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September 07, 2005


Other than picking raspberries and absolutely ruining my hands with thorn pricks, this is what I did on my summer vacation:

This is a good chunk (70%, to be exact) of Meg's Stitch Ya Neck Out scarf.

It is Forbes Forest from Scarf Style, and the texture is definitely something to write home about.

I've memorized the pattern by now, and I just cannot get enough of the textury goodness! There isn't much more to go - Meg, I should be done soon enough.

A few have hinted at the inevitable finishing of the orange Filati tunic. Hold your horses! :) I blog in real time, and the sleeves have not even been started, for real. I need to take a serious break from knitting for a few days and hem those jeans. The school year is about to start, and unless I get moving, I'll be teaching class in my underpants! Wish me luck!

With the hemming, that is, not with teaching in my underpants ;).

Posted by Kathy on September 7, 2005 07:47 PM


Beautiful textury goodness - so right. And the green shade matches the pattern. This is yet another example of a pattern from Scarf Style that I had little interest in until seeing one on a blog. The pictures are so blurry in that book! BTW-did you see the link to the article about jean hemming on Fig and Plum (http://www.figandplum.com/)?

It's beautiful! I love the texture!

That is gorgeous! I love it!

It is just beautiful...knitting this scarf was one of my favourite knits. I love the texture.

That scarf is amazing!

gorgeous scarf!

Very nice texture and the color is fab! :-D

That scarf is a classic!

About the underwear thing: heck,you'd probably keep attendance high :-).

Great scarf!

Teaching in underpants would surely get their attention. You'd make a lasting first impression!

Wow -- that scarf is fabulous!

That scarf *does* have great texture!

I agree with Jillian. Now that I see it, I actually really like it and may overlook the bobbles and go ahead and make one. ;-)

I love that scarf, and i love the color. May I ask what yarn and color you're using?

Wonderful scarf - yummy texture is right! As for the underpants thing, you could be teaching the most popular class of the semester! ;-)

This really is a pretty scarf!

I-LOVE-YOUR-SCARF! It turned out amazing!

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Wow, that looks so much nicer than the picture in Scarf Style. I've been passing that scarf all along, and now seeing it knit up, it's a real eye catcher. Very nice!

Mmmh, looks delicious, like a bed of moss or something:-)

I love this scarf! What yarn did you use?

The scarf looks so wonderful. I want to wrap it around my neck.

Teaching in your underpants? Would that make the class learn MORE or LESS?

Hmmmm. Would make for quite an experiment!

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