10:27 p.m.

Looks lovely so far, btw! And I always love reading about your interactions with your relatives as you figure out what you're knitting for them!

My guess is January 15th, to give you the weekend to get some extra stitching in!

Hmmm...speedy knitter, beginning of term, motivation...I'm going with January 18th, although even that date may be too late! Love your blog, Grumperina!

Hmmm, I'll say Jan 23--the day of my first wedding! You love that pattern and your love your grandmama, so you will get right at it!!

well, speedy-knitter G, let's see...
if my calculations are on target, you'll wave that magic wand and complete this gorgeous granny number on sunday, 8-january. i'd give a specific time but that extra second we got at new year's has me all jumbled.

Well first of all.. I am annoyed that someone else already took my guess..

......And did you block that already? Are you nuts? Why are you blocking when you aren't done? Is this a dirty grumperina trick? "Those who guessed January 4th, you win!" kinda thing? That would be evil : P

Otherwise.. I'm going to have to guess January 27th.. because I like 27 and I say so. Allthough I do notice that other people have guessed that already.. what are you doing in case of a tie? All the other good dates are already taken too : /

Looks absolutly fabulous so far though.. I know grandma will deem it not-retarded!

January 22nd.

And the skiing was fabulous today.

The fourteenth is a full moon..I go with that!

This looks like a challenge so I'll say Jan. 18th.

February 5th.

January 8 at 9:30pm

January 21st.

january 29, baby.

January 12th around 10:30pm.

Friday, January 13th!
It's looking beautiful :)

Monday, January 16, late in the night time.

January 13th (I love the 13th, especially Fridays, and you are a wicked fast knitter) It's gorgeous!

Well, I started to read through the guesses, but decided against it....I don't want to be dissuaded from my original guess: January 18th at 10:30pm.

You will be finished on Feb 10 just in time to get it blocked for your granny by Valentines day.

I guess Feb. 4th, for no particular reason.

January 10th at 8:30pm. I have faith in you!!

I'm guessing January 23. I'd pick next week if you were knitting straight from the pattern, though!

Feb. 14th - with love to Grandma!

January 24th at around 10:00 p.m.

don't let the kniting a border while attaching it perpendicularily to live stitches scare you too much! I had to do that on my weeping willow shawl and was worried about it the whole time I knit the body. in the end, it was super easy! you'll do great.

I guess feb 3rd. :)

January 9 - because I know you'll knit like an amazing machine to keep Grandma warm on these cold winter nights! :) It's just beautiful - and I love the color!

I'm going to guess that you will stay up late to finish it one night because you'll be so close! So let's say January 15th @ 1:10am:)

Looks fantastic!

January 22, around 6 pm. I had very carefully calculated and figured it would be in the wee hours of Jan 23, but my daughter was born on Jan 22 at 6 pm, so of course I had to chose that instead :) So far it looks gorgeous, Grandma will feel well loved every time she wears it.

I think you'll finish on Saturday 1/7/06.

When I started reading, immediately January 10th came to mind. But then I looked at your schematic and remembered the border. Are you only doing the side borders and not along the neck? If that's the case, I'm going to guess January 21st. Regardless of your finishing date, I hope you have a wonderful time knitting this lovely shawl for your grandmother!

January 21

January 15th. 11:02 pm.

January 9th 9:47 p.m. It's gorgeous so far!

January 18th!

no sense guessing the date this late in the game, so I'm guessing the prize instead. I bet it's all those little green brussels sprouts of yarn along with the prolific Mama yarn ball!

too, too funny. best of luck to you and all 300 guessers. It's a beautiful shawl!

I'm guessing January 9 at 11:59 p.m. Great blog! Beautiful shawl!

January 10th! My guess is once you get to the border, you'll be so anxious to see it done it will be finished in no time!

January 20--my brother's birthday. Good things happen that day!

I think it will take you until Jan 15th. You always seem to accomplish your knitting so very very fast.

It is going to be beautiful!

I'm going to take a gander for a finish date of January 17th... just because that is my birthday!

Good luck - I look forward to seeing the progress!

I'm guessing January 18th ... although you're not going to have any problems knitting perpendicularly, it's easier than it sounds.

I think you'll finish on January 11th. You've already had great progress!

I haven't read through alllll of these guesses, so I'm not sure how many other people have also thought about this day but I'm going with my first gut reaction which is Jan 12th. It looks great so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Jan 16th. Because you'll knit like a fiend through the weekend and then you'll mostly finish but will have to like, weave in ends and twiddle some parts. :)

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