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November 08, 2005

Sugar, nanana na nana, honey, honey

Sugary socks for my honey nana:

Don't ask how*, but while working on my dad's scarf** and the Grumpecue***, I also managed to turn the heel on the first sock.

So far this project is working out wonderfully! The yarn is great to look at and to knit with, the pattern is simple to memorize, and I think Grandma will like the results.

After turning the heel, I switched from US 0s to US 1s - with all that additional ribbing and cabling in the cuff (but no additional stitches), I think the sock would become unbearably tight if I continued on the 0s. Then I checked the original pattern and it actually instructs the knitter to do something similar. This great process is called unventing - coming up with something clever that has, well, already been done. Very satisfying nonetheless!

*How? Some kind of stomach bug. It's not pretty. I had to take the day off today, and I'm still feeling very icky. However, plenty of knitting time between all the naps ;).

**Dad's scarf is more than halfway done! Click here for a sneak peek! The folks at Yarn Country where I bought the yarn have been very responsive, and a fifth ball of Karabella Aurora 8 is on its way. The written pattern is in the final stages of revision, but I'm stuck for a name! Suggestions are very welcome!

***Not that much Grumpecue progress, but I spoke to the mom of the future recipient today for the first time in a while, and was promptly reminded to get crackin'!

Eh, I'm not so sure I like the asterisk thing, but, hey, it was worth a try!

Posted by Kathy on November 8, 2005 01:07 AM


Names for the scarf? Sharfik.

Yup, Sharfik, seconded. This decision is already made, did nobody inform you? :)

Definitely call it the Sharfik.

Aw, the scarf has gotta be Sharfik.

Hey, I hadn't read the comments--more unventing.

Fourth-d; it couldn't possibly be called anything else than Sharfik!

I gotta go with the rest of 'em and say the scarf should be called Sharfik.

I love your dad's scarf so far, the big drama about it was very amusing. Ah parents!

It seems that if you don't call it Sharfik there will be a blog riot. I agree...I think Sharfik is cute.

I think you should name it Sharfik....

Oh please. The answer is obvious!!!

Your dad's scarf looks great. So glad you decided on beige (as though there was thought of any other color) :O)

The scarf is looking beautiful! And I have to go back and check - what's the sock pattern? REALLY beautiful!

Thanks for sharing.

Goodness are you talented! How do you find the TIME!? I love the scarf and the socks. Absolutely beautiful.

Sharfik, definitely. And I love the colour of the scarf, too - not so much beige as a sort of honey-oat (I know, I know, beige by any other name...).

I think you got wonderful feedback on the name for your dad's scarf! I love it, it looks just cable-icious!
The socks are beautiful, I love the look and colour of the yarn!
Hope you are feeling better...try to sneak in some knitting while resting;)

Sharfik, but you must designate in the directions that the color must be either beige or brown!

Socks, scarf, que. What a week!

And an "Archies" heading. I AM impressed.

From what I can see in the sneak peak, your scarf looks great! Clearly, it has already been named Sharfik, regardless of what you might think about it :)

The "Sharfik" reminds me of studying Russian as a 13-year old. We learned the word for hedgehog, and its diminutive. I can't remember why we learned it (maybe as part of learning the alphabet?), but will never forget talking about "yozhik", my "favorite little hedgehog". So, "Sharfik" gets my vote too!

Well, I came to comment to suggest a name, and all those great minds have got here first. I love the Russian diminutive for scarf - Scharfik...

Can't wait for the Sharfik pattern to be posted as I have the same yarn in the same color and would love to make this for my father-in-law.


Love your socks! Soooooo pretty. The scarf looks gorgeous, too.

It's only logical that the pattern's name has to include "Sharfik" somehow. :) Take care of yourself.

The socks are very cool. I'm agreeing with everyone else here and saying Sharfik really needs to be the scarf's name.

Hope you feel better soon.

Oh the sock is great and the SCARF IS GORGEOUS!!!! I so hope you sell your pattern girl!! It's a beautiful scarf screaming "Father's Day Gift!!"...

Your Dad already named it..Sharfik!! Beautiful socks and sharfik btw!

I LOVE those socks. Is it one of your designs?

Lovely socks and a great name for a great scarf. I'm glad you got the needed 5th ball.

Great sock! It's turning out awesome. Your dad's scarf is looking good too. The pattern reminds me of one that's in one of those little Vogue knitting books. I think it's the one that's all scarf patterns, though I think that one is made with chunky yarn.

What a beautiful scarf! Love the pattern and the edging. Pretty socks-in-progress too!

I'd name it Bob. Nah, seriously, Sharfik is fine. ;) Nice work on it, too!

I don't know how you find the time to get so much knitting done! Everything looks wonderful.

The scarf and socks are so wonderful!

I'm very witty. I've run to suggest you the name "Sharfik" for your scarf.

Ahem. ;)

Love the socks and the sharfik...I'm laughing my @ss off over the phone conversation with your parents from the other day. Thanks for giving me a laugh - it was a good way to end the day. :-)

Your dad's scarf is beautiful! AND>>> you knit the most beautiful socks of anyone I've seen. Some day... I will make a "Grumperina-worthy" sock... some day.

"Sandstone sharfik" is my vote for nomenclature. The scarf and the sock are coming along beautifully.

oh that sock looks sooo lovely! your family is gonna love you.

I have GOT to stop reading your blog especially when you post these gorgeous socks-in-progress pics. I come away with a serious case of sock-envy. Please. I am still at the just-looking-do-I-really-think-I-can-knit-those phase with the photos & directions in "Vintage Socks" of the ones you did for your Grandma. And I don't even want to go looking at the scarf-in-progess pics because then I'll have a wonderful case of scarf-envy thankyouverymuch. (OK, so I lied. I did look! sigh! Beautiful!)

Sock envy, but definitely!

Re: your dad's scarf, I know lots of votes are in for "Sharfik", but what about красивый or (excuse the anglicized spelling) "Kraseevy" (handsome) or "Krasne"?

Beautiful sock! What pattern are you using?

The scarf is beautiful, it is a wonderful present. Your story of your father reminds me of my Russian grandfather. My name is Patricia Ann, and as a child he called me Patti Annka. He too, added "ik" and "ka" to most words.
Thanks for triggering the memory of him.

The Sharfik is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing the pattern.

Only the best for Grandma! And your Dad's sharfik is looking great.

I love the socks! They remind me of mermaid scales..

Definitely "Sharfik".

I may have to make a sharfik for my Dad now!

Kraceevey Sharfik?

Or maybe Non-Retarded Sharfik, in honor of both your mom's contribution and your dad?

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