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October 17, 2005

La da di da da...

[insert casual conversation voice] Hey, guess what I did today? I hung out with Annie Modesitt. [end voice]

I know! I'm floored, too!!!

Annie is busy traveling throughout New England during this week, teaching classes and giving talks, and I was really touched that she made the time to meet me, to knit with me, to talk to me, to let me pick her brain. Although our chatting was extremely casual (Annie is very warm and friendly - it was easy), I feel I learned so much while spending time with her, and that now I have a much more complete picture of her as a person - a knitwear designer with a car full of yarn, a wonderful family, a passion for history, and a dislike of raw tomatoes.

She even used the very computer responsible for bringing you this blog entry!

And that's all and everything I hoped for in meeting Annie. I mean, she is the reason I still knit today, and I admire her creativity and cleverness wholeheartedly - I consider myself truly lucky to have even met her. Thank you, again, for everything!

I also met Annie's copy editor for Cheaper Than Therapy - hi, Lissy! Nice to meet you, great restaurant recommendation - and I handed off the soon-to-be-felted dog bed (goodbye for now, can't wait to see you in the book).

Not much knitting was accomplished, I was too fixated on what Annie was telling me, and on her amazingly fast knitting - it's SO fast, I've never seen anything like it!

And now I'm just exhausted...

Eight exclamation points.

Posted by Kathy on October 17, 2005 09:59 PM


wow, what an experience. yay for powerbook provenance. :) congrats on meeting annie, and especially for you knitting the dog bed for her book. that's so awesome and such an honor!

i was actually quite starstruck when i met norah gaughan at the berroco booth at the boston knitout. did you see her as well? when i saw her nametag i almost fainted. these knitwear designers are truly inspiring!

What can I say except, I'm jealous!

How very exciting. It's so nice to put a face and personality to the people we read and admire. I can't wait to see the dog bed. I know it will be fabulous.

My first reaction was, "SHUT UP!" What a great experience! Did you get her autograph? ;)

mmmm... who's the one that looks like a groupie now? ;)

i suspected it when i read Annie last entry... "a chance to visit some good friends in the Boston area - some old, and some new-" wow! so you're her friend now!!! congrats.

I love learning that someone you admire wholeheartedly is as great as you'd hoped they would be. Very cool.

That is fabulous! I love her designs. I am working on the leaf scarf from scarf style right now--the pattern is so engaging--it takes concentration without being frustrating. Like reading a fabulous book--its just flowing. I've made her Silk Corset too.

I probably would have gotten her autograph--Ihave learned so much from her. How to knit lace, how to cable without a cable needle (thanks KnittyGritty) how to rethink my knitting.

Thanks for sharing...!

Wow! That is an unusual and special experience. So glad that you were able to make time for that and that you had a great time.

Woo! You're such an "in with the in-crowd" person now ; )

I do hope you are going to go into more detail about what she told you though : P This entry was like reading a carrot attached to a string..

Jealous! Why don't I live in New England anymore? I could have at least had a class with her.

Any chance that Lissy's last name is L'Amoreaux?

I forgot that this was this week. So, so cool! I'm so glad you had such a great time!

Awesome. I just started reading her book last night and I'm really enjoying it. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

Wow! Hurray for you! MaryTess and I are going to a class with Annie on Saturday. Eight students only, so I'm expecting a fabulous time.. Isn't it wonderful to be part of the knitting world now, when we actually get to meet these fabulous knitters and designers and chat with them in person and on the Net? Thanks for sharing the event.

dude, that's awesome!! That lady rocks!
I wanted to tell you about that kfi cashmerino you posted about, I work for a shop in pittsburgh, and we've got quite a bit in about 6 differant colors, (no cream though) just so you know in case you realy need some, sometime. We do mail order!

Congratulations on meeting her. Quite an honor indeed.

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