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November 16, 2005

How's that working out for you?

Don't even ask.



Eh, shit.

Well, I completed the first sock of the latest grandma sock pair and it SUCKED ASS.

Despite having switched needles from US 0 to US 1 for the leg portion of the sock, it still came out too tight. The cabling rows were like little tourniquets, cutting off my circulation entirely, which is really bad news for grandma whose legs are bigger to start with, and swollen most of the time.

You see that safety pin? That's the last cabling row that I thought was "acceptable" in terms of circumference. Everything else got frogged so quickly that I had to stop myself to take that photo (look - the needles are already out!).

I brainstormed a few ideas with June's help; they were all along the lines of increasing the total number of stitches. I tried several different things, including making the cables wider and even adding more cables (uhm, ugly, anyone?) but the results just weren't doing it for me. I must have frogged... six, seven times.

Wait a minute! Seventy-two stitches on US 1s should produce a perfectly reasonable sock circumference if there are no constricting cables! And that was my light bulb moment, which occurred as June and I exchanged e-mails about shawls (Shawls? What shawls? Heh).

I decided that I would gradually decrease the number of cable crosses, until the sock just becomes k2, p1 rib. I planned out the first row - it would have only 10 out of 12 possible crosses - and when I knit it, I totally botched it up. Of course, there's no other way! And I didn't catch it until I was ready to do the next cable row. Man! All the frustration and the worn yarn messed with my head.

So I'm back at the beginning...

I think I need to take it nice and slow because if I have to frog again, it will be the entire sock!

Little baby grumperina.com has been growing beyond any of my expectations, and I'm as proud as a website mama can be :). I ran short on bandwidth last month, and I'm on my way to a repeat performance this month. As a result, I have purchased another domain which provides me with 350 times as much bandwidth. What does this mean for you? Absolutely nothing! My blog remains at the same address, all links and URLs should work, and I will not be republishing any old entries. If you spot something that isn't quite right, you let me know, okay? The only difference you'll see is bigger, less-pixilated pictures, and perhaps even more of them - oh yeah! Those of you with dial-up connections - I'm keeping you in mind, don't worry - I'm not about to go nuts :). You will continue to not see pictures taken in natural light, though, since no fancy shmancy website can ever supply me with that :).

Posted by Kathy on November 16, 2005 10:39 PM


It's so amazing the care you take with your knitting. I'm sure your grandma appreciates all the love put into her socks! And I'm not surprised that you needed more bandwidth - you are one popular gal! (for good reason, of course!)

ps - thanks for the birthday wishes!

Good luck with the sock. I definitely feel your pain. I had to frog this pair of socks I've been working on twice already. I'm onto my third attempt.

I thought you were blogging about gene mapping or something. I guess knitting is equally as complicated. Glad to hear you found a solution to the sox issue.

How about ditch the Lorna's SOCK and switch to SPORT? Problem solved? :)

i always struggle with this too! i'll avoid patterns like this one for that exact reason. your solution makes sense though. i'm interested in watching the results.

btw, the lorna's looks like it's taking the ripping just fine. would you agree?

That is one beautiful sock pattern. Please persevere, I am dying to see the finished result -)

Oh that was so me with a hat last night! I ripped it out about 7 times...the poor yarn. I put it away and finished the vest. Which by the way would work lovely with that recycled yarn as you pointed out. I wasn't sure about wearing all those cables for myself, but I really didn't mind it on. I think it would look great on you!

I'm sorry you've had to rip so many times, but your perfectionist nature won't settle for less than ... well ... perfection. It will be beautiful when it's finished and then you'll have it all worked out for sock #2. May the knitting gods be with you.

Rah rah rah! Keep going! You can do it!

Debi beat me to it ... I think a switch to Shepherd Sport might solve your problem. It's a really nice yarn to knit with ... the result is very soft and cushy.

Back in the day when I didn't understand gauge, or the effect that cables had on gauge, I tried a cabled sock. Tried. I quickly discovered no way in hell was that fitting over my feet, so they became wristwarmers. Except that they were still too tight. Frog pond. Hang in there. I have every confidence that you'll figure out an answer to your tourniquette cabling issue.

Stupid sock and the stupid cables. I'm so sorry for all your troubles!

But, yay! Bigger pictures!

I'm sure that you have this all figured out, and I'm curious to see how you'll manage ending the cables. I can envision a couple of solutions, each looking a little bit different.

What about ankle socks! That way you don't have to worry about fitting swollen/skinny/or otherwise funny-shaped calves!

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