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January 24, 2006


As soon as I report that my Shining Star has a weird cone shape at the crown, everyone chimes in, "oh yeah, mine had that, too." Where were you guys before? :)

I'm not entirely innocent, either - I did see this FO photo by Ms. Domesticat way back when, but chose to attribute the funny shape to her use of two colors (or something).

All of us want to see the hat off the needles and on the melon, of course, since the needles give the thing a very artificial shape. Ask, and you shall receive.


For comparison, the lilac number is Sarit's hat which, in my opinion, fits remarkably well.

Dare I say, nipply? Hehe...

My friends, here's the thing:

I have no doubt that blocking will help the cone shape at the crown.

I have no doubt that the cone shape will be lessened when there's more fabric to pull the hat down.

Those two things considered, I probably don't need to change a thing, just keep on knittin' like no one's watching. BUT...

But I'm a peculiar person - if I know there's a better way, a more clever and elegant way, I have to give it a try. At the very least! And here we are talking about a little hat, something that takes a day or two to knit.

Well, I haven't ripped yet, I just put the hattus-in-progress on some scrap yarn and cast on using the skein's other end. A few hours later...



Posted by Kathy on January 24, 2006 10:12 PM


um, can we say, jealous? I only DREAM of being as knit-savvy as you! That new hat looks wonderful!

Much better! What change did you make to make the crown so much smoother? From the pictures you have the same number of stitches in the petals and below, and there is still only 5 petals, so I cannot tell what it is with which you did your magic.

So it looks like you changed the increases- am I right? Let us know how you did that, it's an amazing trick!

Wow, much different. I sure hope someday I'll actually be able to fix problems instead of changing things and messing it up. hehe

And I bet you're doing a little happy dance right now... Good job!

I have been having a heck of a time with this pattern - first, trying to work with one stitch on each of 5 needles, and each one beginning with a YO... I nearly had a fit. I put it aside. probably forever now, especially after seeing all of these nipples - NSFW!

Nice yurmulke!

So, how did you do that? Having sold copies of the pattern to many of your loyal readers because you found it and it IS a cool hat, how are we going to be rounded instead of pointy? It's your obligation, right? You are an amazing knitter!

okkkaayyyy...so what did you do differently? Big change.

These two girls are going to be so happy. Beautiful results!

Nice job--they look lovely!

Wonderful! You'll have to share your mods ... um, please?

It's darling! And perfectly rounded just like you wanted. I wish I was so skilled at altering a pattern. :)

You're a genius!

It's perfect! (although I still think this one might need a few beads, too. But then, I'm awfully girly....)

Wow, much better. I wish I had half your knitter's brain.

oooh, lovely. Version 2 is the one for me. Its such a cute shaped hat!

what are your resources to figure these things out??? Or for that matter to design.
Oh how I would LOVE to be a fly on your reference shelf!!

nice one!

Thanks for taking the time to figure this out - please don't keep us in suspense! I too have this pattern from Kate and have been looking at others' photos of their efforts which have made me hesitant to knit it (Kate's images of the hat don't show the nipple/cone effect.)

Okay -- you rock my knitting world! Beautiful. I went on a little Cashsoft expedition yesterday . . . next up, Big Eye!

So how didja do it? How did you get rid of that conehead effect? Inquiring minds... are stumped.

I really like the star-flower-petal motif. Going to post the pattern, eh?

Wow - you truly are amazing. I too think it's something in the increases, but I can't figure it out. Please do tell.

Oooh, are you going to share your fix?

I encountered this once as well...and had to fix it. It looks fabulous now!

I keep staring the two photos trying to spot the differences. But I just can't figure out exactly what you did. You are one intelligent lady! I really apreciate you perfectionism. One can never aim too high. :)

Wow you have quite a wonderful talent. You did that change very well! Excited to see how you did it.

Oh that looks great!

So...ummm.....anyway you will have that pattern up by the Opening Ceremonies?!? I have my supplies and am patiently waiting! ;)

Hah, much better!

Looks so much better your way. One of the beauties of knitting hats... ripping it out doesn't waste too much precious knitting time!

Wonderful fix, whatever it was. I have to say, most of the time I feel like a real knitter. Until I knit next to you or visit your blog. Then I know I have too much to learn to be a real knitter yet.

You're just amazing!!!!! What did you do?

Big change! I much prefer the NOT nipply version. I've had that pattern hanging about for ages but had the nipple problem and just abandoned ship. Bad knitter, I know. I look forward to seeing what magic you worked on it.

Bingo, indeed. The second version looks sooo much better. You are indeed a genius and my forever knitting hero =)

Awesome. What did you do differently?

damnit i will gladly admit that i am no perfectionist and was willing to live with the nipple, but now i'm wondering why. why am i so lazy? so what changes did you make - please reveal!

Your creative and ingenuity are an inspiration! What did you do differently? Hopefully you'll reveal the answer in a later post.

Wow, brilliant.

Wow, the second hat looks so much better. I'd love to hear how you did it. I'm thinking something you said about increasing more frequently in the beginning rounds? Great job!

i think i know what you did. i will try it out myself.
damn you for making the rest of us look sloppy!


Kate would probably be happy to know about this (actually, she already does), and if you emailed her the mods, she'd love you forever, I'd be willing to bet.

Brava! Well done!

Not only are you a genius, but you must be stubborn as hell! :)

It's going to be a crowning glory on your head or anyone else's for that matter. I'm so glad I got to feel the wonderful yarn you used!

SOOOOoooooo pretty! I think my one little niece is gonna end up with a zillion hats - she'll have to change them periodically throughout the day just to wear them all at least once...

You truly deserve to be the first BS Knit Engineer (That's a Batchelor of Science in Knit Engineering)! :o)

oh, please share the secret. it looks so much better after your fix.

Elegant. Very, very elegant.

Oh very cute!

And how did you manage to take a picture of your own head? Lots of contorting and shots?

Did I not read somewhere you considered being a Doctor? Well - you are!! You "fix" patterns and make them well again. Awaiting the latest fix adendums and your own swirly - pearly hat pattern!!

Beautiful hat!

Dude. Share, please. I have that pattern, and if there's a modification that would make life better knitting that hat, I'd sure like to know about it. Cause yours looks gawgeous :-)

Wow, I feel like I discovered your blog SO LATE. I've been lurking for a while, and now I'm compelled to say: you rock! I totally admire your dedication, truly. You're an inspiring knitter. Why settle?

I have such knitting envy! I just blast through things and fudge. But every time I read your blog, a little voice in my head (my conscience, perhaps?) says "See what happens when you slow down and think things out?"

My new years resolution for 2006 is to take the time to think patterns through and be more exacting with my knitting! I'm a Grumperina-wannabe!

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