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January 19, 2006


Hi, sweeties! You're too sweet to leave me all those nice comments about Sarit's hat.

I'm very excited about this! It was one of these design experiences that just worked which, ahem, isn't always the case at all. I'm truly, honestly and completely smitten with the outcome.

So much so, that I absolutely must have one of my own. Besides, it will also allow me to double-check the pattern. A quick stop to the LYS and Beadworks later, I have all the supplies:

(this is my ultra-inconspicuous way of letting you know the ingredients, in case you want to rummage through your stash in anticipation of the pattern release)

1. 1 ball (1 ball!) of Rowan Cashsoft DK, 57% extra fine merino, 33% microfibre, 10% cashmere. The ball band says that it knits to 22 sts/4" in stockinette on US 6. Of course all those stitches traversing the fabric on a diagonal create a different gauge in pattern, just like the Jaywalkers.

This stuff has fantabulous yardage (142 yds/ball), which is why one ball is enough. And it's not a tight squeeze - I had 8 grams (22 yards) left over after knitting Sarit's hat!

Hey, I better tell the gals at the skeinalong about this.

2. Size 6 beads, about 150 (sometimes marked 6/0). Sarit's hat has exactly 110, so be safe and buy a few more. I use a Big Eye needle to thread the beads onto the yarn, but there are alternatives.

Beads are entirely optional! In fact, imagine the hat in forest green sans beads - perfect for your favorite guy! By the same token, you can incorporate more beads, or fewer beads, or arrange them in some kind of interesting sequence. Whatever!

3. Needles: US 4 (3.5 mm) 16" circular needle, US 6 (4 mm) 16" circular needle, and US 6 (4 mm) double-pointed needles.

4. Stitch marker and tapestry needle

While I was at the LYS, I also (finally) picked up a second set of US 4 dpns to knit Ori's hat. Now I have a decision to make - which hat to make next? Mine, or Ori's?

Oh, little Ori. You will have to wait for this selfish knitter to be done. She knits pretty quickly, though :).

Posted by Kathy on January 19, 2006 11:40 PM


Well, I'm a happy little camper, because although I am participating in the Stashalong (and it is killing me, only three weeks in, this is not going to be pretty by April), I happen to have some Cashsoft DK in the stash.

No one ever said I couldn't buy beads!

Sounds like you deserve to knit something for yourself! I hope you're as happy with it as you were with the other one.

Wooot! I have an extra ball of Cashsoft left over from a sweater! De-stash, that's me!

I can't wait for a pattern for this hat! I was actually thinking-- would it work if instead of beads, a small bit of thrumming were added in? It would create a similar look and an extra warm and fuzzy cap for my nearly shaved head, I think. Possible?

Wow! I saw your hat over at the skeinalong; it's gorgeous! I can't wait till the pattern is out... now I just have to find a size 4 circular....

I am so excited for this hat pattern. I have never done beading before, but you have inspired me. Do you think I'll be able to figure it out by myself? I'll probably have to enlist help from my knitting group. Can't wait!

You patterns are always wonderful and I am looking forward to you new hat pattern. My daughter loves hats and her 9th birthday is coming up.....I see beaded beanie in her future!

I'm like a runner at the starting blocks waiting for that pattern. It's sooooooooooooooo adorable.

IT must be fate - I too have a single ball of cashsoft DK sitting in my stash looking all lost and lonely - and don't get me started on beads :-)

Ooohhh, I love the hat and the yarn color you picked for yours is beautiful!!!

oooh I cannot wait!!! though really like I need another project... I need to finish the ones on the plate first :)

Hurry! I was thinking this would be my Olympic challenge to knit with beads! ;)

And please? lol

Wow! I don't know how I missed that hat before - just gorgeous Kathy! You are an incredible designer. Thank you for sharing your patterns.

Lovely! I like the colors you picked for your version.

Well, I just happen to have a skein of that exact yarn hanging around. Can't wait to see the next step!

Beautiful hat... I am eagerly awaiting the pattern!

Hurry. I've got a present deadline of next weekend and this could be it.


I am looking forward to seeing the pattern.

What Claudia said, only I'll make it for me, me, me :-)

I love the pattern and I have an odd ball of wool that would be perfect. I think I even have the beads which makes it even more. I'll have to consider this hat once my Jaywalkers are done :)

I just saw the "Sarit" hat. I am so in love with it I could die. Are you really going to share the pattern with us? You are indeed a benevolent knitter.

BTW, I just cast on for the jaywalker socks you designed, and even though I am a late bandwagon jumper, I'm very smitten with them...

I've been looking for an excuse to check out the bead shop in my neighborhood - and this hat is it! I can't wait for the "recipe" now that I have the ingredients.

Sometimes you just have to knit for yourself! It's called self-preservation. I can't wait to see your hat. It's such a cute pattern.

Two comments. First, you tease us! Posting the "ingredients" but not the "recipe." I can't wait!! Second, I too have a single skein of Cashsoft in my stash. It is amazing to me to read the comments and see how many of us have single skeins of this yarn. What's up with that?

You make me want to learn to knit with beads right now! Your ingredients list is making me hungry for a new project. I must resist!! :)

Ori will never know the difference - indulge yourself! :)

oh, i can't wait to start on this one!

That is one awesome hat! And now, bead interrogation: Are the beads washable? How do you know if they are or not? Are they glass or plastic?

So beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing the pattern myself. :-) Love reading your blog!

I've never knitted with beads before, although I've been wanting to ever since I saw the 3/4 length beaded sleeve cuffs you knit. Do you think this pattern your working on would be a good first bead knitting pattern?

I've got a friend who this is going to be PERFECT for. Never tried beading before, but this is a great excuse to start!

Yay! I'm coming out of stalking mode to say that I love this hat and am so glad you are sharing your lovely pattern with us! This will be my first project with beads. I love the results of it! I can't wait!

OooOOooOo...can't wait!

Oooooh, I can't wait to see it! I love the color! I also have a skein of this lying around from a fair isle project. Hmmm....who to make it for?

I was just complaining about how much threading all those beads STUNK while casting on for Frill on knitty. And now here you make this gorgeous thing, and I must make one for everyone I know, plus a few extras in case I meet new people, because it is SO gorgeous everyone should have one. Death by beads is in my future, I can tell.

I'm so glad that your hat worked out so well. Some of the best pattern ideas are the ones that just come to you easily.

The hat is so frickin' cute. I'm glad you are knitting yourself one. Good break from the shawl.

marie in florida is ready

So excited for this hat. I have some red alpaca I'm going to use instead of cashsoft. I think it will be the perfect decadent substitute. :) >>

Just as I entered the yarn store 2 balls!! of Cashsoft were being placed in the 1/2 price basket. How could I not buy them? Now to find the perfect beads.

Dang, I get paid today! How can I pass this up?

Quick question about the forthcoming pattern: how insane am I to try to convert this to a beret, with more/tighter ribbing on bottom, and the spiral pattern on the poofy bit?

Just one ball? That is good yardage.

I can just see it with beads of all colors. SO pretty.

Hi there, I would LOVE to have my jaywalkers included in the gallery, thanks very much!

Looks like a winner to me!! Will shop for what I don't have today - - then await the recipe! You know - you are on your way to being a designer - whether you realize it or not!

Looks like a winner to me!! Will shop for what I don't have today - - then await the recipe! You know - you are on your way to being a designer - whether you realize it or not!

Yay! Thank you for agreeing to share the pattern... although I am on a yarn diet, there's nothing in the rule book about beads or needles... heh heh heh.

Such a sweet, soft looking hat! This will be my first experience with beads -- look forward to the pattern release!

I love the saying on the needle case! So clever!

Hey!! The hats are awesome, I love them:):):):):)
Wow, you have a ton of comments, sorry I dont comment often.....I've been away from the computer for weeks. But Great job, you're so talented, designing that pattern yourself!!!

Wow, beautiful hat. Now I'll just have to take a trip to the yarn store for that Cashsoft DK. Two LYS's also happen to be bead stores so there you are! I'll be all set.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comments. Do I just email you a picture of the socks to be in the gallery?

My daughter just picked out the beads for her Sarit hat. I can't wait to start it.

Y'know, you're a real knitwear designer. Time for a book! When will Grumperina's Greatest Knits be in stores? I'll be first in line to buy it.

I don't have any Cashsoft DK...but know where I can get some! And since I'm not in the Stashalong, it's not a problem. LOVE that hat!! I can't wiat to see the one you're making for yourself (you'll be done, what? tomorrow??).

Hi Kathy,

Fun talking with you today! Again, LOVE the hat. I'm already looking forward to making one and working with the beads -- thanks for the lesson. Now, I have to pick up the "Big Eye" (for some reason, that name cracks me up!)

That is a great hat and you definitely deserve it after all the shawl woe. I had long been eyeing the lacy bonnet in Knitting for Two, but then I had a little boy and it didn't seem appropriate. Maybe Owen will need a little boy version of your hat in a few years. Or maybe I need one myself...

I can't wait for this pattern. I don't have any Cashsoft but I've been looking for an excuse to buy some...

Just found your blog, and I am smitten with this hat... I keep trying to figure out how to do it; where the cables are, how you did the decreases. Bravo! It is lovely.

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