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November 30, 2005

Oh, it's Corded, alright!

Hey look! A cute little baggie, and a cute little baggie pattern!

I was approached by MagKnits to write up this little bag pattern back in July, and now it's finally here - enjoy!

Posted by Kathy on November 30, 2005 05:27 PM


Cool! Now where did I put the Daria.....

It's a great little pattern. I've been looking at that yarn and telling myself that it wasn't practical to buy any, but look at that . . . now it is!


And it's just as cute as can be. I love it - another thing to add to the ever growing list!

congrats!! it's a really cute accessory to have.

Cute! Love that wood button!

What a cute bag. The Amulet Pouch pattern is cute, too! Thanks for the link and showing off the bag.

Congrats!!! Another winner!

Congratulations! It's a cute bag.

Way cute, and very colorful. Finally, a good use for that Noro stuff.

I'd always wondered what could be done with that yarn - thanks!

Going back to your kimono inspired sweater.... instead of the lace pattern, why not try a pattern like King Charles brocade for the body? It is very elegant looking.

Such an awesome way to use that yarn!

So cute! I've been looking for an excuse to by a skein of Daria, I think I've got one now.

It is a super neat baggy. I must make one :).

I actually bought two skeins wanting to make a purse, but hadn't found the time to play with developing a pattern. Both stores where I have seen the yarn, have purses made from it but no pattern available. How silly! I'll bet they sell out now that a pattern is available.

Magknits has such cute patterns. Will somebody tell me the secret to printing them out? No matter what I do,part of the right side does not print out.

Can't print from the website? Try copying the text to a WORD document and then print.

I likey!

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