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November 01, 2005


I know, I switched things up on you.

I was willing to work with the splittiness. I was willing to work with the weird-ass pooling. I was even willing to sacrifice the tactile sensation and knit with what truly feels like fiberglass to me.

But then my hands started to blister, right under my fingernails... sort of like someone chafed my fingertips with sandpaper. They were irritated with every mohair fiber that came in contact with them.

And even then I kept going, waiting to see if the pooling might become more pleasant after the heel was turned and the cabled pattern began to encircle the entirety of the sock. (I love my Grandma, what can I say?)

But it didn't, and the blisters weren't going anywhere, so it was time to put the mohair down and step away from the knitting!

The substitute yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in periwinkle - I bought it a while ago, it was the yarn originally intended for Grandma's last pair of socks.

So, here's the fascinating tidbit: I was knitting the Mountain Colors Bearfoot on US 1 needles, and 74 sts formed just the right circumference. Now I have the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, which is slightly thinner, I'm knitting it on US 0, and it still takes only 74 sts to get the right circumference! Explain that!

P.S. My apologies to those of you who couldn't access my webpage last night - it's official! I've finally broken my 10 GB/month bandwidth limit! Good thing it's now November and I have a fresh new batch ;).

Posted by Kathy on November 1, 2005 07:35 AM


love the color! and i'm right there with you on the mohair---itch itch itch and then total discomfort.

The Lorna's is gorgeous, too...sorry to hear the mohair made your fingers blister! It's SO not worth working with something that makes you hurt. (And now I remember it was me who sent you mohair in trade that time. Ulp...sorry!!)

Oh the stitch definition is beautiful with that yarn. I have yet to try Lorna's laces...I must get me some!

I was wondering how on earth you were going to KNIT with something that you couldn't even stand to have on your FOOT for 20 seconds to take a picture! Personally, my hands are far more sensitive than my feet. Oh, well. A girl's gotta know her limitations. I'd much rather knit with Lorna's Laces anyway. That stuff is like butter. It looks fab and you can see the pattern better (at least in the pictures) in the solid color.

The periwinkle is gorgeous.

Um, good call on abadoning the Bearfoot. Blisters? Yikes. I love the LL - that color is fabulous. And I like the solid color with the pattern. I'm sure there's some math explanation for the 74 stitch thing, but you're the math wiz, not me!

Yikes! Hope those fingers are feeling better! Periwinkle is one of my favorite colors...

I figured that would happen... I like this color better anyway : )

No one ever said you have to knit with every fiber there is... Personally I can't knit with 100% wool (that I know of. There may be some batch out there somewhere that I can knit with, but I don't think there is.) My hands end up burning and itching horribly bad.. so I gave that up.

I know this goes against almost every comment about the curlicue: If you don't like something, don't knit it!

Words to live by : )

I like that yarn better than that Bearfoot anyway. The cables really pop, and the color is beautiful.

blisters?!?! ugh! i don't think grandma would be very happy if she heard about this!

anyway, i agree with the other commenters. the solid LL is a great fit for the pattern.

Good switch -- the LL shows the cable pattern really nicely. As for the same gauge on smaller needles, I bet the LL has a bit more air spun into it and plumps a bit when knit -- yeah, I'll go with that!?

Ouch! I am glad you decided to put it away. And your choice of yarn--Lornas Laces, gorgeous!! Love the color :).

I have a question, I see these are toe up socks. Do toe up socks always have to have the short row heel? Or can you do a flap heel too? A newbie asking question ;).


I love that broken cable rib pattern. Your stitches look so perfect. Those socks are going to turn out great!

Wow, I hope those fingers get better! That sounds really miserable.
That Lorna's Laces is really pretty. Love the color.

That blistering is what happened to me with this yarn! Stupid mohair. I think the switch to Lorna's Laces is a wise choice. It's a lovely periwinkle, the pattern is gorgeous. You are such a thoughtful granddaughter!

Youchie!! Heal fast, flying fingers.

Love the Lorna's and the periwinkle. Tres jolie!

Blisters?!? Yowza .... definitely time for a change.

The periwinkle Lorna's is lovely, and shows the pattern to better advantage, anyway. Good move.

Adam can't tolerate mohair either (and the MC is a very "old" mohair, to boot - i.e. fiberglassy), and I was trying to find a sock yarn to kake him a fun necktie and thye yarn store lady said, "surely he can wear mohair if his COLLAR will be between it and his neck?" I just looked at her and shook my head slowly. No, he can't. No matter how thick the shirt collar. I love the gentle purple of the LL, with its so-suble color variations.

I can knit with Rowan KSH, but bring Lamb's Pride near me and I die. My hands start to itch, sweat, and chafe. Disgusting. I love the color of the socks, who needs pooling anyway?

It sounds like you have a severe allergy to that stuff. I am one of those people who wool doesn't bother but get angora near me and I start to itch and sneeze! I know how you feel, you poor thing, go get some Haagen Daz rocky road to make yourself feel better. It makes me feel great! I like the new yarn color.

The color of the LL and the pattern looks really pretty. And I just love the dpns, are they old boye or a newer brand?

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