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October 01, 2005

The Ultimate Faux Pas

Remember the FO report of the socks I knit for my Sockapal-2-za sock pal? I was being brazen, showcasing the goods on my own feets.

A few of you must have psychic powers. Colleen said, "Just don't start wearing them around. I don't want to see those socks on the streets of Cambridge, ya know," and Purly Whites wisely commented, "You're going to have them worn out by September if you keep this up. And you don't even wear wool." Nona chimed in, "Are you sure those socks aren't really meant for yourself -- you seem to have bounded nicely with them! Don't hand knit socks just feel great to wear? Once you put them on, it's hard to take them off."

I present to you the Ultimate Faux Pas:

On my feet. Again. On pavement! Barefoot! What is going on?!?

There's a really good reason, and you can read all about it (and get the pattern) HERE.

And with that, I came to my senses, put on my sandals, and went home to wash the socks AGAIN ;).

Posted by Kathy on October 1, 2005 05:00 PM


ha ha!! so funny!! thanks for the pattern. i think you have secretly made another pair just for yourself.

What a fun post! Congrats about the pattern, and thanks for sharing it with all of us!

Yeah, but what about that skirt? Where can we get that skirt to go with our new socks?

I am so glad your pattern is in MagKnits!! I have been coveting these since their first appearance in your blog, and now I can knit my own! Great job!

Dude, you so totally rock.

Oh, yay!!!! I was not-so-secretly hoping that you would let us in on the pattern. They are great! Thank you.

I'm glad to see that you submitted the pattern to MagKnits. It's one that I can see becoming a staple!

That shot of you walking away is simply priceless! And who says you can't be your own sockpal, too?

Awesome! Another great sock pattern to get on my to-knit list. Yay for sock yarn!

I wonder if using a solid color sock yarn would show all the nice stripey patterning, though.

When I saw the picture of your socked feet on pavement I made a really loud gasping sound.. I couldn't believe you'd do that and give them to someone else!!

...I hope those are really yours : P

Great socks! Love the name and the photos you put with it. Our girl Grumperina, the versatile designer: Picovoli, Jaywalker, what's next???

Awesome namesake photograph! Thanks for the pattern posting!

I had just started a pair of socks from another pattern, and it Just!Wasn't!Working. But I was soldiering on, until I saw this pattern this afternoon. The other pattern is no more (well, I might use it for some more suitable yarn), and I know have 3 inches + of cuff on one of these. It's really much better, much as I hate to frog. Thanks for the pattern.

Love the socks! You are quite the little designer now aren't you?!

Another gorgeous pattern! Now box those socks up before you wear them again!

A great name for a great sock ... thanks for sharing the pattern! I think a pair of these is in my future ...

You're published! Very important in the world academie! Congrats!

That photo styling is prime. Cute skirt too.

You are so cute and I love the pictures of those socks. Thanks for the pattern - another published!!

Congrats on the magknits socks! Those are stylin'.

Yay for your socks! But what I'm really impressed by is how well-shaven your legs are.

How did you know that I have 3 skeins of Brown Sheep Wildfoote that have been patiently waiting for the right pattern to show off their variegated glory since I "adopted" them at Stitches West in February? Thanks for another great pattern!

Thank you Grumperina! I too have been hoping you would post the pattern! Yippiee!! I know just the yarn too.

I don't knit. I have twin toddlers. I don't have any plans for learning to knit anytime soon. But your blog is on my RSS and I read every entry, because you are so funny. Thanks for another enjoyable read.

Oh so awesome! I will be making these:)

I think it is time to accept them as your own, and make another pair for the SP!

Thanks for sharing your sock pattern in Mag Knits. I watched as you shared them with us on you blog. I do have a question though. I usually cast on 64 for a sock. You have 72 and 84 (if I remember correctly). Does this pattern pulls in alot, just to give me a starting point with the pattern. you can answer on the blog if you would like. i always read you!


Oh how do you get your k1,p1 ribbing to look so nice?...Mine looks awful...The socks are so beautiful...You sure do great work

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