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October 12, 2005


I take a 3-post break from the Curlicue, and what happens? Michelle and Deb (both blogless) specifically write me e-mails, and Zarah leaves a comment demanding to see pictures of Curlicue progress! Aren't you all little grumperinas?!? :)

But your feedback keeps my interest high and prevents me from putting down the Curlicue needles for too long a period of time. Besides, I aim to please ;).


Seven sections completed - that's almost halfway! And, yes, I enjoy selecting the "progress" color for each post.

Speaking of: now that I've knit a good chunk of this blanket and understand how the sections come together, I can tell you that each individual curlicue can be a different color! Imagine the possibilities:


So many Curlicues, so little time!

Posted by Kathy on October 12, 2005 06:45 PM


Wow! You are making me want to knit a multicolor curlique!

I really like the first combination... I could imagine it in medium and dark blue....

Oooo... it makes me feel all giddy.. hehee

I'm amazed that you're getting it done so fast! Go grump go!!

And that's the lovely thing about blogs, they are so motivating when folks come out of the woodwork to ask about your progress on this or that :)

A multicolor curlique would be quite festive! I like the middle option. It puts a nice flower right smack dab in the middle.

Would you consider making a multicolored one or once you're done with this, are you going to be done forever with the pattern? I usually don't like knitting up a pattern twice, but if it's a really fun pattern I'll do it.

Wait... the middle one looks like a star! It's perfect, it's destined to be...

Maybe when I finish the million other things. ;)

Still not interested in trying.

Wow!! The Curlicue looks great!! I have no doubt that you will conquer this pattern. =)

Reading your posts about the curlique blanket, I am way tempted to knit one. Way tempted, and also a little scared.

Swear to you - I've been sitting here knitting on my prairie blanket thinking about your curlicue! Oh my gosh - every time I see it I WANT TO KNIT IT! You are doing amazing with it. Tell the truth - is it really that complicated? Is it getting easier? The color combinations are amazing. Personally, I'm loving the last color combinations - three similar colors together - changing each grouping. JUST AMAZING!

Also, I'm LOVING the prairie blanket. What a beautiful, beautiful blanket it's going to be. I keep daydreaming about a sweater in that stockinette/garter stitch rib. I think it would be great. Thanks again for introducing me to these patterns.

Wow, I didn't know I had so much power! Maybe I'll have to start asking you to make things for me! Mwah ha ha!

How did you manage to make so much progress and knit that big ole double sided dog bed too? I'm so jealous of you super-speedy knitters.

Mmmmm, geometry...

See? with progress like that, you'll never get voted off knitter island ;-)

It's such an interesting pattern. Do you think that the fear factor and difficulty level are justified? You seem to be knitting it up so quickly!

I suppose that one could also knit this in rug yarn and also have an interesting floor covering (on which one would never tread :-).)

Wow, now I REALLY want to make one. Look at what you started! ;)

Ok, I bought the pattern because I was so intrigued. It looks so simple written out. Now I have to start encouraging my friends and relatives to get pregnant because I'm not having any baby! Mulitcolored sections looks like a great idea, but wouldn't changing colors disturb the reversibility of the pattern?

Woohoo!! you're halfway done!
Love the colors combination idea ;)

Wow, those color combinations are really inspiring - esp. the middle one. How big is the finished curlicue going to be?

I'm impressed. For such a difficult pattern, you're cruisin' along. I'm with Diana, tempted, but scared.

It is coming along beautifully. I love the multi-colored idea... is the pattern really that hard?? I'm tempted...

Wow! You're knitting right along! You'll be finished in no time! It really looks fantastic. And I have to admit, I was jonesing for a curlicue update myself. Thanks for providing! ;)

Holy crap that curlicue is awesome. You are making me want to knit one in ROY G BIV.

You are one talented knitter.

Ahh, curlicue, you mermerize me :)

wow! how can you knit such a lot of things?
your curlicue looks great, I can see no bumps at all (not like mine!)

Oh my gosh - the curlicue is GORGEOUS - what a great job - where did you find this pattern??

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