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October 04, 2005

Creaky house

Do you know what time it is? Yawn... it's sleepy time.

But not before I amuse (scare? bore?) you with a Curlicue tail of woe and terror, with clear undertones of sleep deprivation, continuing illness, and medicine-induced delirium.

So, Miss Paula and I are hanging out at Trident after the Boston Knit-Out*, and time came to take out the Curlicue.

First, I was completely incapable of showing Paula my progress because I'm currently working on a section where each row is short-rowed on both sides. Therefore, there is never a time when one end of the needle is empty, there are always stitches on both. This is the reason why I often feel compelled to finish entire sections of the Curlicue in one sitting, since stopping before finishing a section is by necessity mid-row.

Anyway, I sort of straighten things out the best I can, and I show Paula that I'm now working on section 5, and I'm incorporating short rows created in sections 2 and 4. I don't want to mess up now, since if I have to frog, I will need to make sure the short-row wraps are not lost, and if they are, I will have to take out sections 4 and 3 to get all the way back to 2 to fix it.

I continue knitting while Paula asks me about the blanket. I tell her that this is easily the most challenging project I have ever knit, that there is constant counting, checking, second-guessing, and an indescribable fear of frogging always looming over my head. MUST NOT FROG. It's like a teenager trying to sneak out of an old, creaky house without waking up her parents. Not that I would know anything about that ;).

And then, and then, and then... I counted. I was supposed to have knit 10 ridges, but there were 11 - one too many, need to frog! Oh heavens, I almost shit my pants. My eyes got really wide, my eyebrows moved to a ridiculously high place on my forehead, little droplets of sweat formed on my temples and on my hands. Paula looked like she had seen a ghost, like I had possibly morphed into a unicorn, like she was ready to take any and all emergency actions, including, but limited to: placing a cold washcloth on my forehead just like Kate's mom when Kate had the Curlicue Meltdown, convincing me that I couldn't count and that there were indeed only 10 ridges and that I should just decrease a few stitches for the fun of it, and/or insisting that I take more cold medicine and perhaps wash it down with a few cosmopolitans.

To check where I had gone wrong, and if there was any way to avoid frogging, I took out the Curlicue directions.

My friends, I had not knit one too many ridges - I had to work all the way up to 12 ridges, so I wasn't even done.

The relief was incredible, but the stress of this project is getting to me! Wow. However, there has been a good amount of progress:


(I'm still at that section where both ends are short-rowed, so I had to move some stitches to a second needle to spread out the project and take this picture).

*It was great to see most of the True Grounds knitters in attendance! I'm also happy to have met new knitters and knit-bloggers - a big "hi" to you, especially Sue, Emma, and Joanna!

Posted by Kathy on October 4, 2005 02:05 AM


Hehehehee.. I'm sorry but that unicorn thing did me in...

...but then again almost anything is funny at 3AM.

You're going strong! I'm suprised you'll even work on it with all the medicine in your system.. BRAVERY to the extreme!

It's lookin really good though! Yay!!

whew! what a relief!

it's looking soooo good, though. argh, i'm tempted. stop it!

Wow, it's looking beautiful!

...and by the way! I have the pattern in my hands! (evil grin). Now to find some yarn that suits!

That is just gorgeous. I love it!

I could feel myself getting nervous for you. The progress so far looks great.

Curlicue is looking ab fab!

Keep sharing the Curlicue woes!

And feel better soon.

Phenomenal! I'm LOVING it! Sometimes, I take out the pattern and just stare at it lovingly. One day, my pretty short rows, one day....

Thanks for doing this. You give me great hope for the future.

PS - Have you ever frogged short rows? I have and it's really not that hard to get the short row back. Sure the first few times are a bitch, but then you just sort of see where the wrap is. I, of course, wouldn't try it on Curlicue, but maybe you could play around with a swatch? Might take some of the pressure off. ;-)

Wow! That blanket is going to be beautiful. Keep sharing your struggles... it's definitely a learning experience for you and for the rest of us!

That is looking SO good. I'm equally impressed. That is true knitting chops.

She/It is looking great! Very inspirational ... I'm feeling your stress & relief.

Wow - sounds like kind of a stressful project. It is going to be so beautiful when you're done though! You're doing a great job so far, and I know that you can handle anything that Curlicue throws at you.

PS - hope you feel better!

My word, I would have had a heart attack! Glad you were ok on the count. It's looking great.

OMG - I almost had a heart attack too. I REALLY like this project and am so tempted, but I think I'll wait until you finish it and see what you think and I still have Butterfly on my plate.

It's looking good!

Oh the drama! What a relief.

I've been holding my breathe while reading your blanket posts. Just looking at the diagram is scary!

It looks like you've got everything under control and the blanket looks wonderful!

Geez. I almost broke out in a sweat just reading that! I get that same panicky feeling when I think (or know) that I've messed up on a difficult project. A wave of heat rushes over me, I start to sweat and if my husband is in the room I say "do not talk to me. I'm about to perform a very delicate operation..." and I try to (as calmly as possible with my armpits wet) fix what needs to be fixed. STRESS!!! I'm so glad that yours turned out NOT to be a mistake! :) The blanket looks beautiful!

Don't you hate it when you freak yourself out like that? I had a moment like that a few days ago. But anyways, Curlicue looks AMAZING. I kind of want to make one myself now.. =)

Oh, I'm so glad you didn't have to rip back. It is looking beautiful. Hope you feel better soon!

Hi back! :D I think I might join you guys at True Grounds some time, I've been talking to Ariel about it... and I'm really looking forward to seeing the blanket in person!! Where are the other colors going to come in? (Assuming all the Hand Work Cora was for this project...)

Oh my goodness, I was reading this like a horror novel, on pins and needles! I'm so glad you didn't have to rip, that would scare me beyond belief. You are making progress and this blanket looks beautiful. I don't know if this blanket will take until January. You definitely seem up to the challenge of knitting this baby blanket!

Is that another whole section, Miss?

Wow. And under such trying circumstances!

It looks good and nice and flat. ;-)

Who knew watching a blanket being knit could be so exciting? The blanket is coming out so beautifully and you will conquer it, I'm sure!

Wow - looks great. You are approaching the halfway point already! Your knits are inspiring me to try something more challenging

Amazing ... not only that you're tackling this short row masterpiece with all its turning, counting, and YOs, but that you're doing it in public AND while you're talking.

Sounds like you had a great time at the Knit out! I was working on Sunday, though I did get a chance to see lots of knitters on their way there :) The blanket is looking amazing!

Geez...and I'm thinking I'm stressed about some stupid cable sweater and some freakin' knitting fairies! Girl...You are a champ for taking that project on. I would have looked at it, said 'that's pretty' and moved right along to some garter stitch.

Oh, lordy, I almost had a heart attack just reading that! I think if I were knitting this blanket (and you're tempting me, you really are), I'd be running a lifeline at the end of every section. With my luck, what started out as a little bit of frogging would rapidly turn into a huge pile of yarn waiting to be re-wound as I started again.

I just have to tell you, that you have totally inspired me to make this blanket. I had my mother go out a buy it for me this weekend. I cannot wait to start it.. Regardless of the challenge!

Hi to you! I thought you must've thought I was a crazy person, coming up to you, saying I knew who you were because of your blog! But it was great to meet you in person! (And did I notice that you were wearing one of your so neatly hemmed jeans that I read about a while back?... I know, it's scary the little things I notice sometimes...)
The curlicue is looking great! Keep it up!

It makes me feel so much better that this blanket is also making you crazy. I feel less like an idiot.

I'll salute you on Circulie (see I can't even spell properly, much less knit it!) LOL

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