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October 07, 2005

New levels of insanity

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? That's me!

What's a girl to do on a Friday afternoon when she's able to escape work early? I know you're going to say, "wash her much-neglected dishes," to which I respond, "As if!"

I got many comments and e-mails about the entry where I introduce the sample felted dog bed I'm knitting for Annie's new book. People were very curious about this double-knitting technique, and how it is that I'm able to knit holding two strands in my left hand.

Well, I made a little video to show you exactly how!

Click on the extended entry link to keep reading.

Before you click on the play button, I want to tell you a few things.

  • I am now knitting the second section of the bed (I may at some point backtrack and show you more of the completed first section), where both yarns (this is KnitPicks Sierra) are Leaf (forest green); previously one was Leaf, and one Bud (light green). The technique is the same, and the same kind of pocket is still being formed.
  • When I say "double-knitting," I mean that two fabrics are knit at once, one with each yarn strand, but using the same needles.
  • In this video, I am deliberately knitting very slowly.
  • I'm knitting using the Combined method here, so to some of you it will appear that I'm knitting through the back loop (I am), and that I'm wrapping my purls in a different direction (I am). To read more about Combined/Combination knitting, you can visit Annie's site or mine.
  • I only have access to a Mac right now, so I have no idea if PC users are able to play the video. If you can't and are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox.
  • The video is short and small because I pay for my own bandwidth. I may even have to take it down towards the end of the day on Tuesday.

The video has been taken down. E-mail me if you'd like me to direct you to its location.

This movie was filmed using my Canon PowerShot S500, and edited in a Mac OSX environment using iMovie. This is a .mov file and can be opened with QuickTime or RealPlayer.

Isn't this the coolest and most clever technique ever?!? Annie is brilliant, and thanks to her hint, I'm cruising right along with this project.

You see my knitting all the time, and pictures of me often enough... is video knitting the next step? Are you getting a warm and fuzzy feeling having seen my hands move in real time? :) :)

Posted by Kathy on October 7, 2005 04:50 PM


This is very cool! And even cooler that you took the time to show us! Thanks!

Very cool. I love the video! I'm interesting in combined knitting. Do you use that exclusively? I'm a continental knitter, but have wondered about it for awhile now. What do you see as the benefits (if you don't mind sharing)?

I really think that knit movies are awesome. Haven't you ever wondered how Wendy or Stephanie (Yarn Harlot) knits? Don't you just want to get a zing of satisfaction by watching their fingers fly?

I can't be the only freak...

Thanks for the video! FYI: video plays fine on a PC with Internet Explorer.

Very, cool. So you're purling the front side and knitting the back, right? Yes.. do share the benefits of combined. I'm a continental knitter too. That purl looks way more efficient!

There's something wonky with my computer (it's definitely on my side) and I can't get this thing to work, but this is a very cool idea.

Yes, I do wonder if your knitting is anything like Wendy's...

How cool! I've never seen anyone knitting combined in person, and I've always wondered how exactly it works. Thanks!

Kathy, that is so cool. Double knitting! Video!

You are the coolest knit-blogger around. You know how to do everything! The knitting, the filming, the editing....... And that is just in this one post!

you never fail to be an inspiration and a great teacher! thanks so much!

ahh! that's the way i knit too - i was pretty sure it was combined, but to actually *see* someone else making the familiar moves, yay! that little video is awesome - and the technique great! thanks for sharing ;)

I love the video, thank you for showing us.

Oh, I have IE and I can see it just fine :).

That is *extremely* cool, and something I really have to learn to do. (I'm talking about the knitting technique, but the video is pretty cool, too.)

Okay, that is the coolest thing ever!

I love double knitting. The combined method looks cool.

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us, Wow, that technique looks cool.


that's great and works on my pc!
maybe the next post will be a podcast and we'll get to hear about your knitting

I am not worthy of your infinite talent. That was amazing. Can't wait to see the finished results.

Thanks for showing us the technique! Looks really neat.
I was a combined knitter for a long time when I knit before (without actually what it was called) but I had to relearn when I started knitting in the round because the stitches slanted. Do you find it hard to switch from one kind to the other?

Wow! I am amazed! This way of knitting and purling is the way I learned to knit from my grandma, but I have had to learn a new way to knit in the round. I am happy to have a reason to use my old method!! Great video... very clear!!

whee...that's what I do. Now I know why I can't explain how to knit to newbies--I'm doing it backwards from what someone else told them. I feel so much better now...I thought I was knitting like an idiot savant and unable to teach anyone.

How very cool! That's what I'd thought you were doing by your earlier descriptions, but it's neat to see in video. Works just great with MSN and Quicktime, by the way. Now you've given ME something to do beside the dirty dishes over there.

That is really neat.. Thanks : ) It was a little hard for me to see it though.. kinda dark.. but that could be my monitor I guess.. (Remember the orange?)

Now that is really excellent... thanks! Very helpful!

The video is real cool!
This is the way I was purling when I began knitting continental, but I didn't know how to "compensate" the twisted stitches. So now I purl the conventional way.

But you have to knit combined with two strands, it makes much more sense!

That is just so cool! It is true what thry say a picture (or vidoe) is worth a thousand words

Ha! I love that the video is showing us you "deliberately knitting very slowly"... your normal speed must be too fast to film using normal digital / video technology.

you are SO wonderful - you are my hero(ine!)

I wanna make movies, too!!!

The only double knitting I have ever done was stockinette on both sides (for a reversible scarf). Does this method work for that? I always had to have both yarns in the back when knitting (the front side) and both yarns in front when purling (the back side). I am thinking what you are doing is a differnt type of double knitting, or maybe it is stockinette on one side and reverse stockinette on the other so that's why you aren't moving the yarn?

Did you ever have one of those moments when you learned something new, and were absolutely captivated by it? Not because it's faster (although it is), not because it's useful (it's that too), but for the sheer joy of what an elegant solution it is?

Hoping you're as big a geek as I am.

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