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December 22, 2005

Holiday fun

This week I have been navigating blogs and witnessing a holiday tizzy that's completely foreign to me. It's interesting to watch, but I am an outsider to all of this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the distinct feeling that now is not a good time to post progress reports, wacky project ideas, or anything that would require more than a few minutes to read.

So, without further blabber I present you this:

Your task is to determine what in hell happened here (this was once a full skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock). Correct answers are welcome, as are creative one, especially if they involve Brussels sprouts. I'm afraid there's no prize other than hours and hours of entertainment for us all ;) ;).

Posted by Kathy on December 22, 2005 11:26 PM


Apparently, the big ball forgot the birth control and had a little of little balls. I feel sorry for the runt of the litter in the front left.

A squirrel. A small fuzzy rodent got into your stash and tried to run off with the big skein, only to find that he/she could not carry it. So he/she decided to nibble it into smaller lengths and ball it up in and easy to carry form. You caught said squirrel in the act and the photo is what you saw. OR you tried to unskein the yarn and got a terrible horrible no good very bad snarl and this is what is left from you unsnarling party.

Hmm, I would say a steeked sweater gone awry. Either that or a obsessive compulsive moth that must wind the yarn he munches. :)

hmmm...either you tried a fair isle project that was not successful and you're showing the green yarn, or, in a moment of craziness during the wee hours, you toyed with the idea of needle felting brussles sprout bobbles to the kimono sweater and this was how far you went with it before the return of your senses.

Little felted balls for hours of kitty-cat fun!! Well, if you felt them...


Finally, real evidence to support natural selection.


Did someone attack your skein of Lornas Laces with scissors?? Just a few snips would make a skein into brussel sprouts! Happy Christmas - by the way!

was it terrifying space monkeys?


Ball winding by someone with a short attention span?

Tiny martians preparing to make invisibility cloaks who only need small amounts of yarn (because they are very small martians) but are having a S&B party so that everyone can knit their own cloaks -- hence a lot of balls of yarn -- one for everyone.

Sorry -- tired and a little nuts today.

Uh, you forgot how to make pompoms and made balls instead?

*lol* It's always the space monkeys! But I think perhaps ball winding from a hank without a swift. Yarn gets all tangled and then you're basically screwed and have to cut out knots. Each of those little sticky out ends looks like it was cut with scissors.

It's the yarn equivalent of Tribbles!
Or a sock Intarsia gone horribly wrong.
Or moths!!!
Or a kitty showing his misguided affection for the lovely ball of yarn.

You are getting on the argyle-socks boat, maybe? Someone else was talking about making them.

Holiday gifts for pets? The little one could be for the knitting stylings of a pet hammy.

It's a Christmas present for all your best knitting buddies. You give each of them a little tid-bit of this glorious sock yarn. When each one knits it into their very own socks, you will all be like blood brothers.

Did you make little yarn balls to throw them out your window @ christmas carolers? :-D

I know when that happened to me, my dog had chewed directly through the middle of a skein of yarn, leaving me with about 16 different balls, and then chewed back through those again the next day!

Looks like the mohair I got from an unscrupulous seller on-line. Everytime I tried to wind a ball, I quickly had to start over. That is, in between jumping up to swat little flying critters to keep them from attacking my stash!

BTW, you are indeed wrong. These days are great days to write lengthy posts for those of us, who, like you, are not stressed to the max with last minute knitting!

Looks to me like you're gearing up for a snowball fight! ;)

Holiday? What holiday? :-) I can't top the creative guesses before me and so I'm going to be boring. I would guess that there were portions of the skein that weren't dyed to an acceptable color and those sections were cut out. Or you've been holding out on us about the holiday knitting, you're stressed to the max, have finally lost it, and took all your frustrations out on a poor skein of Lorna's Laces.

You were decking the halls with balls of Holly colored yarn? Or just hitting the deck?


Well, felted kitty balls are out as Shepherd Sock doesn't and the idea of cats playing with yarn gives me shivers as I am the vet who may have to surgically intervene. Brussels sprouts and space monkeys sound much more benign.

You must got the big one wet. Just make SURE not to feed any of them after midnight!!

Some good answers there so far, and as yet I've none better. I just wanted to say:

1. I love that color.

2. I love brussels sprouts.

Just so happens that yesterday I took your "100 Things" page and riffed on your items, because I found we had some things in common (first time I had visited your blog). I don't know if -you- like brussels sprouts, but they made it into yesterday's Things. They just may be the "42" of vegetables.

something knotted you're yarn up very badly!! After hours of trying to un-knot it, you gave up and cut snip snip!

I love that word "tizzy".

Let's see... you were using a swift and a ballwinder, chugging merrily along as you watched some television. You became distracted, the ball flew off the winder and across the room, the swift received instructions from Planet Zorch and mangled the skein... and all those small sproutlets of yarn are your tear-stained recovery efforts. The aliens of Planet Zorch care nothing for yarn. They are all about sequined fabric.

I've got it! In a moment of madness you realized you'd promised 16 people a pair of socks for the holidays (in festive green of course) and then promptly forgot. So instead of handing out socks, you are sending wrapped samples of what the yarn looks like. (wink)

Happy Holidays!

Forget crafting - I definately want to eat them.

Santa's little elves needed new little hats and mitts. That is their favorite shade of green you know.

DH said "You were inviting a bunch of storytellers over and they're only telling small yarns."

I think they're brussels sprout decoys because you're going brussels sprout hunting!


That's my answer.



Run!! Hide!!

I'm so uncreative at things like this! If this was in my house, I'd blame it on my husband leaving the scissors where the kids could get them, and my frugal self just can't part with it, or, it's discontinued and I'm in the middle of the project and would rather weave in all those ends then frog the entire thing (especially if it's a gift and I refuse to go buy a 'normal' gift)!
BTW, I have a great recipe for brussel sprouts that involves bacon and whip cream....

What has happened?! Love the colour...whatever has happened, I know you'll fix it! Yes, quick reads now...perfect.
Happy Holidays!

You take one with eggnog every hour to get through the holidays.

ITs amoeba wool.The longer you keep it,the more you'll have :D

The beginnings of a knit set of green eggs and ham?

Alien pods?

Brussel sprouts sprouting towards the sun (note all the little ends that are sticking up in the air like potato eyes)?

A visual aide for a discussion with children about where babies come from (the cabbage patch)?

Or, intarsia gone bad.

Your hamsters decided that you were spending too much time with your socks and not enough with them. So, they decided to make a nest in your stashette in hopes of getting more attention.

Trial and error knitting attempts!

was it some experiment at the lab gone wrong? or you tried to clone the yarn and those are the new babies?

ok here are my two stories for your:

one: In 1991 my (sadly this year deceased) kitty Basia decided that in case we got hit with some break-in bandits we should boobie trap the floor and she proceeded to take one skein and unravel it around the apartment thru the coffee table and the side tables and the dining room table to create the most intricate spider web you could imagine!

two: My ten year old daughter decided that she didn't like the way i had skeined up the yarn and on her sick day Tuesday she tried it herself - low and behold there are now 15 small balls of cotton yarn with no place to go.. maybe they can join your green wool?
have a very happy holidays!

Can't beat any of the above answers, but I will say that I love brussels sprouts, and if you don't, perhaps it's because you've never prepared them like this: trim stems, remove any ugly leaves, and cut sprouts in half thru stem end. Chop up a few cloves of garlic, and saute garlic & sprouts for several minutes in some mixture of butter and olive oil (depending on your cardiac health). Add soy sauce to taste and a little chicken broth (or water), cover, and cook over medium heat just until fork tender, allowing liquid to evaporate and sprouts to brown lightly at the end. Finishing touch: a splash of apple cider vinegar. Yum.

Hmm, they look like very neat balls. Perhaps you're making props for a doll's house. Or trying to make something that tastes nicer than evil dwarf cabbages.

I don't care if it's been suggested already...I think the cute little fuzz balls represent a close encounter of the wrong kind with a demonic ball-winder.

Elf socks!

Horror of Horrors! "Moth" balls!

I haven't come up with a complete hypothesis yet, but let me summarize a couple of observations:
1. LLSS is superwash wool. No way will Grumperina attemp to make felt ball with that.
2. The yarn in the smaller balls appear to be pristine. This means that the brussel sprouts are not a result of some knit gone bad.
3. There appeares to be 2 balls of each size.
4. From the stashette picture the day before, you clearly have 2 skeins of the LL from the same colorway.

Okay, so here are some 'preliminary' hypothesis:
1. You are attempting to do some intasia-like color work with yarn doubled, or
2. more likely, you are attempting to do 2 objects (a pair of socks or gloves, etc) with matching color work, and want to make sure you have enough yarn for that.

Maybe you made a bunch of swatches. You wanted to compare them all side by side, so you now have many little balls of the same yarn.
By the way, these are the only kind of brussel sprouts I can handle. In my house, the vegetable kind are simply intolerable! YUCK!

I blame Karl Rove.

The weapons of mass destruction have been found, and they blew up your stash.

You were working on a home improvement project, and couldn't find your tape measure. You then used lengths of yarn, cutting them to the size of the trim boards needed. After taking them to the hardware store to get the needed supplies, you then re-rolled the yarn for future use in place of ribbon for gift wrapping.

How about you accidentally cut the yarn when removing the label? Maybe the label accidentally got stuck to the yarn or something like that?

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