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October 06, 2005

Waving Lace? Not for me!

You know you're busy when you have to pencil in changing light bulbs, washing dishes, and going to the ATM in your planner.

Have you ever thought that it's not really necessary to shower every day? The thought has been lingering in my head all this week. And vacuuming? I don't know what you're talking about, I'm perfectly happy living with fiber/hair/dust bunnies the size of grapefruits.

That's just my way of saying, not much knitting progress has happened this week. It is in very poor form to talk about one's job on a public forum, so I'll just tell you that my students are keeping me very busy.

However, here is proof that there's been at least a little bit of progress:


I've started section 6 of the Curlicue.

I've started and finished the bottom of the felted dog bed for Annie's Men Who Knit (and the dogs who love them). You can see that it's nothing like the bed's sides - different colors, different stitch pattern, different yarn (this is worked with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, rather than the Sierra that's used on the sides), but I still love it!

Can we switch gears for a second and talk about socks? Grandma's feet are cold, and I know I've been talking about making her a new pair of socks for a while now. What's the hold up? Well, the original plan was to use some Periwinkle Lorna's Laces and the Waving Lace pattern from Interweave:


But it's like that scarf. Remember when everyone started knitting that scarf? Poo-poo-something? Ca-ca-something? Crap-something, that's it! I, too, loved the scarf at first, but when everyone and their mother had started to knit one, I was no longer interested - my inner knitter changed her mind from "yeah!" to "meh." Same thing is happening with the Waving Lace pattern - if two of my regular blog reads have knit them, and then my Sockapal-2-za sock pal knit them for me, and I see a completed pair on someone's blog at least once a week, the pattern is no longer for me.

What to do? Good thing last week I received Nancy Bush's new book, Knitting Vintage Socks. Although I still like Knitting on the Road better, this one does have a few patterns to work with.


I say, "work with" quite deliberately - a lot of the patterns have calf shaping, which doesn't appeal to me, or sizing that would need to be adjusted for grandma's footsies, or different toes, heels, etc. But, it's something, and it's not the Crapotee. Yet.

And the dishes? Still not washed.

Posted by Kathy on October 6, 2005 12:57 AM


Ummm. Haven't taken a shower every day since my first child was born. Even if you take a shower every day, you can cut corners by not shampooing every day or only using conditioner if you have long hair. You can sleep in your gym clothes if you are going to exercise first thing in the morning. You can buy Slimfast to save time on meals. I have many more tricks than this. Knitting does get a little tricky at these times, but I find it best to start a circular stockinette tube that you can make into socks or a sweater (depending on size) later and you can knit while reading. I even knit while reading aloud to my children sometimes....

I like the pattern on the orange socks in the second picture.

I feel the same way about the crapotee (After seeing that on your blog for so long I accidentally typed it in a comment to a favorite of mine who just finished one... I quickly hit backspace when I realised I had done it.. LOL.) but how do you feel about people who make "variations" like making it into a poncho?

I personally like the purple/blue socks.. but I really had to look hard to make sure it wasn't just the color getting me.

Hey Grumperina! You have to get "Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch. I know, the cover design (ok, the whole book design) leaves a lot to be desired, but there are tons of sock patterns with all the numbers worked out. I compared it with Bush's newest book and it definitely has more bang for the buck.

That blanket is a work of art. As for time, I can't even get around to knitting these days. As for vacuuming, that's way, way down on the priority list.

I vote for the purple socks.

Yay! My curlicue fix!

It's definitely not necessary to shower everyday. I only shower if I will be spending considerable time with people (family not included.) Grocery store doesn't count either. It's a very freeing life. ;-)

YAY! I'm getting Knitting Vintage Socks this weekend, and I'm gonna get to meet Nancy as well and she's gonna sign my books! I'm excited!

The curlicue looks amazing! I'm feeling inspired :)

Wow -- just a little bit more on the blanket and you are already half way done!
I'm looking forward to seeing the finished dog bed. It looks so interesting... and comfy. :)

You absolutely do not have to shower every day. I did not understand this until I had two kids under 5. If you did not do anything strenuous the day before, you can skip a day, or at least skip washing the hair. I have also been known to save time by brushing my teeth while showering. A girl's got to get creative! There are only 24 hours in a day!

I poo-poo-ed calf shaping until I actually made a pair with it. They fit *so* much better if you have any curves in your legs at all. They stay up, too. My usual sock pattern is a ribbed crew sock, and those always crumple down after a short while.

I like the blue-purple sock.

Oh you're in trouble - scheduling washing the dishes is not a good sign. Stupid students - getting in the way of things. I've heard good things about the Vintage Socks book and I'm going to have to check it out. I still love the color you picked for Grandma and can't wait to see what socks you end up with. Your other projects still look great.

Have fun picking a sock design! Half the fun for me is using the pattern as a place to start, then running off in my own direction. Never been very good at following directions ;-)

Seconding the recommendation for "Sensational Knitted Socks". It's an excellent reference book.

You know, I always put little stuff like that on my to do list just so I have something easy to cross off. I like feeling productive without having to expend to much energy.

I vote for the purple or the cream socks.

I have socks on the brain right now... seriously. So seeing those pics from the book gets my wheels turning. I like them all, and I think that the purple ones are awesome. Maybe it is because they look like the pattern I just started. Have fun with them.

It seems we both had socks on the brain, funny. I am putting Knitting on the Road next on my wishlist, and it looks like I should add Sensational Knitted Socks too.

I love that you don't want to knit waving lace socks becasue they have become so popular! I am excited to start your Jaywalker socks, hopefully this weekend.

Not as good as KOTR, huh? I have high hopes for this Vintage sock book, and the photos you included look fabulous. Perhaps the ubiquitous-pattern solution is to knit possibly-trendy patterns *right away*, before everyone else!

Vacuuming is totally pointless in my mind…it constantly needs to be done again. Knitting is always a much better use of time.

Now, if only those dust bunnies could be used for yarn, THEN we’d all be onto something.

I know what you mean...I need to get back on the knitting wagon and forget the rest of it! Love that afghan...it is looking fabulous. Where is the trouble in it that was talked about? You seem to have no problem so far! I haven't seen that many wavy lace yet, I still may do them. I am on the search for that new book, I do like on the road as well, but I am liking those pattern photos you are showing.

The first three socks you pictured are my favorites in the book. They knit up very nicely (I knit one sock for Nancy). Hope you enjoy them all.

I like the blue and the white ones. Anyway, I love the waving lace pattern too... and although when you surf the net it looks as if everybody is knitting them, I doubt your grandma will find anyone else wearing this socks...

The curlicue is growing nice, I am very excited about it! Thanks for your comments, and by the way... can you read spanish?

Ssshhhh... I knit waving lace socks too. I made them for my sock pal and I LOVED them. The best part of that pattern....they stay up!

Of course everyone and thier Mother is making them.

Wow, your blanket progress is very impressive!

Dishes? Overrated. Showering every day? Even more so. I rarely shower 2 consecutive days, and in the winter go as long as a week (right now you are saying, "um, yeah I kinda noticed!"). Just top up with a "whore's bath" in between. My grandmother loves saying that.

But handknit socks? Under-rated! Well, so I hear. I like the white on the right, leg shaping aside. WWGC (what would granny choose)?

I first read about the Curlicue in your blog, and now I'm waiting to receive the pattern from US any day now :o)) Looking foreward to starting this project, and will follow your curlicue-project.

From Bente (Norway)

Wow I'm loving that blanket. It looks awesome.

Okay you sock pattern rebel, I know what you are going through, check out a book out there simply titled, Socks, Socks, Socks. There are some really interesting patterns in it to be had. If you can't find the title, let me help you invision it, there is a picture of a chick sitting in some socks on the cover. Okay, I am kinda grumpy today. It is all because of mosquitoes and an intense hatred of the things. Just think of me as I am decorating my house for Halloween, I have to compete with the lady across the street. I am quite jealous of her in fact since she has a fog machine. Can you believe it? I want one!
I know you will like that book. :)

Hey I'm loving the blanket. I am looking for that pattern. I saw it in MaryMaxim, but didn't wanna buy the whole kit. Can anyone help me?

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