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December 28, 2005

Today I'm fascinated by...

Calf shaping: I have no idea if it's helpful, but I cannot stop staring.

Short-row toes worked from the cuff down: a big hole remains right at the base of the toes, and then must be closed by grafting. This is the first time I'm working the toe this way!

I'm actually done knitting this pair of socks, but it must be blocked and I have to weave in the reinforcement before it's ready for its close-up ;).

Posted by Kathy on December 28, 2005 12:13 AM


Very cool toes!
I think I'll have to try that... soon!

Looks like you stepped on a porcupine! Ouch! :)

Wow, that was quick. :)

That's a lot of stitches to kitchener! Although trying to make that seam look good is probably easier than making the kitchenered toe look good (at least for me).

Wow, those are nice! I've never seen toes done like that before, but it looks kind of cool.

I love that calf design! Your grafting will look fine. I, however, have decided that toe up is the only way to go.

I make my toes like that also. Love them that way! It looks like your calf shaping will work out great.

Very cool! These went much more quickly than grandma's last pair.

I'm curious-- why do you weave in the reinforcement afterwards instead of just holding it with the yarn as you're knitting? That way when the wool wears out, you have a template for your darning, no?

Don't knock calf shaping - works great if your leg is actually not a toothpick. Which is not to say I find it generally necessary, but it can be nice if the pattern accomodates it.

Very cool. I'm intrigued by the calf shaping - it seems like it'd be a good thing, except I have toothpick legs, so maybe not for me. I've never worked a toe like that, but it seems quite genius. I can't wait to see the close-up.

Calf shaping is neat, they will be so comfortable.

I love short row toes. When I do them I work the shaping from the top of the foot to the bottom, that way any uneveness in my kitchener stitch (a very rare thing, and I'm sure yours will be perfect :)) is on the bottom of the sock.

I am working up hubby's plain socks using toe up. That calf shaping looks interesting.

My standard short row toe is done that way, but I always knit the toe around from the front to the back, so that the grafting line is on the bottom of the foot. My reasoning is that if my grafting tension is wonky, I'd rather that be where the sun don't shine.

It looks awesome!

Priscilla Gibson Roberts had a short row sock in an old Interweave Knits that has you do a "Turkish" bind-off rather than a kitchener join. It looks really cool, and I will try to find the reference for you. (Actually, she suggests that if you want to kitchener, to keep the opening on the bottom of the sock. Perhaps her grafting isn't up to snuff?)

Aaaaw, Grandmas is so lucky. These look so cozy.

Those socks looks really nice, I've never seen a toe done like that before - I can't wait to see them all blocked.

What cool socks!! Very nice!

Oooh! Cool toe - I'll bet it's really comfortable.

You block your socks? Do tell!

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